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    I like Landys, Shooting, Chainsaw carving and stuff that goes BOOM
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    Just sold my wildlife management business and am now a Pharma Opps Process Tech for GSK
  1. Kids harness

    Cheers Stephen I'll message you on Facebook
  2. Kids harness

    It's for trees and bouldering hence why I want both attachment points
  3. Kids harness

    Hi guys. Do any of you take your kids climbing. I'm looking for a harness for my 6yr old. I'd prefer a full body harness with an attachment point on the back for climbing but want the front attachment point low enough that it can be used for abseiling without the fig8 been at face hight. All the ones with a back attachment seem to have a chest attachment rather than a waist. Any recommendations welcome. Cheers.
  4. Carve Carrbridge 2015

    ill be there again this year. i got a bit of a special carving planned this year. it will either be impresive or a spectacular fail.
  5. Gary spuddog was it you who was with the dude in the realtree cammo coat that i was talking to about saws. ( tom who did the dragon fly)
  6. Multiple animal carving

    nice work dude. i think dogs are one of those things you love or hate carving, i cant stand doing them. on a different note and no pun intended i like your bark effect.
  7. Diver

    its funny reading through the comments i can tell the divers you all pay attention to detail. when i was carving it i would get andy to explain what each bit was and how it works and his attention to detail was constant down to the point i hadnt put a toggle on the jacket zip and he ask me to add one. most peole just look at the carving as a whole but i guess when your life depends on a but of kit and you check it religeously even on a subconsious level you know when somthing isnt quite right and it stands out a mile to you. i like that and it pushed me well out of my comfort zone and to a new level of carving i really enjoyed doing it but i couldnt carve to that detail every time of i think my head would explode.
  8. Diver

    teepeeat its Andy Riley from Arbroath.
  9. Diver

    Cheers for the feed back guys I was rather pleased with it
  10. WW1 Soldier proposing to nurse

    Very well done. There is a campaign in one of the papers at the moment wanting people to recreate famous photos from VE Day this would fit right in with that
  11. Diver

    no the pipe work is steam bent willow which is an art form all of its own that i had to learn.
  12. husky for carving?

    i carve with a 201 but have just got a 193 and its great the 150 is a pile o pish it vibrates like hell and is gutless. every one who bought a 150 will be gutted when they try the 193 and its only a few £ more than a 150. the 181 is also a good carving saw if you are on a budget but its a bit heavier. however it rolls from side to side well without jumping about to much which makes it great for learning to do tip work. i used to use they as my teaching saws.
  13. Diver

    not posted in a while as iv been busy working on various secret projects but here is one i finished recently. the guy i did it for is celebrating 30 years working as a commercial diver this year. its doug fir and just over 7ft tall. i spent a total of just over 60 hrs on it.
  14. MS230 15-16" CARVER BAR"kit"

    As Si said if you arnt carving with your say you would be better off with a quater tip bar.
  15. Steam bending??

    I think it's White willow


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