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    Hi Anyone had any long term experience with bark.com? I read a couple of threads from 2015. I've just starting getting emails from them this week. I hadn't signed up to the website. Jobs where basically anything to do with gardens but I changed the settings to only tree work. You pay to receive potential customer's contact details, but I must have got a few free credits, so I got to quote for free and have got a days work booked from it. However, now I have to buy credits to 'see' customers details so I can arrange a quote. Ranges from £3-£5 per customer, but you buy a pack of credits at about £30.
  2. Just get a rotatech chain on it, it'll cut straight then ;-)
  3. 'The Sunday Times reports that under a complex (perverse) incentive system, Heathrow is encouraged to spend as much as it can on developing the site. Heathrow’s investors earn returns based on the size of its “regulatory asset base” (RAB), under a formula set by the CAA. So the more the airport spends, the more its owners can earn. It gives an example of £74,000 to cut down 3 trees, which is at least 20 times the normal price' The other side of the coin.
  4. But you're speedling a Scot's Pine up a 3-tier garden. Don't sell yourself short.
  5. Thanks guys. My main concern was that it was something wrong with the saw, but the majority seems to think its some chain/bar anomaly. I'll get a husq bar/chain on it, if the problem continues I'll replace the AV mounts.
  6. Pics below of the setup pulling left. I changed the bar to a husky one with a new Rototech chain. Got me through a days work.
  7. Looks very similar to a scots pine we took down this week. The customer also had one snap at about 3 foot in a storm recently, with the same problem.
  8. I'll get pics later. Bar and chain are rotatech - correct chain and bar.
  9. Hi I took down this Scot's Pine yesterday. The ground at the base was concave. Another one, which looked similar inside, came down in a storm a few weeks ago, snapped about 3 foot from the ground. Any idea what it is? Customer has 11 more which are bigger and also closer to their house. There are cracks appearing on some of them at the base.
  10. My Husky 555 is pulling to the left. I've flipped the bar, tried new chains, tried new bar, different users but still pulls to left. When I put a new chain on it, it cuts straight for a while but then the left pull starts. Any ideas?
  11. No worries. Just meant, if you didn't know what the wood was and placed it on the fire, you'd think it was some sort of conifer the way it lights up and sparks. It's actually my favourite wood to burn. Gets going quick, burns hot and I've tons of it round my house. I wish I could sell it, but the public are idiots, educated by uneducated stove sellers.
  12. I'm aware of that. I was comparing it's burning qualities.
  13. I really like it for burning. Gets going like a softwood, spits a fair amount, but good heat like a hardwood. Other parts of the world view it as premium firewood. Just need to get it split quick and let it dry for a long time.
  14. I sell my hardwood and burn my softwood. Really impressed with softwood burning. I take the odd bit of hardwood from my pile. I'd near prefer soft to hard. Been burning a lot of well seasoned Euca - it's sparky but burns well and very hot.
  15. Thanks for your advice. Tree is in Belfast. Not a fan of Pitto's but this one does look good. Really don't want to kill it, I'll aim to reduce slightly and thin.
  16. Have to prune this pitto. Customer wants it significantly reduced which would leave it with no foliage. I've suggested a thin. I've removed these before and cut them in hedges, but never pruned a larger one. How do they hold up to a hard prune?
  17. Just spent 45 mins today. Still didn't hit my target and had to settle for some dodgy dead branch and round the trunk, then shimmied up it like I was going to collect coconuts. And now my nuts are aching. Anyway, do catapults make this any easier or is that just a different way to be frustrated?
  18. Did one of these last year. It was really a row of trees that the neighbour had managed to get called a hedge. Council was called in and they said 18m down to 6m. There was an option to do it 18m to 12m then to 6m, but the customer didn't want to pay twice. I think I recall that 6m was the maximum height allowed for a hedge (unless both sides agree to higher), but I may be wrong on that. There should be supporting documentation from the council saying exactly what is to be done.
  19. I'm struggling to sell mine (split hardwood) at £15 a bag.
  20. Hi Following on from another thread, what bluetooth helmet kits do you use? Looking one to fit to with existing helmet.
  21. My route into tree work came via working as a gardener. Lawns first, then hedges. Bought cheap equipment, then bought good equipment. I could use a chainsaw so customers started asking for the odd branch or small tree to be removed. Eventually I was up a Leylandii on a ladder, rear handled saw and no harness. Then I decided to get the climbing ticket. Since then the sky's been the limit. I still do lawns and hedges. Lawns alone get me £8k a year, plus it puts me in residential areas where I can drop leaflets and speak to neighbours. I get most my tree work this way. After a few days climbing its nice just to cut lawns for a day. Maybe that's a route you could take? Gets you outdoors, gets you income. Just take on whatever tree work you get. If its too big, get a climber in and you can do the clear up. I have a computer science degree and have worked as a programmer and in computer repair. I make far more money doing treework. Plus I'm healthier and happier. You're 24, so you've time on your side.
  22. Pruned a beech which had a telephone cable through. Returned a couple of years later for other work to realise the telephone cable was actually an electric cable. So a delayed 'holy f*ck' moment. Started to climb a tree that was to be removed, clipping off the lower branches as I went up. 'Customer' came out to see what was going on. Turned out I was in the wrong garden! Never arrange a job via text. Thankfully I hadn't done any major cutting before the mistake was discovered. The two houses had the same tree, in the same location beside a lamp post. One house was No1 the other was No2.
  23. I had a marine setup for a few years. Had to get rid of it after splitting up with ex and moving to a smaller house. The one thing I found was I constantly had to top up the water. Literally I was making water (osmosis) constantly and topping it up due to the evaporation. It's the one reason I wouldn't get one again. It was like a full time job. Do you find that? Other t han that I found the marine setup up really enjoyable. The fish had personalities, amazing to watch.
  24. Thank you. Do you know the name of this fungus? Just for my info. What might the black staining indicate? Those buildings behind are a school so need to err on the side of safety with this one.


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