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  1. Still looking for people if anyone’s interested!
  2. Partners from Tyrone so I’d imagine it wouldn’t be to far from there. We’ve looked at couple of places in Donegal but nothing set in stone atm. I’d like to be down the west coast somewhere.
  3. Hi! We’re potentially re-locating to Ireland/N Ireland as a family in the near future and wanted to find out what the trades like over there. Costs, demand, domestic/commercial, forestry etc. if I could fire a few questions over to anyone it would be much appreciated!! many thanks!
  4. Hi, does anyone know the rules/license required for driving a vehicle registered as a special vehicle? Is it the same as AG or is a class 1/2 needed? I have looked into it but have a had mixed results! Thanks!

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    2012 Ford Ranger · Truck · Driven 82,000 kilometers 2012 Ford Ranger, 2.2 tdci, 6 speed - price plus VAT. - Tipper body fitted - Full service Jan 21 - 4 good tyres, very good for off road use. - hi/lo drive all works perfect - no faults at all with the truck - 82k miles, will go up as use daily Great truck, only selling due to buying larger equipment. Truck will be ready to go 14th of June. Booked in for MOT this week so will have 1 year, can be viewed this week if wanted. All sign writing will be removed, Chevron boards can be kept if wanted. Paint peeling on front bumper, can be peeled off of re sprayed with raptor paint. Bank transfer only. Ben 07841620442


    , Bucks - GB

  6. Benarb

    Unimog advice!

    Thanks Conor! Everything i wanted to hear, got a couple to look at over the next couple of weeks! Also the one in ireland seems expensive for the amount of work required to repair!
  7. Benarb

    Unimog advice!

    Hi, Just after some advice from mog owners. We are thinking about buying a mog soon and just wanted to ask a few questions to owners on positives and negatives of them. We are on a farm so would come in handy for this now and again alongside our tree work. positives - Has it helped you to win larger jobs, get additional work with other firms, upped efficiency on the bigger jobs? larger capacity pto chippers cheaper than buying an equivalent bandit for example. negatives? running costs, sat round not doing alot? Which size mog has a decent capacity and enough power to run equipment and tow? Which mog to avoid? Thanks!!
  8. I used to run a 28rx with green teeth and it was good but they're are so big and clumsy. Also would advise against buying second hand, i did and was forever checking it over or replacing bits on it. We now run the bandit sg-40 and much prefer it. lighter, good on fuel, quiet compared to the diesel 28. Specs of the machine are a little less than the predator, cutting depth etc but if its mainly domestic work you're doing i would advise looking at it!
  9. Currently looking for a climber and groundie full time to help with our on going work load. Full time positions available but would also consider part time NPTC qualifications required for specific roles but also willing to aid with getting tickets. Tend to start at 7:30 am from our yard and usually finished 3:30pm. Majority of work in South Bucks but also cover Rickmansworth, Watford etc All nice domestic work, tend to stay on 1 job a day and not trying to rush round 6 small jobs a day. Easy going enviroment with a good atmosphere and up to date equipment. Pay dependant on experience and tickets. Looking for honest, reliable staff that have a passion for tree work! Currently positions are on a self employed basis. Contact on here or via 07841620442. Thanks, Ben.
  10. If you're averaging 1.5k plus VAT a day i'm assuming that the majority of those days you're trying to cram several jobs in a day and not just pricing a days work at 1.5 plus vat on a 1 day job?
  11. Thanks Khriss, just heard mixed reviews from the electronic side of things!
  12. Potentially looking at a Vermeer BC200 xl this week and wondered if anyone had any experience with them or vermeer chippers in general? build quality, reliability etc Cant find a great deal online, 8" capacity, 1.4t and that's about it. They have bring out a newer model in the BC200 that looks good. Any info appreciated!
  13. Currently looking for a competent climber to help with work load and jump on bigger jobs to ease work load when required. NPTC qualifications CS 30, 31, 38, and 39 required. Start at 7:30 am from our yard and usually finished 3:30pm. Majority of work in South Bucks but also cover Rickmansworth, Watford etc All nice domestic work, tend to stay on 1 job a day and not trying to rush round 6 small jobs a day. Good bunch of lads to work with, good atmosphere and up to date equipment. Contact on here or via 07841620442.


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