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  1. Hi Bill, Jen got the first aid course sorted for Friday, so all good. Hope you get a trainer for yours, I will be running an EFAW+F next April if you still need it done.
  2. Bill, just checking Jen can make Friday, if so will get booked. I didn't realise it was this week!
  3. Hi Bill, everyone has current EFAW+F which I usually get a trainer in for. Just one new person who has not done the course needs it ASAP, could travel together if you go down to Leyburn on 15th.? I’ve not asked if any or how many places left yet. steph
  4. Member of staff needs to do this course ASAP, anyone in North East holding a course over next couple weeks with a spare place? Thanks in advance.
  5. Sitka makes good chip, and fuel, if it's processed well. I agree as I've heard story's about chip boilers not working properly because chips too wet or unevenly shaped. Also I know people who have used poor quality pellets and ended up with big problems this year, it must be difficult to source good quality chips and pellets.
  6. Last April in an FC customer liaison meeting they said were just registering importers for the time being, so nothing was being checked. It may have changed but I doubt it, they were very worried about Ash emerald beetle coming in, but still not checking, they wouldn't have enough money to do checks on all imported timber.
  7. I'm not going to name anyone but a company that supplies woodchip said to me recently they are 1,000's tonnes short for next year when I asked if they had a couple of hundred tonnes to sell!!
  8. Yes, I agree, I would like to know who was responsible for coming up with crazy unsustainable policies that pay people to burn wood to make electricity in a country that was not geared up for sustainably producing the timber required!
  9. I think the days of those prices has long gone...Sitka has been sold at £50-60 tonne STANDING, in last few weeks, in north UK.(£35 at roadside last 3-4 years) the reason is the Bio mass power stations, they are now paying £50tonne and need 7 waggon loads a day at Cramlington power station from within a 50 mile radius, other buyers can't compete so a crazy price war commencing. Gone are the days of cheap softwood here in NE, and probably all the forests as well over next 10 years as no one has been doing any serious planting. Are other parts of UK affected?
  10. The set up we saw in action had a machine for small diameter timber, one for medium, a crane with cone splitter that split the largest timber and used the screw to load log deck, they seemed to have all sized timber covered, and it was neatly all under cover! Our system is not quite that organised!
  11. That's impressive. Went to open day at Northumberland based 'Woodfuel barn' early in year, they had 3 feeding into one bagging system and it looked really good. Each machine handled different sized timber.


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