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  1. I burn a mix of larch and scots and when available a wee bit of syc plus any other stuff I can get, usually free, at home and have never had any issues at all. I supply my neighbours with the same mix of soft with the odd bit of hard and have never had a complaint. We need to educate the modern stove owner that if its dry and untreated the soft is the way forward.
  2. Seems like another bit of shiny kit that i might use an odd time, how much is it and where can you get one ?
  3. Nice ! looks like you've put them to good use too, that looks like a load of cutting in the top pic. Good job sir !
  4. I was taught that if the cutters are "eye-ball even " then you will be fine , if they aren't then you need to take some time to even them up, but again was told that "eye-ball" even was fine and I've alway worked with this with no great issues. Was taught that getting the rakers right and the cutters properly shaped and sharp was the most important thing in the real world. But it did take me years to learn how to sharpen properly by hand !!
  5. You've got some decent kit there sir ! I would have been nibbling away at that for ages with the chainsaw !!!
  6. I've tried grinders and have gone back to the hand file, better edge every time.
  7. I do firewood for myself and a couple of neighbours for beer money, and cos i like doing it, but to be honest a couple of extra shifts at my real job would earn enough to buy the wood. However I like doing it as i have an inside job and the excercise isn't doing me any harm either, also it keeps me in touch with the neighbours and I feel that I'm doing my bit for the environment by reducing the heating oil by burning timber that would be left to rot if I didn't harvest it. As people say wood doesn't just heat you once !!
  8. I got a 365 a wee while back and use it for ringing up with a 20" bar. Great saw and goes like a train all day, no regrets getting it at all.
  9. Borrowed one for a day from a builder mate years ago, it weighed a ton and by the end of the day my hands were nearly numb with the vibes. But it did cut all day and never missed a beat. However it is hard to recommend a machine with no chainbrake in the 21st century ! I'd save the £40 and go to the pub instead.
  10. I agree that a processor would be over kill, a chainsaw and a good splitting axe will do it in a morning if its in a decent working area. Although if its all on wet uneven ground and has poor access then getting someone in might be a good bet. If not just look at the work as a temporary free gym membership !! Nothing more satisfying than having a brew and looking at all the logs you've got !
  11. You can get 4 way adapters to fit most splitters but they are quite slow, the domestic ones, a few hours with a billhook might but alot faster.
  12. I wouldn't bother I'd just use it myself as free fire wood as a perk of the job. There would be a lot of time and work involved for not much of a return.
  13. Bought myself Pfanner trousers, my legs and boy bits are more valuable to me than saving 30-40£ on cheap trousers. Plus the wife made me get them !!
  14. sorry, meant builders bags, in North Cumbria.
  15. Round our way a dumpy bag of dry hard wood logs is going for £85, so about 120 loads needed. I would ask round your local area and see what it'll support.


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