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  1. Armstrong mt500. This is not my bike, its a library photo but it is so exactly the same I checked the site in case someone was selling on my bike that was nicked, even though it was pinched in '98. Still miss it, even though I never got the knack for starting it and fell off it 3 times stopping too fast at traffic lights as my legs are too short. Stops had to be planned in advance . Checking the image, mine had del'orto carb and better forks
  2. Ooh, looks saucy! Do you reckon it'd get to Cape Town and back on 1 chain, a set of boots an an oil change?
  3. Nice. A few of us went on a Sunday breakfast run from just outside of Cardiff to Brecon, one of us on a new Vfr 750, we split at the bottom of the Beacons he ran home via Defynog and Swansea then m4, we had a coffee at the burger van below Storey Arms then sauntered home at legal speeds. He was home before us....
  4. My bike list shows where my interest lies, my object of desire is a bmw 750/7, though a honda vfr750 could turn my head, but if you are used to riding a bike that thinks for you, then jumping on something old school, like a zzr or super blackbird or hayabusa could be an interesting and short experience
  5. Just found this thread, had to give up bikes when child number 2 arrived, was always so slow I couldn't even see the back of the slow group. Miss riding so bad it hurts but love my wife more, keep posting. I had (in order) mz scorpion 125, cb250 restored from 2 boxes of bits, armstrong 500 (ex army race team blueprinted, custom carb, nicked from outside work) and gpz500s. Rider aids?! What happens when your mate jumps on a zzr1100?
  6. Do you mean take it down from 60w to 40? Or maybe shut the curtains, that'd reduce the light, bit harsh though, I really like it
  7. stuckinthemud


    The few times I've built stuff from hazel, I wove the structures out of the hazel, no metal involved
  8. Spare bar and chain? Genius! I usually cut wedges on site but if the saw is stuck...
  9. Said I'd post photos, stem is 75cm wide just above where the fence is nailed on
  10. Yup, I've emailed Dave in Interestin Timbers to see if he can help
  11. Thanks openspaceman, I hadn't realised there was a bending stress in place, I thought all the stresses were dissipated in the fall, I can see how that would be a problem. I'll post some photos tomorrow.
  12. Thanks drinksloe, if I'm up your way, I'll look you up
  13. So, what is it about the root plate that makes the job so dangerous, I get it that a stem hung up over a branch is dangerous for all sorts of obvious reasons, and I've had a stem flat on the deck sag and jam the saw in the wood when I didn't spot it was hung up an inch above the leaf litter, but I can't spot the hazard in the root plate
  14. Yeah, I'm gonna walk away, I deliberately didn't mention the 30 degree slope and poor footing (slippery clay with wet rotting leaf litter cover) cos I didn't want that to influence the conversation. But. No, I don't know anyone with better gear or more experience than me. I've felled enough trees and carved enough logs to know when to ask for help, hence this chat


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