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  1. Depending on species, Salix great for binders.
  2. If you up that way there's 6 or so coming up in September every Saturday 14th -5th Oct Derby/Staff's way. Staffordshire County Showground | Members Area WWW.STAFFSCOUNTYSHOWGROUND.CO.UK Staffordshire County Showground is a multi purpose venue hosting a variety of events and functions all year round. With a wide range of exhibition halls, conference suites and outdoor... There all run different across the country, but there you only have to please the judge, working you have to please the customer who is paying and hopefully recommending you at the end.... If you haven't done any you can always use it as practice
  3. Try the Lancashire and Westmorland Hedge Laying Association on FB
  4. Go and do some competitions in your area, your land owners will be about there most of the time, (even if just catching up with friends) there see who's doing what, get few wins under your belt and your name starts to be known.
  5. Couple more from a busy 18/19 season
  6. Another bit of Dorset on a stunning morning, we do have a great office all of us
  7. Looking down a bit of Dorset, low and tight to the bank top
  8. bit late to the offering but here's Somerset group, Wrighton and Burrington hedging
  9. Havent been on for ages but just a couple from the 2600m odd meters from this season, last pic just need the stake tops taking off. Then a couple with the regrowth coming on 4 months later
  10. ok to post this on other sites ?? if so could you possibly add email or phone number cheers
  11. Just a small part of an 80m of South of England style Hedge
  12. Check to see if theres any NHLS contractors near you, contact then and take it from there NHLS


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