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  1. I've been using Godaddy this week. Site is ready to launch and it took me 4 hours to do. Around £10/month, although I had previously bought my domain. I built websites in a previous life and couldn't have been more impressed with Godaddy.
  2. Will there be a webcast of the event? Red Bull support a few sports I follow and their live feeds and highlights shows are really good. Hopefully this one gets the response needed so they can continue to support it.
  3. I clipped my rope with the saw and was looking to cut off the end to use for something else. What's the best way to cut a rope and seal it? Thanks
  4. A colleague I know got hit with the saw in the chest recently. 60 stitches but he's ok. Didn't make the news.
  5. Hi Where's a reliable source for getting Husqvarna spares, legitimate spares or quality alternatives? Looking to avoid cheap crap. Thanks Malcolm
  6. Hi So my van is maybe heading to the scrapyard which leaves me in a dilemma. I need one vehicle to do everything. I tow a trailer with a wee chipper. I often bring timber and chip away from site. I'll be using this vehicle for both work and free time. Every tree surgeon seems to have a pickup but they don't strike me as suiting the needs of the business. Ideally a tipper truck would be the ticket but not exactly the best to go and get a litre of milk. Budget would be no more then £15k. So, if you could have one vehicle for work and pleasure, what would be best? Thanks Malcolm
  7. Hi I run a Renault Kangoo Maxi for my business. I tow a trailer and a small chipper in the trailer (Timberwolf 13/75g). The van holds all my gear. I bring chip and timber back from jobs on occasions. Today the gearbox failed and will need replaced. There's 95000 miles on it. I'm not too knowledgeable about engines. Would it be the nature of the work that has caused this. Am I running the van too hard? Thanks Malcolm
  8. Not really, but I don't want to die either!
  9. Hi This is the tree in question. Red cables are the electric, orange is a telephone cable. There are more telephone cables on the far side of the tree. The third pic shows the tree from the road, the cables basically run through the dead centre of the image. Its been pruned before and apparently the electric wasn't switched off for the job to be done. Malcolm
  10. Cheers. Didn't know the protocol regards getting the cables turned off for a bit.
  11. Hi I'm quoting a job to prune a cherry tree that has electric cables running straight through it. I've worked close to electric cables before but never like this. They're basically bisecting the tree with a lot of branches above them. I'll be pruning it to below the cables. There's also 3 telephone cables in the mix too. Any advice on working in close proximity to electric cables? Thanks Malcolm
  12. Bloom

    Small chippers

    I read the threads on this forum to death. Finally got a 2nd hand Timberwolf for £1650. It hasn't missed a beat in the 6 months I've had it. I was looking at cheap, less well known new ones but reports were mixed. I was apprehensive about buying 2nd hand but spoke with a local dealer and they said they would be able to service it for me. Definitely made the right decision. There's one on ebay at the minute - timberwolf 13/75 wood chipper | eBay
  13. T-shirt weather in Belfast. Customer had had a go at this before they called me. Could've been a disaster.
  14. Arboriculture statistics Self employed seem at more risk. Probably cause they work on their own more often, but also may include non-qualified 'tree surgeons'.


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