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  1. cold here now and finally wind dropped after storm last night - devastation on a truly unreal scale. huge areas in scotland minus power 28 hrs on or more and damage is just unreal spent hrs with boss today cutting open estate roads to allow emergency crews in if needed to residents, weeks and weeks of work making tidy/safe and thats ignoring the new motorway sized hole through a plantation of sitka more timber than we can possibly ever use just in stuff we have to clear, suspect we still be clearing trees next december if out of way a bit they get ignored for now. Please let the weather improve i hope
  2. maybe a min or two longer needed there but has to be a good pink/red with nice sear on outside, cant beat a good steak
  3. only input i really have on this is i have to say not all landlords are Ba****ds i inherited a house a few years ago that i had already put quite a lot of money into to upgrade for mother on basis made life more comfy, spent a lot of money doing a refit to put on rental market as i am super lucky and live in a rent free tied house with job. i havent raised rent a penny in 3 years had tenants, and dont plan to as they are super tenants so worth weight in gold! they are relaxed folks who dont ask for much in terms of repairs, despite me fixing every single tiny lil thing i spot wrong to keep place at nice standard - ok i would love to re tar drive but thats just money i dont have and wont go into debt for it. an example is recently they got somebody in to treat a wasp nest in shed and paid for it themselves, only found out when speaking to them to say roofer was coming round to clean gutters and check roofs, and he found a nest that needed to go away to re point a bit - first thing i did was say send me receipt/bill and i will send you money same day. So some landlords can be genuine and gives folks a bit of security in sense that monthly house costs dont rise. i understand some are needing taken out and shot too!
  4. slightly crazy here where i am at local morrisons all day, but not helped at all by nearby tesco being mid refit of entire car park including fuel station so down to 50% local capacity. had to go fill landy as was just into red and thats no use since my first responder scheme covers 15 miles or more all directions from my house so easily a 30 mile round trip to a job required. Also i need to do a 36 mile round trip sat to spend 12 hrs or so on a ambulance for red cross - so if this crazy continues i will be topping up at half tank instead of usual 50 miles or so left point to keep me mobile. several folks in que ahead of me had plastic cans in boots of cars too. by 7pm morrisons security was moving folks on who were trying to que on main road just to keep town traffic moving and guy in filling station i spoke to said it had been mental all day. suspect wont last long as most modern cars do a fairly reasonable mileage to tank so now majority have squeezed in every drop they can must have at least a few days fuel if not week. do know i will be tad grumpy if i have to go hunt fuel by 10pm tommorow night for ambulance, sense of humour tends to get less as night wears on as i want dinner by midnight and i make a awful hungry person
  5. i never rush folks into qouting, turn up in next 3 months and stick in a qoute to plan job for spring when warmer to cement in so when in area can qoute, as i said the 350 is average so if right person came along and said yep can do but its 400 to allow travel and i liked them and attitude its fine. not met a person worth 600 a day labour yet as thats silly money and just driving prices nuts
  6. its not that i am demading rates - never specified yet just based on the average of all the other folks who worked on house per day. if your brother wanted the job and wasnt putting in a crazy price for what i suspect is going to be a no fun at all task, take large upvc window out in perfect condition, remove old split concrete windowsill, refit new sill and then refit window, make good harling if damaged which i cant see a way around some, leave site ready for internal finishing by decorator its not a great job, wont make anyone a fortune, and the travel to it puts folks off as its an hr out of aberdeen. I have huge belief in using local trades as everyone thats worked on house is local, money stays in community and you build up a good relationship with them. just all swamped with backlog of work after being shut down by covid
  7. one of the problems in aberdeen is now getting trades to do jobs that arent huge money makers, all the smaller work is being ignored. I am trying to find a good builder for a day or two work and no chance at all for many months. for sparkys, roof guys, plumber, lawn folks who are willing to come work they sure aint charging that kinda money a day and have good lists ahead of them. if somebody qouted me more than 350 a day before materials they aint working for me. so if somebody in aberdeenshire knows of a good builder who can do works such as harling, replacing a windowsill then let me know.
  8. miserable hot and humid last two days, literally cant get enough fluids into me to prevent dehydration headaches etc, roll on the cooler weather
  9. kaaz mowers are heavy but good blade that comes on them can break as its vented on ends but stick a high lift solid one on and they are better treat engine to oil every 50 hrs and last forever can loose drive to a wheel but theres a wee pin inside wheel that breaks and saves drive/more expensive bits and its beyond easy and cheap to fix worst case you hole the deck get away with a wee thin steel patch pop rivited over - lasted 3 years like that so far
  10. david wood


    came home from work on first 1 and got in shower and realised had an extra lump sticking out, second one was a dull pain and some swelling
  11. david wood


    had two inguinal hernias, 14 months apart the first repair failed. one open surgery one keyhole. in terms of recovery zero difference surgeon wouldnt clear me for work until 12 weeks after each watch pain meds post surgery, and watch how soon you go poo after surgery or its entirely no fun if stuff stops moving! both were private within 6 weeks, nhs was over 2 years wait so sod that do follow advice, dont push recovery and just see how pain is some days will hurt more than others.
  12. no experiance on small cranes/trailers but i would say be awful careful of what you lift with them having bent jib on our junkarri p3151 blacksmith and loler man reckon its from lifting at its max and trying to cheat a bit by one end of log at a time into trailer and dragging logs along deck to get max lift close in. still waiting on prices from junkarri to see how much for new part but i bet its going to be scary. one mistake we made was we didnt get multiple sets of pins so have to cut all to 3.6 m to allow to sit in nice and easy - can go down to 3 m but its awful close to falling through, so more pins perhaps longer trailer and cut big lumps into two to take strain off crane is a good route to look into
  13. yeah no extension just two peice boom, its a small crane p3151 junkari
  14. sent them email this morning - tad scared at part cost i am going to receive!
  15. so mr loler man came to visit work today and we have a small issue on our junkari p3151 crane, the end of boom section has a bend in it, box section has taken a knock or shock load and flexed. mr loler says its fine to use just monitor for crack appearing so at least not off use list! does anyone have any experience of importing a crane section from sweden/finland where i think junkari are? or ability to find a parts diagram so i can begin process of tracking down part. not allowed to heat and beat straight/cut out and weld etc without metal re hardening and then weights and measures load lift test - which i suspect equalls scary money! so i figure see about replacing part which looks fairly ok, undo a bolt to drop grap and rotator, 4 pipes at a bracket to undo, and a pin/bolt at top end ( havent looked to see how ram holds/mounted) while holding with tractor and slings, really only two physical connections plus one end ram.


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