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  1. what level of detail?

    I believe the thing to do is go as far as you " dare" with the saw without ruining something you've spent hours on, especially smaller more delicate pieces which need intricate detail. If the finish for e.g. requires a sanded smooth look, then other tools it is .... but if you've pushed as far as you can with the saw, you will improve, get closer to your finished piece and as a happy bonus, have less sanding etc to do. Don't get me wrong, I like using my hands and chisels, it's a nice way to work but not to remove wood fast.
  2. Macduff holding Macbeth's Severed Head

    I saw the quick vid you'd made of the trail on FB I think. Awesome work, brilliantly executed.
  3. best/favourite carving video?

    Ahh! Sorry, misunderstanding, don't know, it was from pictures I'd seen somewhere.
  4. Shark

  5. dunno if this will work

    What a cool project. Lots of variety and scope to play. Crack on bud, doing a fine job.
  6. A pair of pike

    Sweet! 👍
  7. Something fishy here

    Very nice!
  8. Mirror carp

  9. Quick practice bear.

    Great job!
  10. Lion and a couple of bulldogs

    They're ace, loads of character! I've been playing about with painting carvings for about a yr now. It can really add to a piece.
  11. best/favourite carving video?

    That is the best one I've seen too, it's awesome. Have you seen it in situ? It's like a castle type house backdrop and floodlit, perfect.
  12. holding small logs

    Jawhorse, one of the best bits of kit you could invest in.
  13. Carving bar Chain lift before nose?

    Looks like a couple of seized links in the chain from the pic. Dunno if this could be causing it.?.??
  14. Barn Owl

    That's a beauty! Great work.
  15. 'Spirit of the Woods'

    Love it!


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