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  1. Ian88

    Jotul - You should only burn hardwoods

    Got told the same thing by a manufacturer at a show as well, I disagreed with him but didnt feel the need to discuss further.
  2. Ian88

    Sena Headset Spares

    Interested. I have a broken one after it fell out of a tree
  3. Ian88

    OREGON field test

    I think I have a parcel at home as well but I didnt have the option for 200/201, only a 150 . . . Is that the same thing?
  4. Ian88

    Ride on mower vs tractor and topper?

    Bramble wont do any thing to them, my tyres have them stuck in all over and they dont seem to cause a problem. I have had one slow puncture after cutting thorns, the one in the pics above. Just put some gunk in there and pumped it back up. Will do the same in the others if i get a problem.
  5. Ian88

    Ride on mower vs tractor and topper?

    Great on slopes. Will go up some thing very steep and up to 30 degrees accross the slope. Much better than a mini tractor. Depending on what one you go for I expect it would cost 6-10k. I wouldnt say its designed for pulling a trailer.
  6. Ian88

    Ride on mower vs tractor and topper?

    That one is a 98x, it is a proper fun machine to use, I did a 10h day on it a few weeks ago, that wasnt so comfy. It realy does get throught the material and very nimble.
  7. Ian88

    Ride on mower vs tractor and topper?

    A ride on brushcutter would do the trick for you. I have had this about 2 months now and its a great machine. This is a powerfull 4x4 with 98cm cut width but a smaller two wheel drive i expect would be ok for you.
  8. Ian88

    IBC possibly very cheap

    I have 12 of the plastic bits with some nasty resin left in them that I havnt worked out how to get rid of legally yet . . . Its a cheap way for them to solve there problem selling them like that.
  9. Hi Nick. Best of luck finding some one to help you out.
  10. Ian88

    The Wee Chipper Club

    Hi Dan. Good to hear its working out for you.
  11. I have one I can I can email over to you? In a word doc table. Two sides of A4 when printed. Pop ne a pm with your email if keen.
  12. Ian88


    Is there such a thing as a hedge trimmer cert?
  13. Ian88

    IBC Cages For Sale

    Good price.
  14. Ian88

    Looking for a large redwood log

    Its Dave Harness. I am going to get some dimensions and pics to put on here. Once they are up if people are still keen I can pass on his number to talk over the finer details.
  15. Ian88

    Looking for a large redwood log

    This is part of it!


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