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  1. Me neither, I find him a bit creepy to be honest.
  2. As I've posted on here a few times, just get someone local to give you a 2 minute "tutorial" on sharpening and it isn't that hard. The guy who services my saws exlained it to me in 2 minutes which is better than 100 hours of youtube videos. Experience and 1:1 instruction beats youtube in my mind. Just get on and work with the tools and over time you get the feel for when they are going blunt and need to be sharpened. Always buy quality chains and files, cos as a rule you get what you pay for, and you won't go far wrong, although i do keep a cheap rotatech chain in the van for jobs that trash the chain as they are almost disposable. The 3 golden rules to my mind are full PPE every time, fresh fuel every time and a sharp chain.
  3. I also burn old fence posts with no obvious ill effects to the stove or chimmny, just make sure you get the nails out before you cut it up as chains don't like nails !
  4. I use rotatech chains for cutting dirty wood, roots and stuff that might have nails and crap in it. Basically I use them as single use disposable cheap chains where I don’t want to damage good ones. they also stretch like rubber bands.
  5. Is this a type of Darwinian evolution, where stupid people kill themselves off so strengthening the herd intelligence ?
  6. Local paper has anounced that an osprey was killed the other day on the M6. ☹️
  7. Had a little mittox just like that for 6-7 years, light firewood saw, was cheap as and ran great, even after I dropped it in the river (twice!). When it died my mate took it for spares. It owed me nothing. It was great for snedding up as it’s very light. Paid around £90 for it new good little home owner saw.
  8. That’s exactly my practice too, I’ll sometimes knock a couple of logs together and listen to the note as dry wood gives a distinct higher note than wet wood. Lost my moisture meter ages ago and don’t miss it.
  9. Cleared my dads stuff 18 months ago when he died, found a cupboard full of re-wrapped presents that he was “keeping good “ . Fortunately we were the same size so I inherited a few nice jumpers! Also found his old airforce uniform which I’ve kept, he was a Korean veteran, he sold his medals years ago for charity. Got the 3rd degree from the guy at the tip, as I didn’t live in the area, nearly gave him the full benefit of my opinion of him.
  10. That pic looks awfully like the toe rag that watchdog did a piece on a few months back. A travelling gent perhaps ?
  11. The BSC (braying ski Cnut ) was out doing his recycling in his Lycra, nearly lost my shit with laughter. He was still wearing his £200 cycling shoes too, they match his £3000 carbon fibre bike don’t you know, well yes I do cos the BSC never stops fucking telling me . I will never be able to look at him again without laughing. Cheers Kriss you’ve made my week !
  12. Love the description "braying ski cunt". Do I need your permission to use this term or have you donated it to the benefit of humanity. It's the perfect description of a neighbour of mine. You are a genius of Fryesque proprtions with this.
  13. Silverhooker


    Nice, i inherited my late fathers whisky collection, some of which we sold as they were too valuable to drink, the rest i'm slowly working my way thru, although the pace has picked up quite a bit in the last 7-8 weeks. I wonder why ??
  14. Don't do it yourself, get a professional in, be much cheaper and safer in the long run. Chainsaws ain't toys and that trunk looks like an accident waiting to happen for a beginner.
  15. Lit both of mine it’s bloody freezing here in Cumbria !


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