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  1. Completely agree. It's a hired machine I use but get the odd full day with it to earn its cash. I had a stx26 on demo and Thought it was a bit underpowered, but it was sent out with a full set of completely blunt teeth. The slew style of 20% left and 80% right was odd to me, not really practical. The machine is very good and very easy to use. The 38 has a Perspex screen in front of the controls which does catch quite a bit. If I was buying one I would be looking at the narrower bandit or predator machine.
  2. Had the toro stx38 out again. Rotten willow stump and 3 beech stumps. Turned the teeth for the final, biggest beech stump. It was properly ripping chunks out. That stump was rotten too so it made short work of it!
  3. You could look into Pear Technology and their PT Mapper? Very similar and well suited to this purpose
  4. What mark said! ^^ To enable the local authority to use the Asbo act and specifically the high hedges section, you have to use all available avenues with the neighbour first. Then the council get involved but can charge extortionate fees. There is no right to light when it comes to trees unfortunately. It looks like the trees/ hedges could have been maintained in the past, or are in a long cycle so they gain a fair amount of height in between cuttings. Speak to them first.
  5. Maybe bandit could come and paint your nails? You'd end up with a bit of overspray though and have colourful fingers too!
  6. Looks like lots of fun Paul, but whys that guy drinking from a catheter?? [emoji13] Timon. That's me! It was a bag of cider. Lovely stuff.
  7. I've been stood near a cherry in full leaf with someone being adamant that it was dead.
  8. I will see you at the top of the arborists arms tomorrow Paul [emoji1360]
  9. Bose are good with their support and repairs. I have a set of the companion 5 speakers which I've had over 10 years. Power surge in the street killed the power supply. Took them in to a bose shop and they sent them off, refurbished them and charged me £80. Good as new! Will get years longer out of them now! I'm another vote for the mini soundlink. Money well spent.
  10. Not 100% sure. I think it's possibly a ground care machinery place. I hired the grinder off a nearby firm.
  11. Had this toro grinder out yesterday. Impressive bit of kit!
  12. I'm in St. Helens if you ever want a chat about anything
  13. Just adding my worth in on this thread regarding this Yes, you can create it to survey just about anything. I have created a Japanese knotweed recording survey which mimics the EA paper form. You get the added bonus of a GPS point or an area if you can get around the patches properly. In regards to the topo maps, most surveys I find myself doing there are no maps available other than architects plans which aren't brilliant sometimes. Are you guys doing pre tree survey site visits for your 5837 surveys for topo surveys? I end up buying OS maps from Pear Tech mapshop or from Blackwells. Just pass on the cost and so far no issues. I'm using pear technology too and find it straight forward and gives a good quality finish. Been using it for 3 years now.
  14. Don't know yet! Quite fancy a coffee table


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