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  1. I am trying to go as light as I can while staying 'safe' so I'm using blunts, 12 inch bamboo shafts, 2 inch feather fletch with a 1 inch brass screw as a screw-in tip. Not totally happy using blunts think I might end up switching to bullet points
  2. Scrappy bit of apple for the tiller, took a lot to get it squared up and shaped, holly fork for the trigger, walnut sapwood for the bow.
  3. Had some fun building a sort of replica crossbow based off an archaeological drawing of a group of finds from Colletieres a Charavines dated to the 1040s. Beautiful little crossbow with a subtly sophisticated design I think most copies have missed, they use the wrong shape trigger, the original used a very upright trigger you push against with your thumb but all the replica I have seen use a flatter shape you squeeze down. The bottom photo shows the trigger in the fired position. This shape allows you to hold the bolt in place with your trigger hand while still gripping the tiller, leaving your other hand better able to support the bow, which was 4 feet long and 1.5 inches thick. This one isnt, its a garden toy, 30lb draw weight, 33 inch lath 1.5 cm thick but good fun at 50 feet
  4. Thanks everyone Willow is what I need for my current project, so I took a saw up this afternoon but any potentially useful timber (main stem) was heavily rotted, no wonder it blew down last weekend
  5. Tree, single stem, shrub-like, many branches, stem only about 1m before branching, total height about 5m
  6. Thought maybe black pop. Not sure though. Leaves feel furry/downy
  7. Punch the nailheads in but the wood will seal over them no need to fill.
  8. I am slabbing out some black poplar. I'm cutting 3ft long slabs 4 inches thick and 12 wide but my little 32 is struggling with the soaking wet timber, would I be better off splitting it down with wedges?
  9. Thank you, did not know that rule, its good to know that. Looks like I'm already running the biggest bar then.
  10. Anyone know what size the largest bar a mcculloch 32 can comfortably power is?
  11. Armstrong mt500. This is not my bike, its a library photo but it is so exactly the same I checked the site in case someone was selling on my bike that was nicked, even though it was pinched in '98. Still miss it, even though I never got the knack for starting it and fell off it 3 times stopping too fast at traffic lights as my legs are too short. Stops had to be planned in advance . Checking the image, mine had del'orto carb and better forks
  12. Ooh, looks saucy! Do you reckon it'd get to Cape Town and back on 1 chain, a set of boots an an oil change?
  13. Nice. A few of us went on a Sunday breakfast run from just outside of Cardiff to Brecon, one of us on a new Vfr 750, we split at the bottom of the Beacons he ran home via Defynog and Swansea then m4, we had a coffee at the burger van below Storey Arms then sauntered home at legal speeds. He was home before us....
  14. My bike list shows where my interest lies, my object of desire is a bmw 750/7, though a honda vfr750 could turn my head, but if you are used to riding a bike that thinks for you, then jumping on something old school, like a zzr or super blackbird or hayabusa could be an interesting and short experience


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