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  1. Yep that’s what Scolytus scolytus (European elm bark beetle) does, It’s the tracks left by the beetles’ larvae as they emerge, fly off and infect more trees.
  2. So as a sole trader tree surgeon working with sub contractors can we work? No real money from government unlike PAYE employees despite us paying our tax and more NI than they do we get fewer benefits. This being the case what is essential? Well to earn money to make up for what the Government has overlooked to offer? We’re travelling separately, isolated on site (sometimes 20m up a tree!) we aren’t a gathering, so is that contrary to advice? What do you say? Stay safe folks!
  3. Hi I have a old Dolmar 116si, amongst others, which I bought as a job-lot. So I cleaned it and checked out the obvious, fuel delivery and spark. It took a bit of work but got it fired and ran but over a few seconds it's revs built, to say half throttle speed. Its now warm, not on half throttle, both mixture screws are within the correct range and when I wound the tickover screw right off it was still racing. I fitted an identical carb of a nice running saw (Dolmar 120si) which did exactly the same (and obviously it doesn't do that on the 120si. So I think I've eliminated the carb as the problem. Do you think I'm looking at air-leaks, ignition timing, both or something else....what do you say? At least it gives me a distraction from trying to fathom out how this 2 rope thing is going to go!! Thanks folks! 🤔
  4. Yes and thanks for taking the time to respond....I don't disagree. Cheers Magoo
  5. Hi all. I've applied for and recieved CA consent to reduce some untidyand 'leggy' yews which were pollarded decades ago and have been competing for light ever since. The tree officer has shared concern about doing this in the hieght of summer for fear of adding the stress of the sun/heat to that of the 30% reduction on the upper crown. In an ideal world where tree surgeons pack up for the spring and summer....what with the nesting birds and all, we may leave it to a time when the sun is less strong. What do you know or think about this issue? Stay safe! Magoo
  6. Thanks Spud...off out to have a look now!
  7. Morning all. I may well know the answer to this but here goes... Yesterday, arrived on site, got out the spare 201t as it is like new (2014 original bar and chain) and thought I'd give it a run...had done the same a couple of weeks earlier. Fuelled it, started it before ascending. Groundman sent the saw up. Choke on, fired it up, knocked of the choke, let it tick over for a few seconds and blipped the throttle. It popped and spluttered and stopped. I thought as it was -1 degrees give it a chance. Pulled it into life again....same thing only it ran for less time....similar for 2 or 3 other attempts until it wouldn't fire at all! Sent it back down and used the old faithful 200t. Got it onto the bench....no spark....new plug...no spark. Any common faults that you guys know about....including operator error!!? Thanks
  8. Ok with a bit of phoning round through APlan they got me Aviva insurance on an L200 tipper for £345, £300 excess, 5 yrs NCD, old git....the worying thing is it dropped £30 adding m'wife to the policy even if she never drives it. I wondered why I loved her so much...just taken 24years to find out!!


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