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    Near glasgow,scotland
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    climbing,chainsaws,climbing,chainsaws my border collie wallace ...Oh and my wife if ive got time!
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    Grounds maintainance chargehand,tree surgeon
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  1. stihlmadasever

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    Couldnt resist
  2. stihlmadasever

    Lanyard Help?

    Ditch the ring. Pointless Try a couple of hitches. Michoacan,knut etc Distels lock up alot. Look at youtube for hitches. Seriously,the ring is pointless
  3. stihlmadasever

    Anchor system

    First pictute for me,simple setup. I would replace the 3way biner with a dmm quad lock biner cause ive seen triple locks open by rubbing against a branch so a 4 way lock would give me the extra peice of mind. Keep it simple
  4. stihlmadasever

    Petzl OK and chicane

    Yes,but to be fair its CE marked and is rated to use with the zz. In my honest opinion i think petzl have been pretty smart on this except how it looks. Fugly!
  5. stihlmadasever

    Petzl OK and chicane

    Rupe how are you a advancing the chicane on ascents? Neck tether?
  6. stihlmadasever

    WR & ZZ

    Wasnt aware of that...
  7. stihlmadasever

    WR & ZZ

    Thats the reon rounds tether. Look up reon on youtube for info on it
  8. stihlmadasever

    Tight spot Take down

    Cheers for posting reg.
  9. stihlmadasever

    TW125 stolen in Kent

    Gettin all too common now. Couple of my mates have been done in last year alone. Hopin for a positive result on this for you mate
  10. stihlmadasever

    Climbing under supervision

    No decent arb firm would send a climber out with no trained rescuer. Thats not too say it doesnt happen. Just ask any subbies you know. I done a rigging job with 1 groundie who had 3 days experience no kind of training,not even used a chainsaw. The next time i used that firm i brought in my own groundie who was at that point almost 50 and could run the ground work on his own easy.
  11. stihlmadasever

    Husqvarna 572xpg in stock

    That is a very good price. Pity im skint...
  12. Oh yeah i forgot too say, crackin table mate. Sorry i just got carried away with the long name thread thing...
  13. stihlmadasever

    Climbing under supervision

    But its not and it isnt. How can 2 climbers,1 trainee 1 experienced be interpreted as 3? 2 or maybe even 4 i could see but 3??


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