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  1. ClimbMIT

    Retrievable "Ringdirect"

    Hey Dan nice work! My name is Mark. I tend to lurk here abit and a occasionally post. I have minimal experience with Srt but like to learn and occasionally try it out That seems to be very effective yet simple. Apparently the small biner is just for holding the ring in position and doesn't share the load at all? Thanks for posting!
  2. ClimbMIT

    Favourite Picture of you Climbing.

    Just found this one.
  3. ClimbMIT

    Big Bad Wood

  4. ClimbMIT

    What silky do you use

    Tsurgi original straight or new slight curved?
  5. ClimbMIT

    made my palms sweat

    You beat me too it. That's one reason I couldn't have that job unless I was allowed to come down like that
  6. ClimbMIT

    SRT Q & A's Thread

    Thanks for your response Dan. I like your set up
  7. ClimbMIT

    whats on your harness srt boys?

    Is that a HH prototype?
  8. ClimbMIT

    SRT Q & A's Thread

    Hey Dan' Is this attached to a basal tie as well? or independent? Thanks, Mark
  9. ClimbMIT

    Valdotian tresse

  10. ClimbMIT

    Aerial inspection

    I really enjoy putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Just yesterday I was on a proposal and was able to figure why these 7 year old Chinese/Drake Elms were leaning over not growing straight. By asking him about the history of the trees, watering, construction, and other details. These trees were staked/guyed for 3 years. Two years ago he removed the stakes and they began leaning. My conclusion was the trees became dependent on the stakes by not allowing growth of the necessary roots to hold the trees up. Also the lack of structural pruning is much needed. Landed a new customer, learned something, and I am now able to help resolve the issue
  11. ClimbMIT

    Aerial inspection

    I like this thread. Thanks for posting. Mr David you are doing great work taking all the time and effort to learn and help evolve proper tree care!
  12. ClimbMIT

    Please can you like my Facebook page :)

    lLiked too! Here is my link. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Outside-Expectations-Tree-Service-LLC/205667959531395?ref=hl
  13. ClimbMIT

    Valdotian tresse

    It is an excellent friction hitch. I hope to try the Cooper Hitch in near future.
  14. ClimbMIT

    Valdotian tresse

    Here is video links to the Sooper Cooper knot if anyone is interested.


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