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  1. ms650

    I bought one a couple of years ago which had only been used a handful of times, also got it for half the cost of a new one
  2. Bashlin twisted steel spikes

    I've had mine a couple of years now, can't fault them
  3. Rope access!

    Agree 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
  4. Husky 236 any good?

    They are fine for firewood, ran one for years with no probs
  5. SIP KEIU rain jacket

    So good so far
  6. Staffy

    Like it
  7. Another what saw!!

    Another for 560...
  8. Thinking of a zigzag

    Hahahahaha, must be daily....
  9. Thinking of a zigzag

    It sure is silky. I passed you the other day at Sherburn house, how do you keep your truck so clean 😁😁
  10. Thinking of a zigzag

    Love mine, great with blue tongue
  11. Anyone here own a sea boat?

    It's getting a Suzuki 140hp, small 6hp Suzuki.
  12. Anyone here own a sea boat?

    Got my new one in order, old was was an Orkney. Can't wait to new boat up in about a month
  13. My Journey So Far

    Yes you can't beat blue tongue..
  14. Lessons learnt today...

    Liked that one


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