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Too many tree surgeons?!

Are there too many tree surgeons in the UK?  

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  1. 1. Are there too many tree surgeons in the UK?

    • Far too many; so much competition I can barely survive!
    • Not too many but don't need any more!
    • Could do with a few more to be honest!
    • Nowhere near enough. So much wood and so little expertise!

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Being a 'Tree Surgeon' is a very skilled occuaption, not many good ones out there! plenty of 'wanna be's' who dont know one end of a tree from another!

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Far too many, fencers doing it, landscapers doing it, firemen doing it, rubbish clearance guys doing it.


It's nothing new, now you know how all the plant hire/groundworks boys felt when every builder, farmer and 'tree surgeon'/firewood man went out and bought a mini-digger...

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I started out in 2010 Landscaping, Grass and tree trimming. End of last year I change my name with it ending in Tree Service. Definitely not cutting grass but landscaping seems like is where people are allot easier to get them to pay. Tree work around here is lowest bid wins! I try to educate people but for the most part they don't care how the tree work gets done or by who. At least for the most part.

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I want to set a few records straight here, theres been a lot of talk, from a climbers viewpoint, and from a bosses viewpoint and all shades in between.


For the bosses-


Do not try to kid us employees, we are not stupid, when you moan about paying 40% tax it means your earning over the threshold, when you live in a barn conversion in the country drive an audi estate as well as having a company L200 etc etc etc your earnings and life at your own control.


It isnt THAT easy for all you guys I know, but i owned my own firm, had three guys to find wages for and work for and a company to suppport and grow, IT WAS THE TIME OF MY LIFE. My customers staff appreciated me and made me feel i was doing a good job, I was my own boss, and controller of my destiny, and no one could condescend to me and treat me like a numb nuts cos they OWNED ME.


Now climbers-


any climber on 120 a day, your at the top of your game, that means you cant bitch that a jobs too tough, or the days too wet, you get top dollar for being a top dog and its the sort of money you get for backing up your firm by being good, fast efficient and most of all, pulling not only your own wieght but the wieght of the lads below you who earn less cos they dont give a sh...


It also means your going to have to eat sh.... whenever and wherever its dished to you, cos your boss is going to tell you and rightly so if you dont like it f off!


You bosses think you would take 30k a year tommorow for a climbers position? BS


you have NO idea what it is like to be told that you dont know your job as well as the boss, that all those mind numbingly dull tedious boring and mundane jobs are YOURS cos your on good money, you will have to go and work in the rain and the snow and all the other sh.... while the boss has a "catch up in the office day"


If you want to attend seminars at 250 a day youll not get the vat back, youll not make a "bonus" when the nieghbour taps you on the shoulder and if you work hard and efficiently make your company a good score for the day you wont go home early, youll be punished by jet washing vehicles and sweeping the yard!


its swings and roundabouts boys, its always greener, but I wouldnt have any other life, I love trees and my work, be that owning my own firm with all the "poor me " stresses or working for some patronising unapreciative boss who doesnt care to notice I hold his firm up too!


This is a great post... Sums it up well. A fair and well balanced opinion for once!

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This is a great post... Sums it up well. A fair and well balanced opinion for once!



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If being the boss of your own company employing staff etc was the time of your life why aren't you doing it anymore?

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