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  1. Bought myself Pfanner trousers, my legs and boy bits are more valuable to me than saving 30-40£ on cheap trousers. Plus the wife made me get them !!
  2. Silverhooker


    sorry, meant builders bags, in North Cumbria.
  3. Silverhooker


    Round our way a dumpy bag of dry hard wood logs is going for £85, so about 120 loads needed. I would ask round your local area and see what it'll support.
  4. Had my artic cat 700 quad bike stolen at the weekendin Brampton Cumbria. its red with a black plastic flat bed on the back. please message me if anyone offers a dodgy one for sale. Thanks
  5. Silverhooker

    What's everyone's favourite chopping axe?

    I have a Wetterlings large splitting axe along with the Husky small splitting axe and the Husky large maul plus an Estwing splitting wedge, which rarely gets used. I've found this set up to suit the work i do, mostly syc and larch, odd scots pine and bits and pieces of beech.
  6. Silverhooker

    Chainsaw Gloves

    My wife bought me the husky gloves for xmas and they were rubbish, i use work glove that i get out of the £ shop which last just as long. Never was convinced that the pad on the back of the Husky gloves was worth a shit nice to hear from experienced chaps that i was right for once.
  7. Silverhooker

    Come on then own up, whats your record?

    Got a little mitox 40 cc saw stuck in a wind blown alder at the edge of the river in my garden, in the process of cutting it out with a hand saw, I only had the mitox at the time, I dropped the mitox in the in river. Sadly my wife was a witness and has never stopped telling people.
  8. Silverhooker

    mitox chainsaws

    I've got a little 40cc mitox, it's been fine, infact better than fine as i've been able to resurrect it twice after being dropped in the river. It's never had heavy use, just limbing and small bits of firewood, which really is all it's up to, so probably not ideal for heavier farm use. Would get a husky 365 fro FR Jones, they have a good deal on at present.
  9. Silverhooker

    Splitting maul/axe

    I have a husky maul, a husky smallsplitting axe and a wetterlings large splitting axe, use all 3 and they are the perfect combo for the work i do. It took me 10 years or so to settle on this combination and I've smashed numerous cheap fibreglass handled others. None were cheap, tho not too expensive and are likely to see me out, in fact number 1 son has already put dibbs on the large splitting axe as he is a smaller man than the younger one, who is a bear and can swing the maul all day long. I now seem to have taken on a more supervisory role which suits fine, and now mostly use the husky splitting axe do do the final splits after the boys break up the big rings.
  10. Silverhooker

    First saw you bought.

    Bought a bow saw when i was 17 and started doing cash in hand firewood to the neighbours till I could buy a second hand McCulloch, sorry but i can't remember what it was, which i cut firewood with to funded me thru university, it ran like a dream. I gave it to my ex-wifes brother who dropped it in the river 2 days after I gave it to him, not sure that it was directly responsible for the divorce but it didn't help !!! Lol.
  11. Silverhooker

    Great new sharpening tool

    I have a pair of x2 £ shop specs I use just for sharpening, I didn't realise how far out i was till i started using them, always just thought i was a poor sharpener but it turns out it was because i couldn't see what i was doing !! Doh....
  12. Silverhooker

    husky365 or stihl 391 or 441 ?

    Thanks for all the advice, my own research was directing me towards the 365 and I think that is what I'll go for. Looked on the FR Jones site and they are doing a great deal so will order one tonight when i've finished work.
  13. Silverhooker

    husky365 or stihl 391 or 441 ?

    Hi all, I do quite a bit of firewood for myself and old folks next door, about 30 cube/year, most of it is wind blown larch with some sycamore. The larch is usually 20 -24 inch trunks the syc about a foot. I'm needing a new saw to ring up as old stihl 391, which the elderly neighbour gave me after her husband died, is knackered and the local repair shop said was passed fixing. Husky 365 and stihl 391 look very similar, although the 441 would be a bit of a step up in price. I'm really looking for the advice of the seasoned veterans as I just don't know what to get. Guy in local shop said he preferred Stihl, although he is a dealer for both ! My mate, who is a local farmer said that there wasn't any great difference, so I'm totally confused now. Help !!
  14. Silverhooker


    Make up 2 little wooden wedges to jam the bar in the tail gate door on my old defender and away I go. Like a few others I'm too old and stiff to sit on the deck and the floor of a defender is the perfect work height for me. I'm a short arise !!
  15. Silverhooker


    I've got the husky and the fiskar, I like axes, and use them both usually on small stuff and they are both as good as each other and its just a matter of which one is nearest to hand as to the one I use. Although the Fiskar cover is better as it hangs better (flatter) from the nail on the back of the shed door !!


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