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  1. Angus has an infectious smile. Nora....not so much..😂
  2. I know your politics,weve been down this road before. The last 3 pre election polls in Scotland have been on the money so the wank theory isnt really warranted in this instance. I skipped reading most of your post because it seemed self indulgent and i couldnt really be bothered with your usual portrayal of the typical scot as being a workshy dole bum blah blah analysis.I will concur to your scrutiny of the Snp tax policies which are unfair but as ive said many times im not a fan of the Snp....just a vehicle to independence.
  3. Labour are lost.Theyre so busy trying to appeal to everyone theyve become a laughing stock! Latest polls in Scotland predict labour to be all but wiped out in the next Holyrood elections with massive Snp gains and a slight gain for the tories on the back of the unionist vote. It would seem the Snp dont need to promote the independence vote,simpley pointing to Boris as an alternative is enough. Im not overly concerned about whats going on politically in England,vote for a circus and you get clowns.
  4. Give it time mate. Boris is playin a blinder ?
  5. Todays training Am bike 40 mins 20 warm up 20 mins alt 30 seconds hard 1 minute about 30% of effort. Afternoon workout Jump lunges as many as possible and plyo push ups as many as possible for 25 minutes.Going from one to the other,resting as little as possible.When i was breathing out my arse,which was pretty much the whole workout i took time to recover a little. Challenging workout that one
  6. Todays training 07.30 40 minute jog. Ive never enjoyed running and i never will but im starting to see a noticable improvement in my cardio fitness. Afternoon workout Circuit of dumbell chest press dumbell bench step ups and V sit ups.150 reps on each as quickly as possible. Method here is take a do 15 rep weight or whatever you fancy and do as many reps as poss on 1st exercise the go onto 2nd etc.Keep going round each exercise till you hit 150 on each.(10 rounds) Record your time and beat it next time you do the workout. This is a density type training that tests your bodys muscular endurance,metobolic capacity and your csrduo vascular system. I tend to use a weight i can do 15 reps with but a challenging weight.
  7. If steves ok with this im going to post my routines every day.Anyone who fancies a go can,or if you need exercise alternatives to what im doing i'll do my best to help out. Today Morning workout on an empty stomach.I hour on the exercise bike,20 minutes at an easy pace to warm up then go about 60% effort. I was stopping every 5 minutes to do 10 dumbell thrusters the back on the bike.Great workout,gets the heart pumping and the thrusters engage more muscle fibres than just peddling on the bike. Aftrnoon workout,about 3pm will be pistol squats,thats just 1 leg squats for as many reps as i can on each leg then straight on to bent over dumbell rows.I'll basically go till i blow rest for a minute or so and go again. Im gauging about 12-15 rounds in 30-40 minutes.
  8. Thats a great way to look at it and it has been proven, a short,intense bout of exercise is more beneficial than longer drawn out routines.
  9. Havent been on here for a while but i remember there was a good few who trained regular so i thought id ask what they were doing at home to stay fit and keep themselves sane. Ive been running most mornings and lifting in the afternoon. Doing circuits kinda tabata/crossfit style,olympic lifts with some high intensity cardio too keep my heart rate cranked.Not really looking to have any goals just keep my fitness,strength and gains. What you guys up too?
  10. Thanks for doing what your doing baldbloke.Stay safe
  11. Joe Newton works in the Rugby area. He's on here regular. He may be interested. Fully qualified and very experienced climber.


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