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  1. The Gruffalo's Child

  2. Rottweiler bench

    Very nice, thanks for posting it
  3. Oak floor offcuts

    I've just been given a couple of carrier bags of oak boards that used to be a porch floor cut into lengths of between 12" and 18". First question, any idea how to strip the glue off? Second question; I've no idea what to do with the stuff; what could I use it for?
  4. penguin

    Hi Guys, Just finished up carving this little guy; it looks a lot better in the real world than it does in the photos, makes me smile when I walk past it. All done with the saw, except for the eyes. Bit disappointed with the feet but I'm fairly happy with the rest. Wife wants me to carve a few more 'just like that' ready for Christmas.....Any comments welcome, positive or negative, that can improve my technique? Oh and credit where credit is due; I did lots of research for this project but the penguin carving posted by Woodwizard was a major influence on the pose I decided on for my carving.
  5. New to this forum

    like that, really nice.
  6. customised my pocket knife

    Thanks for that, I tried a quick search and I think the marks come back as steel axe with lacquered handle; I'll still keep a watch out for a German hatchet though, just in case :-D
  7. customised my pocket knife

    I think you can get them in stainless and also in carbon steel, I have a couple I bought recently in high carbon steel. OSM, it sounds like your hatchet is in a really good quality steel; what make is it? I might like to keep a look out for one.
  8. customised my pocket knife

    No idea! Mine (its a carbon one) seems to take an acceptable edge.
  9. customised my pocket knife

    I love the blades on opinels but I found the handle on mine (number 6) was too short. Wasn't too difficult to take the knife apart and put back together; made a fun little weekend project.
  10. Snake bark maple & Holm oak

    Not far from Cardiff. What sort of length are the stems? and just to show my ignorance, what's dbh mean?
  11. customised my pocket knife

    The black is buffalo horn and the white is holly; the scroll-work I scratched in and inked with a 'sticky' ink fine roller-ball pen. I scraped off the ink on the surface of the wood so only the etched-in pattern is left to give a nice sharp edge that won't rub off with use. I needed to avoid a runny-ink as it would spread along the wood-grain. finish is danish-oil
  12. customised my pocket knife

    I spent some time recently making a new handle for my Opinel folding pocket knife. Ilex and buffalo-horn with an engraved pattern. Total length is 10cm.
  13. Snake bark maple & Holm oak

    Any photos?
  14. which timbers?

    Thanks both, so as far as chain-saw work goes, durability comes first. Interesting about poplar. My timber merchant has been trying to get me to try tulipwood; is it any good?
  15. which timbers?

    I was offered some oak, 'fir', ash and leylandi over the last few weeks. For one reason or another, the offers all fell through, but it made me realise I have no idea what timbers are good for chainsaw carving and which ones shouldn't be touched with a long pole. What do you guys prefer to work with, and what would you never use?


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