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  1. Well some justice at last,the guy who cut down 70 odd trees which included a large Redwood to make way for building some houses has been fined £300’000 and the tree surgeon find a further £120’000 guess he will be out of business as can’t see insurance paying up.Tree was worth around £66’000 but in reality irreplaceable.
  2. Thank you spud...my grammar and spelling are terrible so any help with both are greatly accepted and taken on board...and not a swear work in sight👍
  3. Great positive reply’s from all and I feel that we can all express our views,disagreements and arguments without resorting to it being backed up by swearing in Certain circumstances especially when other people are likely to be reading them.personally I think this post has had a better reaction then I anticipated and I thank all who have and will post on this subject with more positive views.
  4. We all work in an environment we’re swearing is kinda excepted and as said I do more then my fair share but there is a time and a place for it and when the swearing starts it just turns into written aggression and spirals out of control.
  5. No...I didn’t want to seem like telling lies out of school,I just wanted to mention in some kind of way how the posts are being allowed to have swearing in them especially since the change in format and nothing being said and if anyone else had noticed the same thing.
  6. Been reading a few posts lately and seems like the hostility,tone and language has increased and is being allowed to do so and far be it for me to preach about swearing as I do my fair share but when it’s in a written word for all to see it just lowers the posting and creates hostility which escalates and can get out of hand. Bad language and inappropriate wording used to be picked up and the moderators gave out warnings,I know I will be targeted for bringing up this subject but surely I can’t be the only one who has noticed this trend and is just not appropriate for this kind of site..let the war of words commence.
  7. Obviously the tree was there before the wall and if they do go for amity value which looks likely I would guess they would go for a complete wall rebuild and not a patch up job and with a concrete lintel at a specified hight,some may be laughing but have seen it done and have done it myself and it works under the correct circumstances.wall is insignificant aposed to the amity value of the tree.
  8. New 160 QuadChip around £17’500 INC VAT obviously if you shop around you might save a few £££££££
  9. Have had my 150p now for around 18months and very pleased with it,however like yourself I have had paint issues especially with the grey chassis were it has been flaking and peeling off but thankfully it’s a Greenmech and all it took was a email and a couple of photographs and the team at Greenmech we’re straight on the case. i got in touch with Martin and Spencer at Greenmech At the factory in Alcester and within 10 minutes I assured it would be sorted ASAP...ok you like me would think ya ok I bet this drags on and on but even as we speak now my Chipper is in there shop being stripped down and having a complete respray. And even though they couldn’t get me a 150 to lend they got me a nearly new 130 to have for the time it will take to complete which will be around 2 weeks. i know in the great scheme of things it may have been a case of me being funny and asking for a new machine replacement but i’am so impressed with the way I have been treated and Greenmech staff and professionalism in dealing with my problem there was no way I was going to argue the toss about replacing the machine. jase at the factory is the work shop manager and he met me at the factory and ran through a few things and is dealing with everything. this is one of the main reasons I have always had Greenmech apart from they are really great machines I can’t think of another company helping out the small guy as I don’t spend £££££££££ just a single Machine every couple of years. i have been thinking bout the Quadchip for a while now but have just seen the new Evo165 and now just not sure. so with your paint issues wick...I wouldn’t worry because going by my exspierance you won’t have any problems getting it sorted it’s just time in getting it done.
  10. I love anything to do with wildlife especially in this country,I have watched and anticipated the beginning of springwatch for many years,Bill Oddy was fab and the original set up was all about the wildlfe(Even Though It Doesn’t Start Till Nearly June)Hardley any talking just loads of camera shots and live feeds to various locations and 3 weeks of great information. But since Chris Packham and that annoying Michalea Strachan have been doing the show it’s gone tits and I don’t mean blue,she is so f—king annoying the way she keeps trying to be funny and that knob packham is a smug shit..I will still watch it but it’s getting to the point we’re i’am starting get bored with there constant attempts at trying to be funny. Anybody feeling the same and your thoughts.
  11. Personally I can’t see any issues with the planting of billions of trees as it will be mainly planting out into areas were trees and or single tree have died,as for the hedgerows I think there will be a problem not only deciding were to begin but the farm equipment we have now needs wide open acreage of fields and turning them back into a patch work as of 50/60 years ago with be near impossible.
  12. Should have said majority of farmers🤔
  13. In my view even the mention of planting any number of trees is good news and may be just may Mr Wordsley is has good as his name and sticks to his words and follows it through...like I said his background is farming and not may people know more about ecology and conservation etc then farmers...trees are the life blood of the planet and we are in major trouble at the moment and I know nature has away of dealing with changes to climate and diseases,but a lot of what’s happening now to the planet aren’t natural they are man made so whatever we can do to help is a good thing.
  14. A wood cutter...here is my number 07976698118 based in Droitwich West Midlands...only small set up but always busy...nothing ever to difficult I leave all that to the big boys to deal with..give me your details..do work 50 mile radius of base so up to stoke and down to Monmouth areas...have odd day here and there.


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