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  1. If money isn't an issue, go with a self propellered unit.
  2. Btw if I would not own 6 grinders yet, for domestic jobs, I would buy a predator 38 or fsi 30 tracked and replace the tracks with turf friendly ones.
  3. Maybe I'm wrong but my guess after doing a 5 digit amount of stumps is, that the tracked Jo beau is made to be flipped on it's side. It's way too slim to stand stable on it's own pile of chips not mention driving accros a small incline. Looks as if it will tip even when approaching a curb wrong or driving across the hole it ground out. The grinding depth and weight seems to be the only strengths of this unit. A variable undercarriage would make it lightweight killer. From what I remember, you face 20k or even more. To get back to the original question. I guess expensive grinders only have a reasonable roi if you push to do more stumps than the ones you created with your saw. If you regard it as a long time investment you definetly want something that is repairable in 20 years which means a minimum of electronics. Always selling and upgrading is plain loss with these beaten up machines and will supply you with more modern and unreliable crap imho.
  4. You sell a truck because it is so solid built, that it never breaks and it was cheap as chips... Please help me understandig this.
  5. OK, then I can buy the pirated ones. Anyone know where to find some? Thought I was good on Google but am having problems spotting them. The price for a new set is rediculous. They are nothing more than 5mm thick sickle bar mower blades, which are about 1.50 a piece.
  6. doobin, check for octagonal shaped engine covers, they seem to be the way to go. I'm sure you'll find a clone out there, check for 10bars as well. I have that one as workshop compressor. https://www.welding-machines.com/Air-Compressor-STAHLWERK-ST-510-Pro They give 7 years warranty, so I couldn't resist. Have it a year now and it works flawless. When cleaning a saw, depending on the nozzle, you have never less than 6bars, the tank never semms to get empty, no probs with continuous impact wrenching as well.
  7. I have 2 silent compressors. One is 2.8kw, 4 cylinder with 10bars the other one is this one: Stanley silent comp While the first one really moves some air and is noise wise a relief compared to my old one, I can't rate the stanley high enough for beeing that quiet. Found it as b-stock for about 150. No problem on sundays using it in the garden. If you place it indoors, nobody will hear it, outdoors the noise reminds me of an old style fridge. Funny noise. Takes a while to fill those 50L but anyway, love it. When buying one of those silent compressors, make sure the the engine covers have the octagonal shape, that seems to be the latest make with some improvements over the first (round) style they made in China. Best regards
  8. Agree as well and in addition since having a van and a 4x4, I experience a vehicle breakdown to be a seriously relaxed situation in my bizz. That even calms when both are running fine, as your always prepared to continue your work. Like an insurance, you pay for a peaceful mind.
  9. Two of my collegues have one. Both Auto and 3.2 around 2017-2018. While only towing occasionly, one fried it's gearbox around 90.000km. The other one blew it's engine last week around 110.000km, daily towing. Enough for me to steer away from them.
  10. Belt rakes are clumsy and you will only be able to travel perpendicular to the slope. The walkbehinds, even with difflock can't hold the track, when the belt rake tries to point down the slope. The tiny wheels on those are no help here.
  11. It's very likely you just need to replace the coupler. Anyway, I dare to advice you, just to take the wrench first and tighten the old one a little, maybe that’s just it.
  12. I think the stuff is named polyurethane, you tell the tire guys which tire pressure you need and they adjust the fill. On my loader, it feels as if they're air filled, they still have nice suspension. Other than a sealent, that material adds some serious weight to the tires, maybe even more than water.
  13. Instead of water, I would go to a tire dealer and let them foamfill all 4 tires. You get them puncture proof that way and have a lower center of gravity. Nothing worse than loosing a days work due to a flat. You will face approx 400€, but worth the saved trouble.


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