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  1. I don’t think he’d sell it, he is a bit of a hoarder! sorry “collector “
  2. I had a 7 ton mittox electric splitter on a stand, only used it a few times on big nasty bits and it did ok. Was a faff to get in and out the shed clean it and put it away, axe and maul much more convenient and eventually sold the splitter to a friend who also hardly uses it !
  3. 550 mk2 cracking saw but check out what your local dealer carries. Also don’t scrimp on PPE, make sure it’s good quality and comfy, cos you’ll in it a lot !
  4. Thanks I really appreciate all of the support from you guys. Tough guys sometimes need a hug too ! Nice to be a part of such a great forum where people support each other.
  5. Another Alister McLean worth an honourable mention is The guns of Navarone. They just don’t write or make movies like that anymore, always a twist in the tail with McLean .
  6. Hard to get a good pic cos he was so black, wearing his Xmas bow tie !
  7. Thanks Doug, emotional wreck tonight.
  8. My wee lad went for the big sleep today, 10 years of companionship and love. Gonna miss the wee chap.
  9. Zero dark thirty, great movie. Where eagles dare, my fave of all time !
  10. Get a good maul , splitting axe and some wedges, it will save you money and give some exercise. I got a wee splitter for domestic use and hardly used it, by the time I hauled it out the shed and got everything set up I could be 1/2 way thru the pile manually. Get a good set up with a tall splitting block and you really don’t need a splitter. IMHO. The key is to have a set up where you handle the wood as little as possible and don’t do too much bending, a pickeroon is a god send.
  11. I had a little cheap ALDI generator, used it a fair bit and it was fine. Sold it to a mate when we moved recently still going well. Can’t remember how much it was but it wasn’t expensive and was fine for odd jobs here and there.
  12. A friend has a Patterdale terrier, he’s the best ratter ever ! Lovely looking wee dog too.
  13. I love my 120 use it way more than I thought I would and all you have to do is keep it charged, sharp and clean. Stop/start jobs are so easy with a battery saw.
  14. Had this on an old dead cherry last winter terrible smell too !
  15. I've done that too and I just washed out the tank and put clean fresh fuel in and it went 1st time. If its been sitting then there might be other issues stopping it, have you the ignition system and plug ??


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