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  1. Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Happen to know them lot and a great bunch, you should have no problems dealing with them "proper decent folk" as we say up here! They know their onions as they have hired their own kit out for years.
  2. what mini loader

    Easy to cart about as well,
  3. what mini loader

    Weidemann 1160 - Hoftrac - 1160 | Weidemann was very good spec with full cab, wide tyres, 30Kph box etc etc. Very capable machine lovely to drive. not certain of final price BUT approx 30K:blink: guess you get what you pay for...
  4. what mini loader

    Borrowed this at weekend, very very nice bit of kit, fast nimble and powerfull. highly recomended.
  5. New Hilux Review

    who says... but technically I believe you may be correct...officer..
  6. Overloaded

    fail ...surely he must have had a "Daxara" trailer?
  7. Photo Competition - Win £100

    a few random shots..
  8. New Hilux Review

    whats wrong with that? you didnt see me this morning with the Tracked chipper on the back then? Funny thing this Amarok business, everyone slates em but you tend to find most haven't driven one, all I can say is there's plenty round here that have tow balls and believe it or not are used for work! But each to their own i guess.
  9. New Hilux Review

    Very true its a pain in the.. But agree about the truck in general its the best out there IMO drives lovely the high line models are so refined and the 2.0 will happily sit at 80 all day long, not driven the V6 yet but will certainly be looking at it. UNLESS the much talked about Landrover "Defender replacement pickup" arrives in time...:001_rolleyes:
  10. New Hilux Review

    2 of my mates got the new Navarras and love em. BUT if you want a pit of poke try the new Amarok V6. VW going against the current obsession for tiny engines! plus their emissions are great...
  11. what can Class 1 trousers actually stop?

    well said...or Budgie Smugglers..
  12. what can Class 1 trousers actually stop?

    and here lies an interesting fact overlooked by most folk, any company that makes a product that they want to export will need to ensure it meets CEN or BS EN regs not just BS BUT obviously after Brexit we wont be at the table to be able to influence the legislation or regs anymore. At least before we had a say and from the experience we've had the UK has voted/blocked some seriously flawed and verging on monopoly creating legislation from appearing. But hey ho is Brexit makes us feel better it must be a good thing? food for thought.. sorry bit of a derail but just having a rant...
  13. Monsters!

    ah sorry yes now you say it does read that way! must be one heck of a climb that! enjoy!
  14. EU Imported firewood into the UK

    Have to say that's a very Level headed take on the subject. Coming from other industries where everything's imported I'd just view it as normal competition and that's just business, to say its morally wrong blah blah is just nonsense. I hate some of my competition in business but i accept the fact thats just part of being in business! AND yes before you shout at me I don't use imported and should never need to and the stuff i did try burnt weird and left some odd ash behind.. lets see how things pan out Post Brexit eh? if the pound Strengthens and trade incentives with Eastern EU are set up then be prepared for a lot more imports. Conversly...you may find that the log game comes back on song again!
  15. Monsters!

    https://www.outsideonline.com/2155301/giant-sequoias-are-dying-alarming-rate I should Add its an interesting video about Sequoias in drought conditions.


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