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  1. Why don’t you give them a day rate price for the felling as your labour charge...and to keep your costs down and make some money ask them to pay for Chipper and extraction hire??? I love these charity groups...most time the CEO’s and top people for most charity’s earn £100’000 or more per year...I stay clear of working for charity’s...you need to let them know that your not a charity and you need to earn a living...if any job doesn’t make you money no matter what it is just leave it well alone.
  2. No electric hook ups Paul and no it’s £18 even if in a bin liner,as for lower prices no not really,years ago you could get some decent deals but it’s so cut throat now the deals you do get is minimal,I call a good deal 50% off be lucky if you get 10/15% now.best is to be just cheeky and ask for best price. shame you can’t make it mike as the more the merrier and always good to catch up with guys who have posted reply’s and joined in conversations during the year,there is always the ARB SHOW in May????
  3. Ya not far for me Gary..bout 15 minutes...but I live the camping and having the late night get togethers...missed it last year As was working for arbortec for the 3 days and had to be on my best behaviour🍻might be doing just the Thursday this year but not sure yet...I have already got 2 day ticket and booked camping for the Friday and Saturday.🎪🍻🤪
  4. Yes it’s at Ragley 24th,25th & 26th camping is £18 per person per night and I think it’s £18 to get in per day...you can by 2 day tickets. be good to see the pie eater he’s always good for a good discussion....on just about anything....think most of the old gang will be staying and camping on the Friday and Saturday.
  5. What you need to do tomo is put the word about or even post something on here asking who might be going from near you and bung them some fuel money and grab a lift,obviously if you thinking of staying down you need to find someone who is aswell or if just for the day which is more likely👍
  6. Yes Alex that’s the poor guy..thanks for putting up the link.
  7. Yes we sometimes forget how dangerous this job can be...the guy who has died was only 37 so so tragic,feel bit sick this morning..he spent 10 yrs in the army done tours in Iraq etc and decided he wanted something different and obviously what he loved..such a shame..to right Tommy everyone just be safe.
  8. Sorry to hear the unfortunate death of a tree surgeon in Scotland over the weekend,not sure of the circumstances as not much information given but my thoughts are with his family & friends...he was a retired soldier who had started up his own company called One Two Tree and apparently was working on Sunday when accident happened.
  9. Yes he has really come on in size and muscle...can’t remember my Spaniels growing so fast and filling out.my Spaniels always went all lanky before they filled out so quickly I guess because Weaver is a sprocker it’s a slighty different growing pattern,never thought about it before and obviously the food now has much more protein and supplements in it now days.i feed him on Skinners field and trial musle mix with chopped chicken and cod liver oil twice a day.
  10. Alex the rope looks like petal flow 11.5 or 11.6 maybe? Would need to be around that size for the zig zag and yes defo a Original 200
  11. Nice job Bigtree the photographs don’t show how windy it was but guess was a bit gusty up there,but what a office best office in the world sometimes.
  12. Oi Oi Pete good to hear from you buddy hope all good with you and say hello to your dad for me,yes be good to catch up it’s always to long,I’ll be going on the Friday and Saturday and camping on both those nights so let’s catch up not sure if you still got my number but pm me and ll send it to you.👍
  13. Oi Silkster I will be going on the Friday & Saturday and camping on both those nights,did the 3 days for ARBORTEC last year but mite just do the one this year.missed catching up with the lads and the camping...look forward to seeing you all and am sure the Stephenson gang will be coming down. Hi joe congratulations on your new baby I didn’t know you were a dad,you kept that quiet,how old and boy or girl & name?
  14. Big j your cousin lives roughly same distance as me,I live in (Droitwich) close to junction 5 M5 Alcester bout 15minz form were I live, yes Mike it’s always good to catch up with mates you only see at show time and meet new ones who join in when making comments on here.👍


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