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  1. Just call forst service mate, they have always looked after me👍 Service second to non👌 I reckon they would either have a solution for you or just do it for you Looks like a new machine as well!🤩 How you liking it?
  2. Perfect mate 👍 do you use for stickers? Need a bulk amount of them...any recommendations?
  3. Look forward to seeing this milled!
  4. Its called live edge😁
  5. That's funny...completely different experience here with the kombi set...love it. It's the 111 mind you but just so easy and convenient to transport...not had an issue with connecting either. Is 2 or 3 years old now and gets thrown around a lot.
  6. KWarb17

    Milling guide

    Hi mate Recommend this: Alaskan Mill Videos - Everything You Need To Know WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK Browse through our instructional videos to learn everything there is to know about... Get all you need in the way of gear etc and very helpful guide I started by just giving it a go...see if a mate has a mill you can borrow and go for it...learn on the job. Otherwise happy to answer questions as and when 👍
  7. Great...get two weeks holiday paid for😁 Anyone need any milling done..just leave on my doorstep and I'll do it in the hall😁👍. That'll keep me busy🤣
  8. Ah🤣🤣I'll have to charge two weeks labour for two weeks quarantine
  9. Hi mate, I don't know where your based or if your interested in doing this yourself or not but let me know if your interested in a milling service?
  10. Well....there's quite a number of decent backpack blowers out there! Where do we start? How are you defining decent?? Are you a stihl or husky fan to start with maybe? What typical job size? What's your budget? Etc etc.... It's a bit like ...can anyone recommend a decent chainsaw?....😋🤣
  11. Possibly yeh...just don't really have them hanging around..wouldn't bother buying any for it...it's just convenient to be able to move it round the yard
  12. Admittedly no😄probably use the groundies saw for them if we ever need to
  13. Thanks mate, hadn't actually tried...thought I'd offer it here first😏👍 Have got a lot of redwood coming up soon so I'll have more available shortly
  14. It's very handy...when you can find a pallet strong enough to take them🙄 right bugger when the pallet breaks and you have to re-stack the lot


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