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  1. Any Photographs of your dogs mark?🐶🐶
  2. Ya for him,,,,,it’s surprising how heavy a little dog can be when your dragging him with a load of brash.🐶
  3. Hi Please send over a brief description of what you can do,I do a bit of work in and around the Cotswolds but mainly more midlands but always good to have numbers of good lads or lady’s who may want the odd day or two.please send contact detail with short experience(doesn’t have to be to full on just basics will do and at what standard you can climb)along with day rate.my email:f.5shirestreesurgery@outlook.com Regards wayne 5 Shires Tree Surgery
  4. Just a update on the book which I have just started to read and just to say i’am not a great reader of books and the last one I did read was Damed Utd. This book however is quite brilliant and anyone who has the slightest interest in trees or just wants something to read which is stimulating I suggest you give this book a go,it’s quite a big read and will take me a good while to get through it but already i’am gaining a lot more insight into the world of trees and everything else that they bring and give to us.Please forgive my grammar and spelling i’am not the greatest wordsmith but am sure you get the basics of how i’am trying to portray what this fab book is about. QUITE A CHUNKY BOOK SO WILL TAKE ME SOMETIME TO READ
  5. Evening Lads and Lassies...well another Monday and an easy start to the week and need it as worked Saturday & Sunday(just has to be done sometimes) Anyway just a small reduction of a few small trees today,Cherry,willow and was allowed to have weaver with me to clear up,he is such a good little dog and very friendly even if a bit boisterous. he runs a plays but never goes far and always comes back when I call him,I don’t take the whistle to work just voice commands,nothing much to report on the training front as yet just doing small bits with him so nothing technical to write about. its more just getting him use to all the noises and smells and of course people and other animals. He eats really well and I always have a few pieces of tripe stick in my pocket which I give him for coming back and getting in the truck when I ask him. With the treats I have always made a point of not letting him recognise that they come out of a noisy packet and always keep them in a jar as I don’t want him to associate the noise of a packet as something he can eat and not staring at you when you open a packet of crisps,sweets or any other food(nothing worse then a begging dog looking at you while you are eating. I have had to educate certain people and always ask any of my customers who’s house i’am working at not to give him anything and or throw things,some get it others think i’am being unfair but it’s the way it has to be. When his training really kicks in I will post more interesting things but until then I will just post small updates and photographs of how he is growing,also if anyone wants to ask any questions regarding anything i’am doing and the progress of Weaver or can give there own views please feel free to join in. Weaver Helping Me To Tidy Up(He Stays In The Bag When I Drag It
  6. Thanks both,the scurry Dens(I have called them that)are something I have always used,just a few conifer branches stuck into the ground so there not lying flat and make a kinda small canopy so the dog can work inside,just gets them used to getting into brash and hunting out and finding game.Sometimes I don’t use a dummie or a dead bird I hide a couple of his favourite treats in there which is a little harder to find and makes them work that little bit harder.
  7. Thanks both for reply’s but am stumped to what it is so it’s going in to Have someone who know what there doing to have a look at it....it’s a fab little saw and I would say just edges out the stihl 150 for me..have both but the Echo gets the first shout...but time to give the 150 a good work out.🤪
  8. Absolutely Anno and think this book is even more relevant now as at any other time in mankind’s history,not to get to heavy because I believe the worlds climate has fluctuated over millions of years and some things happening climate wise is a natural progression,but without doubt the human race has tilted it into a different direction timewise.wow listen to me and just a simple guy who knows nothing much about anything really,just goes to show what you read has an influence on the way we think🤔
  9. Been looking for a new book ref Forest to read over Xmas and beyond if necessary and found this fab book call”WOODLANDS” by Oliver Rackman it came on monday and had a quick look to start off and then I couldn’t put it down,it’s a fabulous book and so well written and I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in every aspect of how our forest and woodlands live and breath and it covers everything and I will be looking forward to cosy nights in with a hot chocolate and Weaver curled up at my feet reading this lovely book.🐶🤓
  10. Thanks Bill & Rob will check all above...i’am one of those guys who has never been into messing about much with anything mechanical and get by if just basics,just feel it saves a lot of down time if you get into it to much especially on site,easier just to pick up the back up and crack in.Thanks again and will repost if and when sorted.👍
  11. Thanks Dave,yes he is a smashing little dog,he got a big thorn in his paw today,he came hobbling to me and I could feel the end of it in his main pad,I tryd to pull it with my fingers but couldn’t get a good grip so used my teeth to pull it and he never battered an eyelid he just let me do it and then carried on playing,it’s still a bit sore and have checked to see if anymore but nothing.beuitiful day today cold but clear blue sky so he loved it.
  12. Can’t say I have but willcheck it tomorrow,thanks for that as if the bar stud is no more that would indicate why the bar may be moving forward🤔
  13. Hi Mike yes oiling as it should,it as if the bar is moving forward on its own and just tightens right up,its ok for a while if I leave the chain slack but that’s not a good idea.
  14. Hi all just a little update on Weaver...he comes with me everyday to work,sometimes he has to stay in the truck as job to dangerous or to close to roads etc. But today was fine as working for a regular client just cutting back overhanging branches,shrubs and conifer hedge. Day went well and finished in plenty of time so made a couple of Scurry Dens using some of the Conifer branches. So he could have a good search,I got his pheasant toy and just hid it in the dens and let him seek it out. Made 2 dens and switched hiding his toy in each one,only did it for 20mins but he soon picked it up and loved going in the cover,all these little things just help with his progression into when the real trading starts,and to him it’s still a game and play time and nothing serious.(Here Are A Few Photographs Of”Weaver”
  15. Got a problem with my favourite little pruning saw,my sweet perfect Echo Cs2511 stared playing up today for the first time.iam ok with saws for general stuff but when it gets complicated I have no idea,just not ever been my thing. Anyway the problem i have is the chain starts to tighten by itself even when I leave a bit of slack in the chain it starts to tighten up to the point it just stops rotating like the chainbreak is on. Must have taken the cover off a dozen times today to see what could be causeing the problem but nothing visible,sprocket cleaned out and runs freely...am stumped so before I take it in has anyone had the same problem and if yes what’s the solution to sort it.??


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