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Well in April probably going to be upgrading my van and would like something to go well with my huge selection of checkered shirts and my new Engelbert Strauss chainsaw jeans. My Renault Kangoo just doesn't fit the vibe anymore

Been looking at the d maxes and tbh I'm already dead set on one just not sure whether to get a 2.5 or a 1.9. Mpg seems pretty decent 35-38 on the 1.9s but not sure how much of that is true?


Be probably spending 15000. 5K down and ticky the rest. 

I do 25K miles a year thats why I'm wondering what these are really like for mpg. 

Work in the forest as a cutter and sick of ruining my Kangoo van. 

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8 minutes ago, Stephen Blair said:

Had the 2.5, on small tyres I got 41mpg , when I put on BFG 25 mpg.  

How small were they? 😂 


Also another thing is comfort. I'm 6'6/7 on a good day so a wee van just kills me on long drives as I barely fit in it. 


Guessing the d max is fairly comfy/roomy. 

Won't be bought to tow, although wouldn't mind doing so if the chance ever came about but aye. Never have to in my job. 

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I’ve always been of the mindset that there is no replacement for displacement. Before I recently bought my Navara, I test drove a brand new Dmax for the weekend. I felt the 1.9 was very lacking in the power department. I’d have hated to have strapped the trailer and Logbullet to it on a daily basis. I know a few lads with the 2.5 and they rate them.

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I use the 1.9 regularly for a chap I work for. MPG is pretty good considering it’s got a big tipper back on it, it’s pretty gutless unless you really rev it though so if you’ll be towing much I’d go for the bigger one. The only thing I’ve noticed with it, it seems to eat brake pads and apparently this is a common problem?

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We have a 1.9 Dmax, bought new in 2021 and has done 50 odd k now without a fault.


We tow wood chippers and can be pulling in the region of 3T when towing a tracked one with a plant trailer. Our salesman said it felt a little under powered on some of the hills when heavy towing. But to be honest I expect most pick ups do being under 200hp.


On the last service we had the approved Isuzu remap done by the Isuzu dealership. MPG is a little better however I think we have only towed road tows up to around 1tonne since.


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I had the old Rodeo and the level of service and support impressed me. New seals on the gearbox as they weeped  at 180k under warranty! Not over expensive either! Hope the new is good as the ancient, high mileage is swapped for one in the new year!

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