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What saws you got ?

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Not pro (as you can tell below) but out 1-2 days a week.


MS170  12" 3/8 Pico. Thinning & Limb firewood.

MS260  16" 3/8 Pico. Main saw.

08S        21" 404. Firewood + Bigger felling. My Favourite. 

MS880  30" 404. Big lumps, 47" 404. Milling




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Guess I'll throw in here:


MS241 ported by WYK ;)

Echo 361WES cat deleted

Echo 390ESX cat deleted

Stihl 044 10mm(I use this for most work) , 391, 250, 181, 170

Husqvarna 288xp mildly massaged by myself

Most with Sugi or Tsumura light bars


I might take a family pic tomorrow while I'm in Waterford.

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OK, I injured myself last week, so sort of didn't get around to sawing and photo-ing. But here's a few shots of what I brought back that need to be repaired. 044 is gonna just get a cleaning and timing advance. 241 needs a new carb, handle, and I am gonna gut the stratos on her to see if it makes a big difference - gonna swap it out for my Echo CS390 for the farm in the mean time. 281, which is now a 288xp, is getting new wiring.




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20 hours ago, Khriss said:

@loithuxua  that axe! Show me more 😉 K



I made a steel frame to protect the handle and prevent the axe head from coming off the handle all the time. The whole thing doesn't look nice but meet my need. As you can see I drilled a hole through the handle and put a bolt in it then welded everything together. Besides that I inserted some wedges at the head.


20 hours ago, Stubby said:

Sounds healthy . Love the safety flipflops 😁 👍

Thanks, the cylinder and piston are still good, with right regular mainternance I think this 08s will serve me for a long time to come. My model was made in West Germany (no on-off-button/chain brake version) so I guess it is more than 50 years old now. 


20 hours ago, trigger_andy said:

Ive got one of them in the back of the shed somewhere. Never fired it up. Must dig it out sometime. 

You can't imagine how dirty it was when I bought it together with my 041 in the pic I took at the store. they hadn't been thoroughly cleaned for decades. Luckily the ignition, piston and cylinder are good, no air leak. I just needed to rebuild the carb, tightened all the screws. Though I may have to replace the sprocket, clutch+springs and bar someday. Intending to move from .404 to 3/8 chains.


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oh and a wee sthil 120 battery saw.

Started with a mittox which got used and abused for a number of years before it died, and in fact in terms of wood cut per £ spent was the best value of them all...so far !

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