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  1. Steve will have to call himself LIKEASPUD.👍
  2. Like I have said in previous post I have signed up for the land army....not sure how it works if they contact you or you have to chase them up? I’am ok for work up to June at mo but just waiting for the cancellations to start happening. I have been quoting 4 days out of 5 last week so people are still wanting work done but the only difference now is that instead of 2/3 going for the job it’s 5/6/7.its a catch 22 as people are spending so much more time at home and in the garden and noticing things that they haven’t before need doing such as trees and gardens work in general are top of the list.it does seem bad at the mo but personally I feel quite optimistic about things but that’s my nature glass always half full and most of the time overflowing.i know I will get though this may be not unscathed but i’am a fighter as am sure a lot of you guys are.i won’t be holding my breath or relying on help or anything coming from the government but be sure of one thing if they don’t come good and help the SE in some way shape or form come next election the ones it will effect mite not put the cross in the box they usually do and that’s 5 million of us.
  3. I think the interview consist of how you say Don’t Panic and you need to know the words to the song Hitler Is A Twerp.
  4. I’am lucky that I live on my own and have totally distanced myself my seeing my partner,my son and grand daughter and friends etc..am just going to quote jobs and work,do a bit of shopping,fuel then home and stay there till I need to go to work the following morning.
  5. That’s all well and good but i’am a professional🤪
  6. Just signed up for land army...am alright for work at mo but covering all bases...it’s got to outside manual work for me,I have no problem fruit picking or anything to do with agriculture.
  7. I will be going tomorrow and Saturday got tree work to do and back on a landscaping project I need to finish before the end of April,I have another landscaping project booked in for then and tree work in between,still getting calls and going to quote jobs with the social distancesing protocl being observed at all times...but I have signed up for the land army just in case things go tits and I will do my bit to help and earn a few £££ at the same time but mainly to Keep my sanity.
  8. It’s not all that it seems...I for one will be going down that root if the shit hits the fan and I can’t keep my work going...but the pinch is if me or anybody else does decide that they want to pick fruit,vegetables etc the farmers are insisting that if you start you must see out the season and not piss off after a few weeks so think long term not short term if you want to take this root to earn some money up to the point we’re this thing bottoms out.
  9. There is a lot of bad blood on Arb Talk at the mo fella so no need to ramp it up anymore...you asked a question and some of us have given you an honest answer so no need to add anything else to stir it up more then needs to be.
  10. Really...like I said I don’t need to answer to you.
  11. What’s your issue fella? And is this question only directed at me or to everyone else on here still working and trying to keep there head above water..I don’t need to answer to you.
  12. Nope i’am still working but thank you for your concern.
  13. That horse has bolted now fella so move on..I have.
  14. Looks fab Steve..been toying with the idea of getting a battery top handle and decided on the new stihl...but now I will definitely waiting till this little beauty comes on the market..the only other saw I have apart from all being stihl is my little echo 211 which I love so if this is anywhere nerve that it will be a winner and I for one will be getting on as ASAP.👍
  15. You obviously haven’t got any work.


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