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  1. As above you'll need to dig into it and ask for removal and in meantime ask them a temp solution. Some forces use a simple band of duct tape etc on side of number plate as a signal that you are aware it's got a mark and will avoid a hard stop unless you doing something stupid. (This happened to my nephew got hard stopped by 4 cars before he knew it was incorrectly marked)
  2. Two charged over Sycamore gap tree WWW.BBC.CO.UK Two charged with causing criminal damage to famous Sycamore Gap tree and Hadrian's Wall last September
  3. IIRC Tudor environmental at Coventry had some, worth a try. I think i remember looking at one there once seemed ok for the money.
  4. Not unless you very patient/determined πŸ˜‚ I'd hire a decent belt sander πŸ‘ But a bit like arb if it's your first rodeo I'd recommend getting a lad who's done it before to do it as one wrong move with a big belt on low grit will cause tears ...
  5. Looks like solid or decent engineered so you've at least 4mm to play with. It needs sanding period. Depends on what look you want. If you want a older style warm look with good grain showing use a hard wax oil like OSMO. 2 thin coats . Or for more modern pale look use BONA Mega Extra MATT or traffic hd RAW. Sanding wise, prob need 40,60,80 and finish on 100 or 120.
  6. Another NOCO fan..hereπŸ‘ Get on Amazon sale...started big Deutz on screener a bit back...πŸ‘Š Ruddy handy bit of kit. But...make sure you buy the 240v charger adaptor...charges it properly and v quickly.
  7. The diversity of the replies on Arbtalk never cease to amaze me ...
  8. Enjoy.😎 Now for the negative bits.πŸ˜‚ Follow the starting procedure exactly you'll be fine ..I thought I knew better and battled for a bit. Watch out for tension releasing and sudden slack causing tangles... Skidding cone handy but tbf with one op on winch and one guiding/rocking with cant hook you can shift some surprising stuff.
  9. It really is one of the things you buy that surpasses your expectations. Was dragging these for fun that's 28" for scale. I've got videos but might get done for child labour on the winch op πŸ˜†
  10. you need to stick to their dedicated rope for best results.
  11. I got the 1200 version of this; EDER Powerwinch 1800 - Portable Capstan Winch TREADLIGHTFORESTRY.CO.UK With a max rated capacity of 1800kg the EDER Powerwinch 1800 is the most powerful portable capstan winch on the... From @Treadlight Forestry top bloke very helpful. Well worth a chat with him. It's a bombproof bit of kit, never ceases to amaze what it will drag up the hills.
  12. he wants em for a loader not 3pl our kid. but tbf he'd prob lift more on the 3pl anyway. Better off getting something fabbed up than add weight of euro bracket. or for a very cheap option make some forks that slide onto the bucket πŸ‘
  13. A decent lump of Yew...maxed out the 661 and 48"LP setup.
  14. Wow!! That's making me want to get on with the whopper in my yard. Too big for bandsaw and worried my 48" might be too small..😳


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