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  1. Did 2 batteries worth today clearing out rhododendrons. Never missed a beat and perfect for this type of job where you cut stop drag a bit of brash then cut a wee bit more. Petrol saw would have been a pain of stop/start. Loving my battery saw. It’s the future alright !
  2. None this year as i only supply neighbours, and one has put in under floor heating and the other moved on and the house is empty. Might have to talk to the wife now as I've run out of excuses to go and cut logs.
  3. we've got sleet at the moment in Cumbria with snow forcast for the afternoon. Yuck !
  4. Corded saws are good where you have easy access to mains electricity, particularily if you need to stop and start and load and unload branches etc, just got to remember to re-fill the oil ! I nearly got one but don't do enough in the yard so got a little battery saw which is good for jobs where you would be stopping and starting the saw a dozen times. No regrets but you do have to keep it razor sharp and not expect it to cut like my 550XP ! Decent corded sawa are quite cheap too.
  5. Welcome to the club it’s all up hill from here,although it is supposed to be down hill it just feels uphill !
  6. Little Sthil battery saw, brilliant !
  7. Once they sort out the price of chargers and batteries I think all little saws will be battery, light compact, easy to keep clean and quiet. I love mine and the cold yesterday made no noticeable difference.
  8. A mate has some ego mowers and strimmer and rates them highly. He is an experienced gardener so I respect his opinion. I just got a good deal on the Sthil so went with it. Going to cut some branches today so will report back on how the battery lasted in the snow.
  9. Since the world is now divided up into 3m squares with a 3 word code for each how come boris is always standing in incompetent, useless, arsehole ??
  10. Yeah the 440 was good but the 550 is different class.
  11. I’ve had a 440 and it’s a good saw but agree not a pro saw, however the mk2 550 is ! It’s a nimble all rounder, no need for a 40 cc if you’ve a 550.
  12. My condolences mate, dementia is a terrible thing. You lose them twice.
  13. I hand file all the time, once you get set up and get good you can go at it like a fiddlers elbow. Recently learned how to square file with the double chisel file, I mostly cut syc and larch, and square flys thru them. There is a knack to it and I killed a couple of chains learning it !
  14. Another vote for rowan, and the birds like the berries !
  15. does this count as an export to boost our GDP ??


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