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  1. These guys was more popular than I thought
  2. Fieldarcher

    Who remembers the film ?

    Hi Mark . It took about 10 hours spread over two days . No it wasn’t for anyone, just an idea I had that needed out . Someone will take it eventually. I have a open public page on Facebook called “ Caledonian Chainsaw Carving “ where you can see more progress pictures and all my other stuff . Thanks Derek
  3. Fieldarcher

    Who remembers the film ?

    300 , This is Sparta!
  4. Fieldarcher

    Rottweiler bench

    Thanks Bil . I’ve now downloaded the app for future posts . Thanks
  5. Fieldarcher

    Rottweiler bench

    Hi This was a video link to my YouTube channel. If it doesn’t show then type my name ( Derek Mcaulay) into YouTube and you’ll see the video on my channel. Sorry that it didn’t work Bill.
  6. Hi guys. Still chipping away on my journey.
  7. Fieldarcher


    Thanks guys . Its not burned as that would put too much heat into him so it's Ronseal black shed paint . The eyes are black glass marbles from Amazon. Mouth is acrylic paint and the rest is Ronseal decking oil . Stage pics on my page on Facebook " Caledonian Chainsaw Carving ". cheers
  8. Fieldarcher


    Great carve
  9. Fieldarcher


    Hi guys Its been a while since I've been on . Stihl loving carving . Here's one of my latest. Derek
  10. Fieldarcher

    Bit of progress from my last post a year ago

    Thanks Gary I never thought about how high I've set the bar but I do know what I want to achieve in the next 12 months . Cheers
  11. Fieldarcher

    Bit of progress from my last post a year ago

    Hi and thanks The big eagle took a day to carve and another day to carve the feathers on the other side and apply a bit of stain to the leading edge of his wings . He ended up flying to the Outer Hebrides, Isle of lewis
  12. Hi guys . It's been a while since I've been on here . It's been a year since I last posted on here and my hobby became a passion. It's still early days but I've been having fun. I noticed a thread on full face masks , on my open page on face book I've made a demo video of a battery powered one that works very well " Caledonian Chainsaw Carving ". Every carving holds a new lesson . Stay safe Derek. I'll post a few pics of what I've been up to , more on my page.


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