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  1. Ian88


    Is there such a thing as a hedge trimmer cert?
  2. Ian88

    IBC Cages For Sale

    Good price.
  3. Ian88

    Looking for a large redwood log

    Its Dave Harness. I am going to get some dimensions and pics to put on here. Once they are up if people are still keen I can pass on his number to talk over the finer details.
  4. Ian88

    Looking for a large redwood log

    This is part of it!
  5. Ian88

    Looking for a large redwood log

    I will send him a message tomorrow and see if he wants to sell it.
  6. Ian88

    Looking for a large redwood log

    Where are you? I know some one who took a very big one down in north dorset a few weeks ago.
  7. Ian88

    New huskies in the heat

    Same problem with my 550 and 560.
  8. Ian88


    I have been using it for a few years now and so do a few friends. Its pretty good if you want some thing to keep you going through the day that you know had every thing you need. Some one said its expensive, thats all relative. Its about £2 per "meal" so cheaper than getting crap at a garrage for lunch and better for you.
  9. Ian88

    Riko Fast Tow Trailer at ARB Show

    I have a pdf of one that looks like you can remove sides and add the bolsters. Or flatbed with tracked chipper and get to site and then turn it into timber trailer with crane. Think it was getting on for 10k. I would like to see it at arb show and see what the options are with it for sure!
  10. Ian88

    Tesla Powerwall

    The first page of this thread was real interesting. Shame its lost the point.
  11. Ian88

    A Quiet Country Lane

    You would think so, maybe I should do some research. The bag may have been there for a few weeks now but pretty sure the sign turned up on its own unless its part of a new load! I would love to see these people dumping this stuff. There is a good vid out there taken from dash cam footage where a lady drives down a lane to find 3 guys tipping a load of crap off. When they see the cam they jump on the bonnet, thankfully she was pretty slick at reversing!
  12. Ian88

    A Quiet Country Lane

    Common in west Dorset on this lane over the last 6 months
  13. Ian88

    Wood chipper advice

    Have a read on the mini chipper thread, lots of info on there.
  14. Ian88

    Ride on brush cutters

    I have liked the idea of getting one for years and was looking at the 4x4 etesia. Still havnt been able to find the demand to make it worth wile.
  15. Ian88

    Quote terms and conditions

    I am just doing my first one and having the same thing. Think I will be having them in full as a page on website with a mention of them on quotes, invoices and maybe small print on emails.


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