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  1. Fair bit of firewood for next winter there. If you don’t fancy a job don’t do it, better to walk way safe than have to run away in a hurry.
  2. Why can't you use a chainsaw? I'd recommend the wee sthil 120 battery saw, light and quiet.
  3. In my experience if you are thinking it's too much for you to do yourself then listen to yourself and get a pro in to do it. I've never regretted getting the local arborist in to drop a few tricky ones on my property. You get peace of mind and if you get on with him he'll explain how and why he's going to do it and you might pick up a few bits of wisdom. my local chap, Mark Lloyd, is a lovely chap and does a great tidy job for a sensible days pay, whats not to like about that !
  4. 440 550 365 oh and a wee sthil 120 battery saw. Started with a mittox which got used and abused for a number of years before it died, and in fact in terms of wood cut per £ spent was the best value of them all...so far !
  5. Very new ! I used to dive with a buddy who didn't have a knife, he took a big heavy pair of scissors with him ! Reckoned cutting line and rope was easier, to be fair my knife mostly was used to cut cheese to make a sarnie !
  6. Gosh brings back memories, I had a Fenzy ABLJ. No dry suits or direct feed hoses then, no dive computer just watch, depth gauge and tables. I was a BSAC diver too.
  7. I burn Scots pine a lot and its great, dries quick and is easy to split. Just sometimes get gummy hands handling it as some bits can have resin on them.
  8. I agree they are very snappy in winter
  9. Depends how much you want to spend.
  10. I wasn’t really talking about business management just my dislike of spending my PAYE salary !
  11. We’ve never met yet you know me so well !
  12. If you haven’t guessed I’m Scots and tight as a ducks arse !
  13. I’ll have to look out for one when they become available in Sthil AK20/30 copy as it kills me to think of spending £90 for a second battery when I got the saw, battery and charger for £175.
  14. Are they any good ? Or is it a case of buying cheap buying twice ?


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