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  1. So you pulling your kids away from a great outdoors lifestyle for heavy traffic, bad weather and low grade pay? Brave man. [emoji23] all the best to you and your family mate.
  2. Does anyone actually get that many mortgage report requests it warrants all the hassle of traveling for a days course? It's certainly not a survey I'm asked for.
  3. From my experience of work travel I don’t know how a freelance climber makes any money. After my b&b or travelodge, fuel and grub I walk away with x, I try as best I can to factor in travel and food but I can’t always get it right when quoting. If you’re a freelance climber you’re getting £150 a day, so after all expenses you go home with what, maybe 60 to 80 quid, this industry is struggling for climbers for a reason.
  4. I cannot see any benefit to the AA, 90 percent of customers think its where you go to sober up and the other 10 percent think it’s like signing up to checkatrade.
  5. Marula


    Unfortunately you just to far out my reach, unless you have multiday jobs then I can justify it. I seem to be getting more work north of London than in Kent, I have no idea what’s going on with the tree industry in Kent but that’s what I’m experiencing.
  6. Marula


    Where you based Mr Gray?
  7. 23m working Reach, the basket takes 280kilos on full stretch. It makes for a comfortable day, gets stuff down in no time.
  8. Marula


    Hello chaps and chapettes, I’ve got a few days available if anyone if interested in hiring us out for a day or two. Hire on a day rate will get you: 23m Working Reach platform. Qualified NPTC & IPAF arborist. Our own saws + fuel. Our own rigging kit if required. Feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions.
  9. Brave man stepping into this den. I think you'll find the majority of people here look at it as "I cut it, I get paid". I'd like to add it's not down to the company doing the work, the problem lies with the council. If the company in the video didn't take the contract another company would have.
  10. I'm not trying to stop anyone, I just support the stopping of felling these specific trees in this specific case, or alternatively a planned Fell with a planting plan over many years. So any arborist who doesn't feel the need to Fell everything in side should find a different platform? Interesting.
  11. This is for surveys, but the tender is for multiple sites, however they've neglected to say where and how many exactly! If it's not many sites then the contract could be a good one, if it's many ranging all over the uk then it will be a waste of time.


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