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  1. 😂 Or that it's frequently used and has no need for storage
  2. Hi guys On the protos helmet topic again...has anyone had luck getting hold of the protos maclip torch and clips...only managed to find them on climbers direct but they ask for the helmet to be sent in for fitting? Is this usually the case or is it possible to fit yourself? Cheers
  3. How do you compare it to the 500i mate, post mods?
  4. Hi Mark I'd recommend Tyres direct. Based in Luton but big online. tyresdirect.co.uk Range of all sorts there👍
  5. Hi Looking to upgrade my protos muffs to the Peltor 3M version. Question is, can you just get the Protos brackets for the Peltors and any Peltor muff will fit? Gusharts do the kit but only in yellow. Wondering about buying the bracket separately and the right colour muff for my helmet. Any suggestions/photos/advice would be much appreciated Cheers
  6. Also be interested to hear other's suggestions here. Needing to get hold of one ASAP. Maybe someone has a second hand one they could offer.
  7. Will, you don't understand. This guy starts at the top of the ladder. It's impossible to clean windows from the bottom of the ladder. Please can we all be more considerate for those who have to earn a living with a sponge.
  8. 🤣🤣 I think the project got rained off😢 Wonder how he gets anything done in Scotland if that's his attitude.
  9. Heyyy, what happend to the saw horse???
  10. This has got to be a joke????
  11. No doubt @Rob D has some thoughts...most likely be getting it from him anyway😅


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