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Ty Korrigan

Quiet compressor

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It is deafening, loud as my Honda mower with it's dodgy exhaust and stands on a thick rubber mat.

Worse is, I occasionally forget to turn it off and so at 4am when the pressure drops on it comes...

I'll look into the screw type pump.



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4 hours ago, Ty Korrigan said:


 Are there any compressors which have a low db rating that anyone can recommend?

This budget one only cost around €200 but I certainly can't run it on a Sunday morning to clean the saws.





Take a look at the Milwaukee cordless ones. The bigger one is about £400 I think but they do a smaller one to if it has enough power.

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19 minutes ago, Joe Newton said:



Little compressor and £340


I bought a similar size loud one, bollocks to the neighbours. Their car is louder

Cheers, gives me hope.

I live in a family house on a sheltered estate for nearly deads.

As things stand 'almost' everybody is tolerant of the eyesore truck on the drive but the weekend chainsaw cleaning has been commented on and I don't want a visit from the housing association, not quite ready to move yet.


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I forget to turn mine off sometimes and then spend a few days being disturbed in the night by a funny noise before realising it's the compressor again.

Have recently bought an Energenie plug which turns on for 30min when you press the green button, so now even if I forget to turn the compressor itself off it will not come back on. Cost about a tenner.

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I have 2 silent compressors. One is 2.8kw, 4 cylinder with 10bars the other one is this one:

Stanley silent comp

While the first one really moves some air and is noise wise a relief compared to my old one, I can't rate the stanley high enough for beeing that quiet. Found it as b-stock for about 150.

No problem on sundays using it in the garden. If you place it indoors, nobody will hear it, outdoors the noise reminds me of an old style fridge. Funny noise. Takes a while to fill those 50L but anyway, love it. 

When buying one of those silent compressors, make sure the the engine covers have the octagonal shape, that seems to be the latest make with some improvements over the first (round) style they made in China. 

Best regards

Edited by marne

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None of those silent compressors will provide anything like enough CFM (cubic feet per minute) for workshop use.


Look at the descriptions- 0.3hp! Rated for brad guns and light staplers? You might as well have a battery brad gun.


A decent workshop compressor is a minimum of 2.5hp, there's no getting around that. For blowing a saw off, you'd be waiting five minutes to fill a 25l tank, then emptying it in twenty seconds. Pointless.


If you have to have silent, then attach a couple more reserviors (old gas cylinders work well)- then you might have enough air to do the task at hand in one sitting.

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