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  1. No problem and if your daughter named the bird and if you tell her there is a good chance of it being a female she might start asking questions like how do you know etc and this is the spark what could turn into an interest....I did it with my daughter and she ended up getting a masters in ecology and doing Bat surveys...you just never know.👌
  2. Beautiful...but going by the size of the bird it looks more likely to be katie the kite rather then kevin👍
  3. I have been in the industry many years mick i’am 58 now and started when I was 20 and in that time have made many friends who work for the bigger set ups and we chat on a regular basis so I know form conversations what’s going on and there planning and quoting for jobs and getting feedback from clients. like I said it’s a free market and I have always said there is enough pieces of the cake for everyone,this hasn’t been posted as a dig to to get into any disagreement with anybody it’s just that over the last 3/4 weeks i have seen the bigger set ups in more residential parts of town then I have ever seen before and it makes sense if you have more guys with more overheads that you will start going for the smaller jobs. i guess they are advertising differently or they are on one of those sites like trusatrader or similar or just door knocking I don’t know all i’am saying is the feedback i’am getting is they are quoting for more of the smaller jobs.
  4. I brought this book about 20 years ago and if you are interested in anyway shape or form of all aspects of forestry and tree work this book is a fab read but it’s rather dated now and I can’t remember how much I paid for it but I know it’s wasn’t cheap then and it may well be a collectors piece now so I wouldn’t be surprised if it sells for 3 figures.
  5. Well it was only a matter of time before it happend I guess and I kinda new it would at some point that the big boy tree firms are starting to quote for all the smaller jobs and of course they are undercutting the smaller set ups as it’s a case the more lads and equipment you have the more jobs you can crash out in a day...it’s a free market and smaller set ups like myself will just have to deal with it and adapt to the situation as needs be. I,am relatively ok for work up to April with ongoing work in the pipeline and am well established which means repeat work but for the guys who have just set up it might be hard going.Has anyone else noticed the more bigger set ups are chaseing all the smaller jobs recently so they can to keep a large work force operating?
  6. To pretty for work josh...nice truck and black looks the dogs🐶👍
  7. I don’t think there is much chance of them going under and i’am sure that in years to come they could well be the go to firm for a Chipper but saying that I think they have a long way to go as far as reliability and build quality is concerned....but all that has been covered a million times on here over the years...all I wanted to say was personally I think the lad got a great result with getting a new machine and posting his issues on here was in my view a deciding factor.
  8. I don’t really understand the question?i did say great result for the lad.
  9. I get were you coming from Mick but what i’am saying is thatbin this particular instance I do believe that the guy who started the post got a result by coming on to a social media site and bemoaning a machine he got from FORST....it could have been a Timberwolf or Greenmech and it would have been interesting to see what the outcome would have been but i’am only commenting on this particular post and I firmly believe he did the right thing and got the intended response and all i’am saying would he have if he hadn’t?
  10. I’am not a fan off social media and Arbtalk is the closest I get but even I know that in today’s world social media plays a massive part in what people look at for advice and reviews....and not being funny but do you really think that if Lux hadn’t started a post on here with all the negativity that FORST would still have done anything? Personally I doubt it very much but obviously I could be wrong but I think it was a deciding factor that they have coughed up a new machine...lets hope they do it for all the rest of there customers who have had major issues.
  11. Not a million miles from the truth John.
  12. Glad all sorted but to be realistic what choice did they have as you have posted all the problems that you were haveing on a social media site as they couldn’t have turned around and said to you tough shit mate as they know how many potential customers would be reading this post....don’t get me wrong that’s a great result for you but they couldn’t have paid for such advertising and endorsement of there Machine & Service with the feedback that you have just given them on here.
  13. Could be any number of things and it will be a process of elimination,first check if air leak as that’s usually the cause when you have to hold the throttle in to start it.Am sure others will advise you on other options and causes but you git to start somewhere.
  14. Just crack on,if it’s your own work that you do in your own time(after your normal work day,weekends)and it doesn’t impact or affect your work ethic and your capabilities working for your employer then in my view it’s not an issue,the only thing is that if you ever get injured or have an accident that prevents you from carrying out your normal work duties that’s when it becomes a problem because you either tell your employees up front what your thinking of doing or you tell a porky,other then that just crack on...i’am guessing you won’t be doing big major take downs and or the more difficult jobs as that is when you will need PL but if your only doing small tree works and hedge cutting etc I wouldn’t bother.


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