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  1. Spuds Porting and Tuning Thread

    Yep, can back that:thumbup1: Thanks for your doings on my 200t spud, its wicked:thumbup: Cheers Kyle
  2. Stihl ms462

    Anyone run 461 with large felling dogs??
  3. Stihl ms462

    :lol: Thanks that helps a lot:thumbup1: Helps put it into perspective:001_tt2:
  4. Stihl ms462

    :lol: I hope stihl arent making another mistake with one of their better saws!! Whats wrong with 461???
  5. been offered a 200t with running issues

    Cool thanks guys...am deffo looking forward to a modded 200t
  6. been offered a 200t with running issues

    I'm sending my 200t off to spud this week:thumbup: Will be a pleasure to use a decent 200 again:biggrin: Anyone got any reviews on his work and ported 200's??? sure its top quality:thumbup1: Thanks Spud:001_cool:
  7. 261?

    Yep 16 inch for 261...does most things tbh...461 comes into play for anything bigger:thumbup:
  8. Pecker on 5T digger or electric breaker??

    I would defiantly get a pecker as it will make very short work of it:thumbup1:....an electric breaker would shake you to bits and take ages to finish the job Peckers are awesome on a 5t machine too! Use the machine to its full advantage while you have got it:thumbup1: Hope this helps!
  9. Pics of your milled products

    Thanks for the encouragement guys, always good:thumbup:
  10. Yep fully agree, Forst all the way!!!:thumbup:
  11. Pics of your milled products

    Hi all, I am new to arbtalk and thought I would start by posting some pics of my first milling project. Hope it works.... Kyle


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