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  1. Dave Blaikie does forestry winching, bit over kill but I guess it would cover you
  2. This is 2/3rds of it, got another load on the timber trailer, got some ibc crates with beech in too, about 6-8" 3' lengths but not too worried if they don't get done
  3. Hi Bob Mostly 4m lengths some in 2's and a few odds, ave butt end dia around 10" nothing much above 12", I'll get a pic in a bit when I go down to yard.
  4. Looking to hire a processor with or without operator to process around 15t of pole stage oak for own use at yard in Penistone. Tractor and timber crane available on site if any use. Thanks
  5. Has anyone tried musto br2 gear?
  6. I've got a few, doesn't cause me any bother
  7. Where abouts in north Sheffield will you be? Might be able to point you in right direction of somewhere
  8. Does this have to be Loler'd with it not having Rops/Fops?
  9. If being the boss of your own company employing staff etc was the time of your life why aren't you doing it anymore?
  10. I gave it up as a bad job and downsized instead.
  11. I'm selling a 9" Bandit, not sure on exact weight but I can find out if you're interested?
  12. Ive got a KTS 6.7M/10t crane/trailer for sale if anyones interested
  13. I thought this thread was going to be about someone selling cheap watches and aftershave
  14. I can see why you moved out there dude! Doesn't seem like 5 yrs ago. Are you sure that's your daughter, she doesn't look like you.... Much!
  15. waz77

    Weird Workmates

    I used to work with Liam Peaker...
  16. waz77


    Penistone Tree Services are currently seeking Climbers to work on WPD Maintenance and Resilience contracts, National Grid, Sheffield City Council and Domestic works. Good rates of pay, bonus and allowance schemes. Possible roles for Team Leaders and Groundsmen also. penistonetrees@gmail.com
  17. Looks good, bit big, but they've ironed out all the little issues, nice to see they've listened to those who use them and put it into practice
  18. There's John Turner's at Cumberworth Huddersfield
  19. JCM800 and an Amherst 76 rams head 🙉
  20. Thought I'd resurrect this thread with this 1965 Fender Jaguar, sonic blue, all original 🎸


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