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    Near glasgow,scotland
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    climbing,chainsaws,climbing,chainsaws my border collie wallace ...Oh and my wife if ive got time!
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    Grounds maintainance chargehand,tree surgeon
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  1. stihlmadasever

    Zig zag slipping

    Nearly 3 years out my zigzag,but im not an everyday climber and i now run it in 12.5mm. Fucked elbows,thicker rope easier to grab. Looks like your gonna have to bite the bullet and buy another
  2. stihlmadasever

    ART positioner

    Maybe im being thick but i dont understand what you mean here? Is the positioner on your lanyard and your want a longer lanyard for better positioning?
  3. I used 70cm cord with a knut hitch
  4. stihlmadasever

    Stihl Photo Competition - Win a Model Stihl MS500i

    One of the few 201 pics ive got of me
  5. stihlmadasever

    Stihl Photo Competition - Win a Model Stihl MS500i

    Guilty as charged! Lol
  6. stihlmadasever

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Smells awful,tastes worse! My Mrs loves it... Dirty bitch!
  7. stihlmadasever

    Stihl Photo Competition - Win a Model Stihl MS500i

    Choggin a pop. Cant see the 261 but i love the pic
  8. stihlmadasever

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Was just hopin it wasnt goats cheese 🤢🤮
  9. stihlmadasever

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Looks like pooch fancies some of that cheese.(brie or camebert?)
  10. stihlmadasever


    Hauling gear up trees?? Am i the only one who gets the groundies to pull gear up for me? Or am i a lazy bastard?
  11. stihlmadasever

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    Paul,i have to say this thread is the only reason i come on to arbtalk nowadays. Spiritually uplifting and very interesting,and if im honest im envious of your lifestyle. I yearn to adventure,travel and take each day as it comes as you do. Your living my dream in some ways and i look at you with a little envy. The older i get the further away i feel from attaining this dream. I cant be too disappointed,ive had adventures,seen beautiful and not so beautiful places all over the world in the services but i feel we are the same type of souls always searching but unsure what were searching for. Please keep posting and enjoy your adventures. I hope you find what your searching for mate.
  12. stihlmadasever

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Our 2 working cockers On the right Nora our 2 year old loony ball enthusiast and on the left, Angus our newest edition and 8 month old nutter...
  13. stihlmadasever

    Tiny chipper for zero access garden

    Joe newtons about 10 stone soaking wet,stripping a chipper down and humfing the bits up tight stairs maybe possible,i doubt it, but there are easier options. Typical fuckin arbtalk People get a hard on shit canning other peoples experiences. Look at the wee bugnots joe Im out
  14. stihlmadasever

    Tiny chipper for zero access garden

    2 of us got a cs100 8 or 9 front steps, through a house, very tight kitchen and out a conservatory a few months ago. Had to kind of walk the wheels up the steps. Doable but straight lifting it clear of ground very hard work. That wasnt stripped down at all. They were not very tight 850mm doors either Did you read joes post? Up 8 or 9 stairs aint the same as a tight staiway in a flat. It may be possible but its not the best option imo bill
  15. stihlmadasever

    Game of Thrones - spoilers alert

    Best character was Tormond and his obsession with pumpin brienne of tarth. Last season was a let down Also the knight king really deserved a better death than a 14 year old girl appearing from mid air with a dragon glass chib...


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