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  1. i bought recently a oak sign off internet, 21 letters if you count spaces - £240 delivered. think was just tiny bit shy of 2ft long, 500mm high and inch thick - really stunning engraved letters with i guess a 45 degree chamfer edge into each letter painted black and really well sealed over top. would i buy again if i needed one - yep no worries, one of the nicest signs i have ever seen. so theres definetly some money in signs
  2. drop a email to crathes castle head gardener James. not sure of actual address for crathes but there is a general gets to most folks one. depends on what you are looking for in terms of timber, hardwood or softwood? do you need now or autumn? would shorter lengths or random stuff work?
  3. well i can add a tiny item to the list of whats broke... been taking advantadge of this lock down and decided to do a decent job of steam clean under landy and underseal. good old landrover decided along with all rust and mud to shed weight it would add rear bumpstops to pile, wiped off by pressure wash. on positive side chassis below is solid so it will see first ever underseal in its 17 yrs of life to preserve that.
  4. Work sent all bar two of us home today as 9 greenhouses need watered, but will only be in theory 1 in at a time. in reality they spend so much time together its just a extra family member - not ideal. am fortunate can lock gates and do maintence on landy and not come in contact with another person, so pretty safe to do work outdoors and since first job is fire up steam cleaner and do landy its safe to say clean at 95 celcious. so apart from odd shop visit dont need to get within many metres of people for next 3 weeks. be safe all
  5. must admit premier inn beds are rather comfy. 3 damaged discs in back which affects me lots, often week off in pain or heavy painkiller use so well used to how bad it can be. premier inn beds do seem to provide rather a nice sleep, ok coupled with insomnia i am a bad sleeper so a beer then bed works well.
  6. for life of me i cant remember their names but we had a trainer and then assessor orginiased through lothian machinery ring, think its david spencer there you can ask. google Donald Mclean in invershin, i belive he does courses also and definetly travels.
  7. google your nearest Raynet group and make contact, ask them for advice as they are generally very very switched on into what works and what doesnt as well as sensible prices to buy at.
  8. i used an aldi/lidl special for many years. 25 litre tank was ok but if you wanted to run other stuff off it its boring for refill. went to a 50l from sealey and its better. work uses a 100l and its good. so space, use and budget really are what seperate them. belt drive larger ones are much quieter, so neighbours may also be issue compared to direct drive.
  9. not sure on those but have a wee look at the other husky battery ones long reach version and compare batteries. we use the long reach ones at work an awful lot now for the noise/fumes/tourists and the battery lasts a full working day. i know we have large battery and faster charger but not sure how essential that is with a full days use just charge at night. our guys love them.
  10. we also had problems on a A93 Valtra with bug, amount of much out of pre filter was unreal. ended up getting our fuel storage tank cleaned despite using additives every fill. dropped contents on main tank to completely empty. got a fill in earlier in year and amazing how much black muck in it so we aint clear of it yet.
  11. cheap and cheerful lightweight ones from mountain warehouse. do get a size bigger as can split between legs if too neat but i get a year out of a pair roughly and around £20, very light thin trousers.
  12. dear god in heaven who spends 4k on a TV, or crazy amounts on sky. We have freeview and what i think is decent sized 38 inch tv, yrs old and just fine. must admit its on all the time but come this time of year when stove is lit i spend as much time snoozing on sofa than actually paying attention to it.
  13. so on my second cut and climb as first one is kind of worn out and now used as a windproof hi vis. all day chipping sycamore brash and warm/dry using new one. drizzle into rain and mixed, just a nasty day. wouldnt hesitate to buy another
  14. was watching it and yeah a bit more sedate this season. Not sure you would catch me on some of those slopes held by wire rope in machine.... thats just a tad keen but he does seem to have decent enough touch with machine to keep going
  15. we ran a pto 6 inch timberwolf on a 45 hp john deere and although it coped, when we stuck in bigger or really dense stuff it dragged tractor down and could clog. stick same chipper on 95hp machine and doesnt matter what we feed it. so worth seeing if you can get to view one working, or demo on your machine first.


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