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  1. Mostly a waste of time but have had a couple of jobs from it.
  2. Nicer feel in the hand for the most part, and knotability. Can't comment on longevity as I discarded the above 2 in favour of my existing ropes. New England is good stuff but im more a fan of Yale cordage. The blue tongue or its variants are amongst the nicest ropes i've used for double rope technique
  3. Highly skilled work right there. Love the atmosphere the sound track created. Look forward to the next one
  4. The people that believe this is a natural cycle and refer to the climate changing repeatedly over time are clearly deluded individuals. Yes of course we know that climate changes over time, thats a fact, but to suggest we are not exxagerating that process one way or another with are actions is pretty naive. Not sure it will happen as quickly as some are suggesting though. We will just have to wait and see I guess
  5. I've used both but preferred the Marlow out of the 2. There are better ropes out there than both of them though.
  6. They both got very lucky, THIS TIME
  7. Its hilarious that anyone would even give this a second thought!
  8. i've tackled trees similar to this in the past, its a very unnerving experience
  9. Cute pup eggs. Glad you took the plunge!
  10. Gerber multi-tool here and i wouldn't be without it. Comes in handy for so many things
  11. I witnessed almost an exact same incident to this a couple years ago. The guy wasn't quite so lucky. No major harm done but he did have a nice black eye and was pretty shaken up. Didn't climb again after that.
  12. I was wondering the same thing. The balance is spot on at the moment with the battery mounted in the machine
  13. theres 2 of the km hedge cutter heads in my outfit. One is mine, and one of the other guys uses the other one. He's broke his 3 times now. Mines still perfect. Most of his other kit breaks way before mine too, and he always blames the brand. funny that.


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