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  1. Love it, stunning work well done.
  2. Nearly finished this, push-pin lock, ash lath, 45lb draw (I know that's tiny - like a kids longbow but still a lot of fun), stock and tickler are mulberry. The tickler is steam bent. Bolt clip is water buffalo horn, dry-heat shaped, inlays are antler (string slot) and bone (bolt rest). I made so many mistakes I nearly gave up, biggest problem was a huge tear-out around a knot just behind the string-slot which resulted in a very slender tiller, which in turn meant I had to go to stirrup rather than wippe. I want to re-do the bindings and still have to twist up a decent string and fletch a set of bolts but the wood-work is all done.
  3. Dunno if this qualifies, sycamore, about 7ft across, can't measure it, its too wide, photo doesn't do it justice
  4. Think my valley might be behind sunny Newport, couldn't find the tree, the logs or a stump, did find some ash logs though, a lot of the trees in the copse only just coming into leaf, I'll try again in a fortnight but I'm beginning to feel like I imagined it.
  5. Dunno, will get down there later and check it out, chances are its all small diameter but I'll have a look
  6. Thanks for letting me know. Its a pile of logs in that case. 😞
  7. Near me there is (was?) a laburnum a ways off the footpath in an un-managed copse, I keep meaning to coppice it but I can only identify it when its in flower, cos I'm rubbish at identifying trees. Thing is it might have been growing under the power lines and the power-line tree-surgeons have been through there like a dose of salts over the winter and it might now be a pile of logs.
  8. Or this, its one of my all time favourites http://www.primitivearcher.com/smf/index.php/topic,61803.msg864257.html#msg864257
  9. (sambuccus nigra), elder, apparently makes a fabulous bow, there are several examples on-line, not the easiest wood to use and needs to be from a mature stem with thick enough side-walls
  10. Ok, when I did a HW80 stock I scraped the old varnish off, sealed the wood with a varnish heavily diluted with white spirits so it filled the pores but did not sit on the surface. Then I made my own rub-in stain with white spirits and burned umber artists paint which I applied as really thin washes til I got to the colour I needed and finally oiled it and waxed it. The stock is probably beech, so you could get hold of a piece and practice 1st
  11. Gonna harvest a small amount of longbow billets, just got to work out if that's an hour of exercise, or essential travel
  12. Any ideas? Thank in advance.
  13. I was walking by the river for the first time since last month's floods and found these two trees washed down the valley and dropped on land I have permission to cut; any ideas what they are? Tree 1 Tree 2
  14. Sorry, but my disk is a 4" cutting disk that you use as a direct replacement for the 'normal' cutting disk on an angle grinder but PM me and I'll just send you it to you if you want to try one out. It's no-where near as accurate as my dime-tip bar fitted with a carving chain though. What sort of timber does your bonsai produce and what are you trying to carve? Once you get below a certain size you're better off with hand tools and die-grinders.


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