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  1. I would have the same feeling but we're all going to have to pay this back whether we take the money or not. I don't think its a loan were everyone's repayments will be different. If you don't take it, you'll still be paying it back for years to come. I'll be taking what is offered and try to put it towards something useful.
  2. Coronavirus (COVID-19): what you need to do - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK Find out about the government response to coronavirus (COVID-19) and what you need to do. Not sure why there is such confusion over work, or not to work. Pretty simple there on the government website. There's also radio ads on the national stations saying the same thing. It's a personal decision whether to work or not, not the law. Obviously whatever we chose we should adhere to the social distancing guidelines. In our line of work that is very easy. We're in a 3 week partial lockdown, what if its extended another 3 weeks? Or it goes from partial to complete lockdown?
  3. Only go to work if you can't at home - Hancock WWW.BBC.CO.UK The health secretary addresses confusion over what workers should do, as UK deaths rise by 87 in a day. Seems the government are happy for us to go to work.
  4. Bloom

    Lock Down?

    Watched the speech fully expecting it to be a lock down. Think Boris dodge it. He could very explicitly said 'only key workers can travel to work' but he didn't. I think everyone would have accepted it if he had.
  5. Yeah, that one drifted a bit with the weight/wind!! Keeping him on his toes. Customer is renovating the existing bungalow, extension into back garden where those trees where and landscaping the garden. Garden faces directly south. Removal of the trees made a massive difference to their light and space.
  6. One we've been at for a few weeks. Glad its over.
  7. Not sure if this is the same one as fits the 525lk combi unit. That attachment is comparably to the Stihl BG86 in terms of performance.
  8. Absolutely nothing to do with me but everyone should see this. Reg's mate. Since there's been a few posts of big fells from spikes.... There's always some buggar on YouTube doing it bigger/better ?
  9. Trees Get Aroused When Ivy Chokes Them, New Research Finds WATERFORDWHISPERSNEWS.COM NEW biological research into the behaviour of plants has found strange electronic signals from trees in the grips of being succumbed by Hedera, commonly called ivy, indicates trees...
  10. Access - install 2 climbing lines from the ground. So no ladders to get you into the tree. Also, throwing two throwlines to two separate anchor points. I've wasted many hours trying to hit anchor points with a single throw bag. Could be lunchtime before I've made a cut. I can see how this goes - try to comply, takes ages to get to your main anchor point, takes ages to get work done, two groundsman watching you fannying about, you've quoted the same price as you always would, mid afternoon you start stressing that the job isn't going to get done, take shortcuts and start rushing, accident happens. Or comply all day, job runs into the next day, you make no money, eventually you give up. One things for sure, customers aren't going to pay more cause you have to be slower.
  11. Try them. I sell mine,unprocessed, by the trailer load delivered, but if someone is willing to collect from site they get it for free.
  12. Great tool. Have short reach version too, as well as various petrol clippers. The battery ones are always first out of the van. Had the HLA85 for two years now. Had to spend £130 recently on getting it repaired, that's been the only issue with it. We use the AP300 batteries. If we're doing hedges all day we would run these batteries flat.
  13. Teufelberger do a detergent for the washing machine. Works well. Teufelberger Scrubba Rope Detergent - Climbing Equipment from Gustharts UK WWW.GUSTHARTS.COM Buy Teufelberger by Scrubba Rope Detergent from our Climbing Equipment range - @ Gustharts
  14. Extinction Rebellion protester arrested after three hours on Big Ben scaffolding NEWS.SKY.COM The man, named as tree surgeon Ben Atkinson, spent almost three hours on the scaffolding before police brought him down.
  15. Dead chestnut removal last week
  16. Hard question to answer, but a set of teeth, how often would you need to change these? I know this depends on many factors but just a rough idea. I only ever hire stump grinders so never have to deal with maintenance, but I'm considering getting one of these. Seems a no brainer as I'm hiring mini grinders at £80 every few weeks. Also, will it tackle larger stumps if the user has the willpower?
  17. A bit long winded for the content but it's really just for my consumption, and my three subscribers (probably the guys who work with me!)
  18. Noticed lots of Blackthorn in flower yesterday - County Armagh/Down


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