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That was eventful…


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18 minutes ago, nepia said:

You're entitled to an explanation at the least even if all cop actions were done in good faith.

If the van has PNC markers on it they can be removed when they're no longer relevant as last night's episode should have made them - irrelevant.


Getting to the stage of cuffing you without you're knowing why sounds a bit strong but with due respect to you there are usually two sides to a story

I agree there are two sides to a story, when the bloke who owns the unit gets here later today I’ll get the cctv footage from inside and outside the unit which will show I was calm and collected all throughout. Maybe years ago I’d have kicked up, to long in the tooth for that sort of nonsense these days.

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I was once questioned in the back of a police car- they had blocked the road- unbeknown to me, a local elderly lady had been found dead in her house. I seem to remember I'd seen the ambulance near her house. Anyway, on first stopping my van, one of the coppers took great interest in my step ladders. I'm a gardener I told him. This didn't seem a viable explanation to him. I think he'd played too much Cluedo as a child...On finding out it was an incident to do with the lady, I made the mistake of asking if she was ok and that she was a customer of mine. Sherlock Holmes then thought he was in line for promotion to Detective Inspector, whereby I was taken to the car. He then asked me some stupid questions - fortunately it came through on the radio that it was a non suspicious death. 

It's good that some are keen to catch criminals, but that unfortunately some are t!t heads and have a clever a$$ attitude.

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Looking on the other side, the TV cop reality shows they often arrest suspects - usually when they are searching a car - apparently for their safety (so you don't hit them over the back of the head with a brick when they lean into your car), and so you don't leg it - though on the TV shows they always explain why and the innocent always end up sharing a joke. TV land, just like reality?



This sounds over the top though


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2 hours ago, Steve Bullman said:

Surely you’re not suggesting eggs might have been a bit outspoken? 🙄😀

Nah.  I think he's a quiet, softly spoken kind of guy who was seen as an easy touch by some horrible power crazed bullies.


Poor eggs 🤭

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2 hours ago, nepia said:

Nah.  I think he's a quiet, softly spoken kind of guy who was seen as an easy touch by some horrible power crazed bullies.


Poor eggs 🤭

Believe it or not, I am that quietly spoken guy who does nothing to p1ss people off if I’m left alone to go about my lawful business.


Come  to my yard accusing me of theft and place me under arrest and I’ll still play ball. The fact that the van is still here and I was de arrested speaks volumes.

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