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  1. Chipping performance goes hand in hand with reliability,it’s no good a machine chipping tons per hour if it keep breaking down it’s false economy...so my vote will be Greenmech who have nailed reliability with through put.
  2. It’s simple really Josh..just replace your 150 with the echo CS-2511..shame you can’t borrow one for the day.
  3. More like 30 for me..o well foreman’s job for me next if I ever decide to go on the books,Brain can do what the body can’t keep up with🤪
  4. Christ John still no takers?????? What do they want...jam on it,what an opportunity for someone to drop into a set up like that...Am sure someone will step up to the plate,best of luck.👍
  5. Wow that’s good if that includes VAT...come to think of it it’s still a good price with.got mine from forest and Arb they also give a good price..I didn’t pay £495.
  6. It’s the CS-2511 you looking for josh just go on the echo website..it’s around £495...👍
  7. Josh I have both the 150 and echo 211 and to be honest I always seem to pick up the Echo...power to weight is fab,it’s so light and has real grunt for a little saw,I took the steel Gause out of the exshaust and it’s even better,it’s as close to haveing a hand pruning saw with an engine on it that you can get(at the mo)9/10 from me.
  8. Yep the Evo 165p is 880kg and the 165D 1000kg..As said I had the diesel on demo for a few weeks while my 150p was waiting to have some work done on it as they couldn’t get me a petrol one. The Evo is a different animal and a fab Machine and as said just to heavy for my needs,didn’t want a diesel and will always have a Petrol so I put and order in for the 165p which was 880kg and I think you can still have one if you want but then I was told they have redesigned the chassis,git rid of spare wheel and I think a lighter flywheel and managed to get it down sub 750kg so I went for that instead as I need to be able to move it around by myself. But even though it’s a much lighter Machine the power to weight and torque is much improved and I like the big horizontal rollers and bigger access hopper.
  9. I was just joking buddy...would be funny though to turn up with your Big Green Machine ..think you should call it The Hulk...just don’t make it angry.
  10. John...your Chipper could chip my Chipper....and my truck come to think of it...you got some great gear..I would love to turn up to an old lady’s house for a fruit tree pruning with all that gear..be quite funny..fair play buddy.
  11. I have just put an order in for a Evo 165p sub 750kg....I had the diesel version on demo for a couple of weeks and it’s a fab Machine but was just o heavy for me at 1000kg as I do need to be able to move it around by myself..but what a Machine..the petrol version is 880kg and is even better but Greenmech have tweaked it a bit mainly the chassis and brought the weight down to 750kg I think the main reason they have been able to keep the power is to keep the 37hp petrol engine and the anvil is 90kg as apossed to 60/70kg on the 130 & 150.The only thing i’am disappointment In is they have done away with the folding funnel of the 750p Evo which is on the other 2 options.got to be 9/10 Machine would be 10 but for weight and no folding funnel on the 750kg.
  12. TFB..are overrated and over priced..best part of £500 for the new version...WTF...pricing by name not quality...perfect example of if it not broke don’t try and fix it.
  13. I’am in the same position at mo and after doing a bit of research and asking a few questions I have decided to go for the TreeRex..it ticks all the boxes as far as usability is concerned and it’s not silly money either...plus it looks good.
  14. Glad you posted as always nice to hear both sides of any story....and like I said in my previous post they are new kids on the block and i’am sure they will iron out any issues over time.
  15. Wouldn’t want to be a forst sales man...think you would need to have one of there Machines on demo for a good few weeks to be able to gauge anything...I personally wouldn’t waste my time or there’s as it would definitely be a no sale.


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