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  1. stuckinthemud


    Got to be honest, all my longbow staves are about that size and all are split lengthwise into staves, any not sealed developed shakes; now I seal everything.
  2. stuckinthemud


    Bitumen?! That's genius !
  3. stuckinthemud


    I use pva to seal timber but remember to paint your seal a few inches up each end of the log, not just the exposed timber. Apply it with your hands and really slather the stuff on - no brush to clean up and it ensures you put the glue on thicker than if you spread it with a brush - its tempting to spread it a bit too thin with a brush. I'd be glad to trade you something carved for some of the timber, I'm near Cardiff, PM me if your interested.
  4. stuckinthemud

    Advice on finishing a small carving

    I usually prefer a wax as a simple, easily repaired finish - rub the wax (bees-wax or paraffin wax) all over the carving then heat it til it melts and 'flows' (I usually hold it above a low flame on the gas hob but a hair-dryer will do, or a hot-air gun), then buff it to get a nice medium-shine - biggest single advantage is no drying time.
  5. stuckinthemud

    is it me?

    Been building a replica medieval crossbow, trying to be as authentic as I can with the materials, so, bone, carved antler, and horn inlays in an apple stock with a yew and sinew bow. Its not far off being shoot-able, but I have a fair way to go with the decoration - anyone got a large fallow antler they can donate to the cause?
  6. stuckinthemud

    is it me?

    yeah, fair do, better fuel up my 'saw, not had chance to do any chain-sawing, been a bit distracted with other projects recently
  7. stuckinthemud

    is it me?

    Things seem to have been a bit quiet here recently, looking forward to a rush of Christmas carvings, hopefully (hint!) ;-D
  8. stuckinthemud


    just wow!
  9. stuckinthemud

    just completed this one

    I carved down to relieve the stems from the flowers which were rounded over and then I hollowed out the leaves but all you could see in the photo was a dark brown mass of shadow, so I'm afraid I deleted it. The main function of all that work was to take the sides out of the viewers' lines of sight and make everything look lighter and more delicate from the front but it does look good if someone takes it down off the wall for a closer look.
  10. stuckinthemud

    just completed this one

    Hi everyone; this has been distracting me for a few weeks, all finished now, carved front and back from recycled mahogany.
  11. stuckinthemud

    The Gruffalo's Child

  12. stuckinthemud

    Rottweiler bench

    Very nice, thanks for posting it
  13. stuckinthemud

    Oak floor offcuts

    I've just been given a couple of carrier bags of oak boards that used to be a porch floor cut into lengths of between 12" and 18". First question, any idea how to strip the glue off? Second question; I've no idea what to do with the stuff; what could I use it for?
  14. stuckinthemud


    Hi Guys, Just finished up carving this little guy; it looks a lot better in the real world than it does in the photos, makes me smile when I walk past it. All done with the saw, except for the eyes. Bit disappointed with the feet but I'm fairly happy with the rest. Wife wants me to carve a few more 'just like that' ready for Christmas.....Any comments welcome, positive or negative, that can improve my technique? Oh and credit where credit is due; I did lots of research for this project but the penguin carving posted by Woodwizard was a major influence on the pose I decided on for my carving.
  15. stuckinthemud

    New to this forum

    like that, really nice.


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