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  1. thewoodwizard

    Winnie the Pooh

    Another Commission
  2. thewoodwizard

    Noah's Ark

    Another School Commission
  3. thewoodwizard

    The Gruffalo's Child

    Another school commission
  4. thewoodwizard


    School commission
  5. thewoodwizard

    Story Chair

    The story on that chair is , it had about 12 nails in it most of them 6'' , I scanned it with a detector but they were grown in about 8" deep nightmare. Cheers Stubby
  6. thewoodwizard

    Story Chair

    22 hours I think?
  7. thewoodwizard

    Story Chair

    This is the only other pic I have. Thanks for the comments.
  8. thewoodwizard

    Story Chair

    Story Chair Commission
  9. thewoodwizard

    Macduff holding Macbeth's Severed Head

    Nice one Kim , what wood is it
  10. thewoodwizard


    Thanks for the comments , since monday I've been asked to do a turtle and seahorse now , I sited the others on monday and done a demo for the kids at the school.
  11. thewoodwizard


    This is the final piece for the school commission of sea creatures.
  12. thewoodwizard


    Shark for commission, for a school. Should I paint it or not? Tried to make it more child friendly as its in the school field. So made fins more stubby and thicker.
  13. thewoodwizard


    Another piece for commission.
  14. thewoodwizard

    Barn Owl

    Love it
  15. thewoodwizard

    Jelly Fish



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