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  1. Yeah, also agree the turtle rocks!! Unicorn's cool too!! Good work 😊
  2. Here's a couple of pieces that have just gone over to Dublin, Ireland. The oak was a pleasure to carve compared to the splintery piece of douglas fir that I had to make do with for the chair....Hey ho, seemed okay in the end though...
  3. Cheers mate, it was a good couple of weeks, mainly deciding what to carve, that's the hardest part for me. Yeah great to get big commissions. Cheers charlie
  4. This is a throne I carved a couple of years ago for some local folk. Excuse the photobum....my son has an aversion to wearing clothes...
  5. Looks great Simon! I've carved a few foxes recently and there tricky buggers to get right..I'll try and get in to posting a few bits on here, as your right, its been pretty quiet recently...Keep up the good work.
  6. Good work! Big fan of the hedgehog too!
  7. Nice one, It has got darker as its weathered, which quite like. You could stop this by apply wood preservative a few times a year....
  8. Cheers guys, means a lot. Have been watching your work for a while now Simon, very inspiring. Charlie
  9. Here's one I carved about a year ago now, to remember a friend. Carved out of macrocarpa.
  10. Hi mate, think you probably mean a sand-o-flex. Its a sander that has lots of strands of abrasives used in a drill. You can burn the carving and then use the sand-o-flex, gives a nice finish... they sell them herehttps://www.gustharts.com/machinery-c123/chainsaws-accessories-c142/carving-c311/sand-o-flex-p1399 Happy carving. Charlie
  11. Hi, this is my first post here. Seems like a great place to share info and ideas, have enjoyed ready other peoples posts for a while now and seeing others work is always inspiring. So i thought I better sign up too. So here I am and here's a peacock I carved a while back. Nice one


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