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  1. Yes, it was, to much to take in. I was decending using a RIG, pantin incase I need to come back up again if some thing happened. A helicopter with a long line picked us up the following day
  2. Absailing down a 320m tensioned line. 200 - 250m up at this point where the spray from one of the worlds most powerfull waterfalls, kaieteur falls, Guyana, catches the light just right
  3. Interested to hear some views as well. Is there a pic available of the bar? Hopefully its like the pointy 150.
  4. Just found it - treebay. https://m.facebook.com/groups/1438926289712224?view=permalink&id=2000002356937945&fs=2
  5. There was one on a facebook group in the week. Looked tidy. 21k with 3 attachments. Think it had about 90 hours on it.
  6. The height of that chipper . . . Ouch Sent from my SM-G930F using Arbtalk mobile app
  7. I have some thing rattling in mine as well, it hasnt changed the sound tho. Sent from my SM-G930F using Arbtalk mobile app
  8. Yes, my rock machinary one you can just pop the 4 way split over the 2way. Only takes moment. Expect they are all like that. Sent from my SM-G930F using Arbtalk mobile app
  9. Are they yours matty? I have always wanted a 357! Sent from my SM-G930F using Arbtalk mobile app
  10. This thing is pretty nifty! After years getting anoyed with the plastic ones I did some research and found these. Dualco mini grease gun, they cost about £12 i think. So much better! Sent from my SM-G800F using Arbtalk mobile app
  11. Yes, its pretty snappy getting it all back in. It may want a bit off oil by the sound of it, try and avoid going in there!
  12. Its getting ingested, I think it usually causes the saw to cut out as well and your left with pull cord in 3-6 pieces, some look melted.
  13. Just using a stopper/barrel knot. I think its probably about 80cm cord. Springs all good on the fly wheel. I have probably got through 6 cords, pretty much every time its been used it does it! Bit of a pain taking a saw out on a job knowing its probably going to break its self.
  14. Its got a new cord in it at the moment so not much to see. If you think a picture will help I can pop a few up . . .
  15. Been trying to get to the bottom of this for a wile but I cant work it out. It now seem to get through a pull cord every time I use the saw. Starts fine, not a heavy pull, I dont think the damage is being done wile starting. Its wile its being used. I think it gets into the fly wheel and ends up in lots of bits. Time before last it pulled out the start/stop wire and broke the case that holds the wires! Any ideas on this would be great!
  16. Looking for a swing mill for some work in Weymouth, West Dorset. If any one has one or knows any one that would be ideal. Cheers.
  17. Its down . . . Just to round a post off with a few pictures.
  18. Yes, I expect some thing has been happening before they noticed it. And I do expect the previous owners built up the soil level at the base to make mowing easier, shame. The power lines should be fine, its ABC and every thing can get down around them OK thankfully.
  19. Thank you. Interesting reading there. Any thought on the left overs from stump grinding? Or same deal? I would usually leave them there but they are not going to want to deal with it I expect.
  20. New tribe make them. If its just for the odd climb here n there a rock climbing one may do to see if they get on with it.
  21. Early Honey fungus then? They want a price for take down, logging timber and the stump will be ground out. should I be disinfecting gear and thinking carefully about what I do with the chip? Also burning the arising from stump grinding?
  22. Thanks every one. Bit of an unknown then. I may see if I can remove some bark from the base and have a look there and have a little climb to get a closer look. I would have thought its all to fast for a beetles.
  23. They did say the age of the tree but I cant remember now but that sounds about right to me, I think I may be finding it out for my self soon I haven't gone at it looking to remove it, more curios as to why its died, I liked the tree and it was one of the nicer and more interesting in the village. Dont get me wrong, if its coming down I want it They haven't asked for a quote yet but it should be a good one. Nice and clear to get down, except for the ABC on one side. I know they will want it logged and the trunk milled Narrow garden access with a few steps. So a nice few days!
  24. I have noticed over the last few weeks that a tree in a clients garden that I have worked on before has suddenly not been looking to clever at all. I popped in the other day to take a look and see if I could work out what it was. I am not the most knowledge able when it comes to this and there was nothing obvious to me so I am going detective. The tree has always looked in excellent health, its all happened this spring. Never shown any signs of fruiting bodies at base or on the trunk. There was some storm damage in the top about 5+ years ago and then it had a 15-20% reduction 2+ years ago. No sign of disturbance to the ground. There were some mushrooms growing around the tree but I think not directly related but still may be a clue. There are a few points where sap is coming out of the tree at about 1m up on either side, opposite each other, this is apparently new. I have spoken to a friend who is a bit more clued up on tree health than my self and he suggested removing a section of bark near the base to have a look. Also mentioned Phytophthora as a possibility, flooded roots or over fertilization of there lawn. If any one has any more ideas before I get back to them then I am all ears. Thanks Still has some life holding on but not looking good. I expect unrelated to the tree but maybe an indication of soil conditions. Underside
  25. I have had a 500 for about a year now. Drive is very handy but I have learnt not to challenge it off road to much. You can get it about but its not going to like bumps and slopes. Pretty top heavy and I have nearly had it over a few times on what I thought would be OK. I have taken it down a few wet slopes at the end of the winter, It made it back up but there were two of us pushing it, not a mega challenge but its not a go any where machine that's for sure. Mine is pretty old and I dont tend to put over 5" through it. I may try with a bit of lime or pop ect but not all day. Hope that helps, if you want to talk pop me a pm and I will send you my number.


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