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  1. Just wanted some advice, as well as maybe anyones experiences, I have studied at Capel manor and gained level 2 first diploma in countryside and environment, also have done level 3 national certificate in forestry and arboriculture, cs 30/31/38/39 woodchipper stump grinder, full hgv, been in the industry around 6-7years for a large commercial company, however recently moved into working self employed, but would really like to do some more studying to get more underpinning knowledge and open up new ventures into this industry, I was thinking of either isa certification and doing as many of the approved aa courses or either distance learning for the level 4 arboriculture, if anyone could shed any advice or guidance it would be very much appreciated? cheers
  2. Just wondering as I'm driving often carrying logs or chip with no real way of weighing how much I'm carrying is the any guides to work out obviously I understand different timber and chips weight would vary but just wondering is there any charts or guides available ?

    <p>We sell the Blue Tongue, as far as I know it's the same just the UK version.</p>

    <p><a href="http://www.frjonesandson.co.uk/products-page/yale/climbing-ropes1/yale-blue-tongue-climbing-rope-11-7mm-1-splice/" rel="external nofollow">Yale Blue Tongue climbing rope 11.7mm 1 splice | F R Jones and Son</a></p>



    <p>hi there,</p>

    <p>just wondering i looked on your website but could not see if you have poison ivy rope? I'm look for 45m spliced </p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>thank you john</p>


  5. alright mate, i recognize that plane is it situated in Richmond noticed one that was around that size over a petrol station cheers
  6. nice one steve just bought the fungi app brilliant, now eliminates taking my id book out on site all the time !!
  7. I dont think it makes it wrong which way it goes over the branch just can make it aukward to pull down on rope.
  8. been climbing on a distel knot on my hitch climber and am going to change over to the vt what length do any of you recommend is best cheers:thumbup:
  9. lovely piece of work, i have never done milling myself but looking over the milling forum looks very interesting, so im going to look into doing some myself!
  10. that would be really good and interesting if you could do a step by step guide on here and i would be keen to learn more!
  11. ok cheer mate i think i will be getting the 460


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