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  1. If you're averaging 1.5k plus VAT a day i'm assuming that the majority of those days you're trying to cram several jobs in a day and not just pricing a days work at 1.5 plus vat on a 1 day job?
  2. Thanks Khriss, just heard mixed reviews from the electronic side of things!
  3. Potentially looking at a Vermeer BC200 xl this week and wondered if anyone had any experience with them or vermeer chippers in general? build quality, reliability etc Cant find a great deal online, 8" capacity, 1.4t and that's about it. They have bring out a newer model in the BC200 that looks good. Any info appreciated!
  4. Currently looking for a competent climber to help with work load and jump on bigger jobs to ease work load when required. NPTC qualifications CS 30, 31, 38, and 39 required. Start at 7:30 am from our yard and usually finished 3:30pm. Majority of work in South Bucks but also cover Rickmansworth, Watford etc All nice domestic work, tend to stay on 1 job a day and not trying to rush round 6 small jobs a day. Good bunch of lads to work with, good atmosphere and up to date equipment. Contact on here or via 07841620442.
  5. I agree with this but the majority of the work we're doing is domestic so the diggers wouldn't be effective and grain trailer a bit overkill. The avant tends to cover most of the jobs where we have access to the back garden even if its just bringing the brash/timber to the gate to shorten the drag, saves alot of time and back ache. Think i'm best waiting a few months and investing in my boys and getting them competent in climbing/rigging then building from there with additional groundsman. In the mean time ill price the work i want and keep an eye out for a larger capacity chipper. I've only been in the tree game just over a year and going at 100mph so will just hold tight a while and see what the repercussions of covid are before going any bigger and going balls deep with mog, merlo, bandit... Ha. Appreciate all the feedback, defiantly food for thought!
  6. Yes would be the plan, would turn 2 day jobs with 3 men into 1. Would definitely up efficiency. Yes will take a while to to find the right people!
  7. I'd probably get another 150 in all honesty. Cheap to buy, easy to fix/service yourself, covers 90% of domestic work and can get most parts next day. Saves spending out on a more expensive new machine or having monthly payments. But agree with running another subbie and being able to rest from climbing.
  8. That's the problem and 100% fair enough starting their own gig. Currently the team we have is brilliant my brother and a school friend. Both 110% reliable, trustworthy and brilliant with customers. Ideal situation would be myself running 1 team and brother the other so i know that the standard of work is being kept high! Exactly what i was thinking of doing, finding a 2/3 man team that want extra work or can jump on bigger jobs with us. Only problem is most of them think they're worth £1200 a day. It's just like finding good staff, few and far between.
  9. 2 transits, 1 ranger tipper, tipping trailer, tw 150, bandit sg40 and avant 4 series. Would like to think with 1 more chipper and booking jobs in correctly the equipment will cover 2 teams. Booked 3-4 weeks in advance 😴
  10. As per title thinking about putting another 2/3 man team together to keep up with work coming in and just wondered on peoples experiences with this. We're currently a 3 man team and tend to run around 3-4 weeks ahead of ourselves and find people don't want to wait longer than this so we either lose the work or i just don't quote smaller jobs that i know we wont get round to or want to do, fruit trees, small hedging jobs, overhanging branches etc. I know all these jobs add up but we never seem to get a day/afternoon free to get through the little jobs that come in. We do spend a fair bit on advertising to ensure the work is there and get enough enquiries to cover 2 teams, would just need to be more competitive on the pricing to win more of the work and not price what we want and over price what we don't. So the question is, is it worth the hassle? finding decent staff that are reliable, polite and most importantly do a good job etc. Extra kit, chipper, saws, climbing, rigging kit, uniform, ppe. All opinions welcome!
  11. Hi guys/girls, -As per title, Bandit sg-40 for operated hire. Stumps can be done on a day rate or per stump, guards always used, can bring boards to protect customers lawn also. -Avant 420 with KLOU log grab. Just over a metre wide so brilliant for the larger domestic jobs, lifts around 350-400kg with the grab fitted. Really speeds jobs up saving ringing up and dragging brash to the chipper. We also have around 80 - 86m of boarding to protect lawns. Will be operated by myself or one of the boys, all very polite and well presented. Any questions drop me a message or text/call 07841620442 Thanks, Ben.
  12. Haven't pulled the trigger just yet. Just found them for 78.25 inc, cheapest i've seen so far.
  13. thanks for the input. Have gone for 9mm stokboard, 3000mmx1500. Solway Products | Stokbord Black 9mm thick 3000mm x 1500mm WWW.SOLWAYRECYCLING.CO.UK Solway products stokbord Stokbord Black 9mm thick 3000mm x 1500mm
  14. hi, Just wondered what people are using for ground protection from avants, tracked grinders etc. Don't really want to use ply and have to replace soon. Have seen 9mm stokboards that look okay but may be a bit flexible? Any recommendations would be great! would need to be over 4 foot wide as don't want to be within a few mm each side of the machine. thanks.
  15. i Have a 1300 for sale if your interested? only selling due to getting a tow behind. Great little machine, ideal for getting into rear gardens and is surprisingly capable!


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