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  1. hi. looking for recommendations on a suitable rope to pull a few trees against the lean with a tractor please? want about 70m. Not going to be used much and don't really want a steel cable! thanks all
  2. tomm156

    ibcs vs vented bags

    currently using ibcs stacked outside with lids to season. considering swapping to vented bags to make emptying into truck easier and also save space when they are empty. has anyone moved and is it likely to increase seasoning time by going over to bags? also those of you who use bags do you use a sheet etc if outside? thanks
  3. tomm156

    Anyone want a Sugi 20" 3/8 bar?

    is it to fit a 461? new or used and is it the light version? interested depending on price
  4. tomm156

    self powerd processor

    good morning. we are looking to buy a firewood processor to replace our vertical splitter. currently we just have a handler we use for moving cages and loading the trailer etc. ideally we don't want to have to buy a tractor and would like something we can lift with the forks and store in a shed. apart from the wp36 is there anything else on the market we could have missed? also looked at the pto power packs if anyone has any experience of them? any help much appreciated thanks all Tom
  5. tomm156

    tipper for logs

    evening all. I know this has been done to death but I am still unsure. we run a smallish firewood company and we have decided rather than use the hilux and tipper trailer we would be better off with a dedicated tipper for deliveries. been looking at isuzu but don't think I would get used to the weird gear pattern so have moved onto transits. any other suggestions would be ideal. budget is about 10k maby slightly more and it's only job will be logs. also does anyone know how much volume the back of a standard transit will hold. thanks in advance
  6. tomm156

    Wholesale and retail firewood available in Cumbria

    please message me prices for hardwood in bulk bags. would be looking to send a lorry up. thanks
  7. tomm156

    wholesale hardwood wanted

    south west on the Devon Cornwall border
  8. tomm156

    Going rate for larch for in the SW

    I would be interested in a 8 wheeler load if you had spare
  9. tomm156

    wholesale hardwood wanted

    hi all. if we carry on as we have been then we could potentially run out of our dry stock. I am looking for someone that can supply seasoned hardwood whole sale just incase we can either send up empty cages or a bulker lorry. please message if you can help many thanks
  10. I'm down south west. but to sum it up easily doable. no hassle at all to install.
  11. tomm156

    anyone interested in a mint condition 2011 880?

    I was told 900. frjones have them for 917 including 30 inch bar yesterday.
  12. I am industrial electrician as my full time job. if you want to drop me a message I would be more than happy to help.
  13. tomm156

    riko wp36

    thanks everyone. bilke_user I will pm you.
  14. tomm156

    riko wp36

    hi all. looking to buy a wp36 road tow. apart from riko are there any others that you can recommend that have good aftersales and parts back up. thanks
  15. tomm156

    loader recomendations

    hi, i had had a browse but was only using farm trader and ebay. the site you mentioned has a lot more gear than both of the above so thanks for that


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