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  1. Wych elm stick

    Anyone down your way build longbows? Too far away for me or I'd gladly take it off your hands.
  2. dunno if this will work

    Thanks, it was a very big learning curve for me, but the school were very pleased with the outcome. I'm looking forward to seeing them painted and in place.
  3. Hi guys, anyone within an hour of Caerphilly got any flawless lengths of hornbeam or field maple, preferably young tree diameter 4 to 6". This is for a horn bow project so cannot be kiln dried, preferably newly felled. I'm also looking for some willow, 14" across, 3 feet(ish) long for a harp project. Andrew
  4. Steam bending wood....

    Fantastic. How did she paddle it? I could never get one to go where I wanted it to
  5. Opinions on this cutlery please

    Nice. Fork looks challenging. Good job
  6. what level of detail?

    Ok, so, I know where I am in terms of skill level and confidence with my saw, and that is not great, and I know that at some point on a complex/detailed work many carvers switch from chainsaw to other tools like power sanders or angle grinders. My question is, at what point is it more efficient/effective to switch? I kind of am looking for pointers to the level of skill with the saw that I should be working toward.
  7. Story Chair

    Really like that, how long did it take?
  8. dunno if this will work

    Hi guys, the project Is all done, here are a couple of snaps of most of the pieces. The school specified the carvings to be supplied in the white, and from school trees that had been lopped - a willow and a Norwegian maple. No big logs, all less than 2 foot long and under a foot diameter. I'd be very grateful for any criticisms you guys want to throw my way, Andrew
  9. Puffin

    I like that, nice work.
  10. dunno if this will work

    Having lots of fun as I've never used a chainsaw before. Am sequencing the carvings in order of difficulty, the tiger and kangaroo will prove challenging, as will Red Riding Hood and the wolf -will be breaking in the dime-tip by Wednesday I think. The project is a bit different to the 30 mushrooms I'd planned on doing ☺
  11. best/favourite carving video?

    Haven't seen it in the flesh, where is it?
  12. It's too hot to carve, so, I've spent ages surfing tinternet for carving videos. Bears, owls and eagles are everywhere but my favourite is Simon's Dark Knight. Anyone got any recommended chainsaw carving videos
  13. Steam bending wood....

    +1 really enjoyed that, fantastic skills, love watching a craftsman doing his thing
  14. dunno if this will work

    timed out editing the image for size, got there in the end.
  15. dunno if this will work

    Hi guys, I've made a start on the school project, carving time is about 14 hours so far, hope to get a bit quicker. List is: dog, mouse, lighthouse, tortoise, owl, swan, caterpillar, butterfly. Not all of them are finished yet, but I am pleased with the mouse and the swan.


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