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  1. Well don’t come on here and ask for advice and when given come back with sarcastic remarks..you’ll learn..not.
  2. What ever mate...you crack on then and over complicate a simple problem...shouldn’t have wasted my time trying to help.
  3. Just keep it simple as said befroe...find a good set up of what you need 2/3 man team with all there own equipment,agree a day rate and when you go to quote for jobs which you need them on put what you want on top and you should be like I have said a few times now be wanting to make at least £500 for yourself and obviously on certain jobs double or more and befroe anybody starts cherping on about that’s unrealistic and giving it all that...it works for me and I keep it simple,pay what there worth,pay yourself a good % of the job and if the money isn’t in it just leave it.
  4. Agree but again if you read my first post I did say agree a day rate for groundie and Climber which would be £120 & £250 respectively + Cost Of there’re equipment which I said would be around £900 total a day...and you would price the job so that you make your profit which you should be looking at £500...or even more depending on how big the job is...and you would only need the extra team on the bigger jobs were you can make your cut....it doesn’t take much to confuse me these days.
  5. So your both saying that paying a groundies £120 a day and a climber £250 a day there is no profit in that that for either? Don’t know what you pay your climber and or ground staff? Around hear it’s around £80 a day for a keen young lad and a decent climber £200 so paying a groundie £120 a day makes it £40 on top and paying a climber £250 that’s £50 on top and your saying that’s not a decent wage? If you read my post I did mention that what you pay would very around the country. And I stick by what I said £1,200 a day for a 3 Man Team Truck & Chipper is way over what should be paid.
  6. You need to find a good team and have a chat..£1,200 seems way over dy rate for even a 3 man team which usually comprises of 1 Climber 2 Ground Staff 1 Chipper and may be 2 trucks but minimum 1 so even if your climber wanted £250 a day and the groundies £120 that’s only £490+say £300for Chipper and Trucks that’s £790 so round it up to say £800 at most so I would say depending on we’re you are you could find a decent 3 Man Team offer somewhere around £800/£900 per day and agree that price and put your quotation in at a price we’re you make what you need...so if you need a 3 Man Team Chipper/truck you should be putting them on on bigger jobs we’re you should be putting in a price we’re you should be making minimum £500...no doubt I will be ripped apart on here as to my priceing and % needed to make but obviously these rates will vary up and down the country.
  7. I have the same problem at the moment but I won’t deviate from my pricing structure they either say yes to the quotation or they get someone else...as for trying to keep up with work it’s a fine balance..i’am at an age now we’re I don’t want the hassle of employing guys even stubbies so what I have done is a good friend of mine who is a lot younger then me and does a lot of site contract work has 3 lads on the books and another 4 subbies Tuesdays and Fridays so on the bigger jobs I quote for i price accordingly as per guys and equipment needed(we have agreed a day rate for which ever scenario occurs as cost per man/equipment needed) and if I get the work I book it in either for a Tuesday or Friday if needed and any other days if slightly smaller jobs and like you say at the moment it’s at least a 3/4 week Waite at moment which obviously means going into nesting season which a Joe public either don’t understand or care this can become an issue in a lot of circumstances.i make good money on all my jobs without 90% of thr hassle,think it’s called work smart and not stupid and don’t be greedy,I know what I need per day/job to cover everything and I make more then enough so my advice to you would be just get a subbie gang in and agree a daily rate for what you need,Price your jobs so you know we’re you are and skim your % of that.its working for me and it means I don’t need to turn work away as I can concentrate on the smaller take downs,felling,hedge Work,Overhanging branches etc etc knowing on the bigger jobs I got it coverd and the man power to deal with it,it also means i’am helping my buddy out by finding work and keep his lads going so it’s a win win for both.
  8. Same reason as you Kev...easy storage in garage....and your reasoning for cut off switch is very important hence if you look at my chute it breaks around 12” above the chute plate...this is a safety design and why it has to have a gas strut.
  9. When I ordered the chute I asked for it to obviously fold down without hitting any other part of the Chipper hence the Gas Strut so it just folds down smooth and slow which was perfect but when I went to pick it up I instantly saw and realised that the stop bracket was in thr wrong place so when folding down It travelled beyond we’re it should stop which meant it would hit the bonnet or the hopper. so I got in touch with Greenmech spoke to Martin there head sales Guy and though Andy at Global Sales arranged for a new chut to by made which to be fair wasn’t my idea I just thought they would have the original chute back and replace the bracket but they completely redsigned a new shaped bracket and made a brand new chute.....can’t ask for any better then that and as you may agree they have done a really top class job of it.
  10. There customer service is second to none and it might sound like that i’am just saying it because it’s on here and me giving them all the positives and lots of free advertising...I say this and ask anybody who knows me if I thought any different and the service was crap I would be ripping the shit out of Greenmech make no mistake. Greenmech are without doubt top notch..from the factory though to product design and manufacturing all the way though to customer service they have got it spot on...of course I cannot speak for everyone but on a personal note Greenmech will always have my customer and of course there factory being 15minz from me is a Brucey Bonus. yes Marc it’s a very tidy piece of engineering and it looks just rite and not to busy and works a treat...not sure now they have nailed the design it will become an optional extra.
  11. Following on from my last post regarding my new Evo 165p and the fold down chute which I had a issue with which was that the mechanism to stop the chute head hitting the bonnet and hopper didn’t work correctly so I contacted Greenmech who were great and instantly said that they would sort it out and I even had the CEO ring me(Mr Turner) as you know Greenmech came from thr Turner company which made big mowers/flails etc to fit on tractors...anyway the lads at Greenmech went back to the drawing board and designed a new chute and fabricated a new one which was put on yesterday and it’s just perfect. so I would just like to thank all at Greenmech Factory Alcester, Jase & Nick who must be sick a tired of seeing me. its a great piece of fabrication and the folding down option is very useful....the machine itself is brilliant the new design and horizontal rollers have made a big difference and is much more aggressive then my old 150p even though they have the same engine the anvil on the Evo is I think 15kg or 20kg heavier which make a massive difference. HERE ARE A FEW PHOTOGRAPHS OF THR NEW CHUTE
  12. Close but no cigar for me....didn’t think of it being a cross I just thought is was a pet but if your mate hunts with it he must be a serious falconer...cross a peregrine with a barbery you get a kestrel size hunting machine.🦅
  13. Quick update ref tickets..I have spoken to Ian Millard the exhibition secretary regarding still being able to use the tickets I brought for the 2020 APF and originally told I could use them for the now postponed 2021 APF and if I can use them for the now rescheduled 2022 APF and he said all tickets already brought can either be refunded or you can just hang on to thr ones you already have and they will be valid for 2022 APF which will be on from thr 22nd to the 24th September.christ that was hard work.🤪
  14. That’s not a bad idea👍
  15. To be fair when the 2020 show was cancelled I had a email giving me the option to hang on to them for the 2021 show or have a refund obviously I said I would hang onto them and again obviously not knowing we would be in this shit and the 2021 show would be cancelled...I don’t mind hanging on to them till next year but they may not be valid 2 years down the line...if I don’t get any correspondence in the next couple of weeks I will get in touch and see what they say....yes Steve what have we got if we haven’t got positivity....even more so at the moment.


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