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  1. Changed the old defender for a 9 year old Mitsubishi pick up this year, my tinnitus has gone and the trapped nerve in the right side of my neck has gone too ! Still, I do miss the landy camaraderie and next doors grand daughter misses climbing up on to the roof rack, they'er city folk relocated to the country and she thought that the back ladder and roof rack was a mobile climbing frame !
  2. In Cumbria your mate is referred to as “Marra” as in all right Marra !
  3. Sounds like someone has “borrowed” it and may not have told you and bent the bar. A bent bar will throw chains off, it’s happened to me more than once.
  4. I burn anything so long as it’s dry, mostly larch and Scots pine. Best to use a mix of hard and soft wood. Free is always best !
  5. Nice to hear that you got it going , I've a soft spot for little mittox saws.
  6. I agree with that I would get it felled and re-plant a more suitable species.
  7. BREXIT now there is a word I haven't heard for ages.... what did it mean again ??
  8. The tinnitus after a 20 minute drive was also an added bonus.
  9. That picture is a massive kick in the balls to all of the frontline staff who have worked their arses off in hospitals etc keeping everyone safe, fed, and looked after. when the second spike comes I hope all this lot are ashamed.
  10. Oops my bad, still looks a bit dodgy tho !
  11. That looks like a disaster waiting to happen, I was always a bit sceptical about a 4 stroke super saw and do think that all the clever electronics it must have will be its weakness, but that amount of stuff in a filter in 1 cut doesn't bode well.
  12. Silverhooker


    Will ask my mate, who has a repair business to keep an eye out for anyone trying to flog kit like that. Appleby fair was supposed to be 3 weeks ago so loads of dodgy gear being offered round Cumbria.
  13. Usually if it looks too good to be true then it is. I don't trust ebay at all now so much crap on it .
  14. Cost of living there is astronomical so you need the big tax free wage to maintain a basic standard of living. A colleague of mine went there a few years ago and was earning mega bucks, but his wife couldn’t work and they came back after 5 years and managed to find a good accountant who got there savings back minimally taxed. They were mortgage free but didn’t rate it as life experience!!


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