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  1. 5 shires

    Climbing equipment for sale

    That’s a shame you packing it in bill but when your body tells you something you have to listen,hard decision to make buddy but what ever you do I wish you all the best,as for the kit you have some good gear there and a perfect little starter package for someone,the rope guide and chainsaw alone is near £500 for new..so bargain for some one.good luck and all the best👍
  2. 5 shires

    Builder Cuts Down oldest Red wood

    Easy fella...we all have our different opinions on such assholes riding roughshod over planing and in our case people taking the piss when a tree has a TPO on it...it was put on for a reason Weather it’s a big weed(Redwood) Or a Mature Oak...the asshole should not have done what he did..that is the whole point.
  3. 5 shires

    Builder Cuts Down oldest Red wood

    Thanks Mick...did you read it and what’s your angle on it? Like you say there are always 2 stories...but to me and what I have read this guy took a chance and there are a number of scenarios to this...but it’s not going to bring back that tree or any of the others which were cut down...could put the firm who carried out the work out of business.Anybody got any information who it was? I think his name was mentioned in the piece I read in the mail.
  4. 5 shires

    Builder Cuts Down oldest Red wood

    Mike i wouldn’t have a clue how to download it...just read it in the mail...apparently it was done last month and he is going to be prosecuted...when you find it can you down load the link👍
  5. Here we go again..builder in Swansea mistakingly fells the oldest Red Wood in the country and a large number of others to clear land for 80 houses....need to fine him the cost of the land and the 80 houses he will build and double it.
  6. 5 shires

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    A silkster...glad you took my advice...on my 2nd pair now...there are fab climbing boots and you will find it hard to wear anything else now...good to catch up last weekend..can’t believe how much waight the blogs has lost...anyway catch up at kevs in September.
  7. 5 shires

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    Morning buddy...hope all good with yourself and family...just to say yep I will be going down but just for the Saturday...be good to catch up for annual chat and catch up👍
  8. 5 shires

    Renewal time and looking for a better deal

    No problem buddy...I have got my kit not including vehicles insured for around 45k and it’s just over 2k if I remember correctly.its worth giving them a ring..I started with them and they have looked after me...am sure if I spent the time rigging round I could find cheaper but because they looked after me after my break in I will stick wi h them.
  9. 5 shires

    Renewal time and looking for a better deal

    Get in touch with mike wall at Tree Surgery insurance..very helpful and when I claimed a couple of years ago they were top notch...tell them Wayne from 5 Shires Tree Surgery recommended you...then I get £25...yippee..but seriously try them,they cover Landscapeing as well.
  10. 5 shires

    Some Tree Surgeons Suck.........

    I think something like this comes down to the kind of person you are and how you pride your self in your work etc...I personally would have made sure when seeing the job that those 2 small trees/saplings were to come out as well as if left they would look unsightly and make the job look unfinished...or any other scenario anyone wishes to come up with I would still have taken them out,whats 5/10 minz..who knows if they were being assholes or not..the question is what would any of us do..I would have taken them out.
  11. 5 shires

    Large scale illegal forest felling

    So that still makes it ok for the knobhead to ignore all the correct procedures and just rip the whole area up the then ??? What about the population of wildlife that area holds??? Wht reaction would have made if it was on your back door and you woke up to all that green space ripped to shit???
  12. 5 shires

    Large scale illegal forest felling

  13. 5 shires

    Stolen last night

    Sorry feller...but how many times do you need to be told about not to leave your chainsaws etc in your van??? Not even a pair of gloves...open invitation to these people...hope your insurance covers what you have lost.
  14. 5 shires

    Climber looming for work

  15. 5 shires

    Climber looming for work

    Ya I know but seemed like he was being given a bit to much over the top stick....all harmless fun I guess but I obviously thought enough is enough...like I said apologies to everyone for over reacting.


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