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  1. Were they concerned about the weight of the digger, I presume it's a bit heavy ?
  2. The question is self defeating there is no good legal set up involving a single 3.5t vehicle and chipper unless you want to tip after cutting down a small apple tree. A chipper and another vehicle with 3.5t trailer is better and legs but a pain the only way is something on an o license be it a lorry or mog.
  3. Sounds good bob, what diameter stuff will you task it with cutting ? Do you have any pics of it in action ?
  4. I prefer the femac, as it appears more compact and I think it can cut both ways? I've a few jobs potentially in pipe line where one of these would be a game changer if I get them I'll get one.
  5. What's the best flail/mulched head for a 3t machine ? I have looked into the Slane one and the Femac 80 lt but both claim to have the best system for using the limited flow of a small machine...so what do you guys think ?
  6. Billy

    What's this mean?

    You can put that on your truck when you join check a trade
  7. I agree, even my first 201, when they came out was a better saw than the 200 it replaced. As mentioned earlier in the thread there's a few who have had a gene ions bad experience the rest are rose tinted glasses and sheep following what they've read on Facebook etc. Even the fact the 201 goes at least twice as long on a tank of fuel (and it's a much smaller tank) is a huge advantage IMO.
  8. Billy

    A/t tyre

    I have Generals on my pick up, it used to have BFGs it isn't with the small saving the BFGs last considerably longer years/ tens of thousands of miles more. Stick with the BFG for better value in the long run
  9. Not familiar with the Iveco but There's usually a star wheel behind the rubber bungs, but can be off at a funny angle, if they're worn and not performing anyway you may get it of with a bit of hammering around the edges.
  10. One sure deal with mine on a mini fleet with Aviva.
  11. I picked up another new set (3rd paid) from the shop on Thursday, they say they're fixed, look the same to me though so we shall see!
  12. I've done the shackle bushes on mine, which was simple enough, will just be getting the u bolts undone that could be an issue, I guess worst case cut them off and replace
  13. Drill a few small holes in the bed


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