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  1. Thanks all. I think we got there. ( you got there!) Leaves on it today that match a stock pic on Google of a Hazel. Much appreciated. I will test you all again soon!
  2. Found this growing off a fallen piece of the same tree if it helps with the identification?
  3. Bloody predictive text!!😂😂
  4. Thanks folks, as previous a good response. Interesting there are so many different species put forward. The spalding is quite interesting also. Thanks again.
  5. Hi folks can you help identify this firewood please? I'm somewhere between beech and birch but then I'm terrible at this and so i'm asking you. Thanks
  6. Hi gobbypunk, Is the pink colouring when cut unique to ash? Might help me identify other pieces in the future. Thanks
  7. Good morning all, A friend of mine popped by yesterday and dropped off a section of trunk he picked up from a site he was working on. Having recently moved into a house with a wood burner he knew I was on the lookout for wood to season. Anyway the section looks too nice to me to split and I was thinking of wood projects instead. Can you help me identify what species of wood this is as without a leaf to guide me I'm stuffed? Many thanks Damien
  8. DGB

    Firewood identity

    Thanks all for your input.?
  9. Hi folks, I recently moved into a house with a wood burner and the previous owners had left me loads of wood (lucky me) however one of the logs I used was like an indoor firework spitting everywhere. I can't remember what it looked like but I don't think it was like the others. Anyway to save me the torture of dealing with a similar situation I was hoping you might be able to help identify some of the wood I have? I have attached pictures labelled A-F and would really appreciate your help. Many thanks Damien
  10. Again, thank you all. Just for information during the last four years thee tree has consistently produced a decent crop of apples(nothing like previous though.) The tree does now need a 'summer prune' but hopefully will now live on. Regards
  11. All, so its been 4 years and each year a little came off. Today it looks like the pictures attached and is far more manageable and looks much healthier. To offer some protection to the void from the elements I have spent 2 years growing a repeat flowering climbing rose around the lower trunk. This seems to work well and keep the trunk from filling with water. Any way I just thought it would be nice to share the feedback as people dont normally return to forums once they have what they need from the posters (members) Agg221- I think it is now fairly close to your plan from 4 years back - Thank you and thanks to all who posted. Kind regards:thumbup:
  12. Hi eddy , thanks for the offer. However Im making this tree a bit of a personal challenge to see what I end up with, but thanks again
  13. Ok, so loosen off the tie downs. Got it. How do I train the braches next year to give me horizontal spead if i allow them to grow and thinken would i stand more chance of damaging them by trying to pull them once there more establised. Is now the time to cut??
  14. Ok so back in July I started this thread with regards to my tree. Now the leaves have fallen I have taken some more photos to show more clearly the branch struture in case there are any further considerations to the previous posts. Also i have been busy 'trying' to train the lower watershoots into branch like structures and have done this to ALL shoots but should i be looking and cutting them out till i get less shoots? Lastly should i start the cutting now???
  15. Hi and thanks again for the great replies, one final question, what is the reason for cutting back the grass from the tree as mentioned in one of the posts? Thanks


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