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  1. david wood

    how to deal with an employee

    I am not an employer so no real advice there but the drugs thing is a huge no - after all say he is a lil worse for wear and something happens and you are obviously aware of it.... liability may be a huge issue. on transport front a cheap as chips 50 or 125 cc bike and provisional license plus basic training and problem solved. did it for two years as an apprentice at a round trip of 30 miles daily all year round. boss then took me home a couple times when roads were properly scary for a bike and i genuinely appreciated it, as did he since i didnt abuse it so works both ways.
  2. david wood

    Whats the weather like near you?

    hey jon welcome back! yeah cold up in aberdeenshire too, stove on all day yesterday
  3. david wood

    Compact tractors

    look up hrn tractors, neil barclay . often has odds and sods for export so may be suitable
  4. david wood

    Compact tractors

    never used for a proccessor but as loader tractor and trailer. kubota b2400 - lasted 10 yrs of abuse kubota 3030 - soft as hell john deere 3720 lasted 5 yrs of ridiculous work and not much love, did develop a fair leak in end but really had been overworked. bet an old kubota would do job, especially if not fussed about looks. where are you in country as some dealers can source almost anything?
  5. david wood

    large trees

    got hi lifts currently soaking in water as had dried out horribly, boss assures me donald will have a tirfor. taking a beat up 357 on 15 inch bar as apparently thats max bar size. our training folks yet to send out course info so as yet i dont even know where site is or where to meet so am sure this be fun....
  6. david wood

    large trees

    yeah few folks have said he is great so thats really nice start... went on a course yrs ago and got poured on for 5 days so now have two sets waterproofs and saw gear so at least survive couple days but really do hope doesnt rain as makes learning harder.
  7. david wood

    large trees

    So i am heading off soon on large trees felling course, few minor issues.... too old/fat/knackered/dodgy knee/ dodgy neck / knackered back / knackered knee other than that i am am ready for it! heading to invershin with a donald mclean for instructor, never had him before so am after any advice well other than retire now.....
  8. david wood

    L200 winch mounting

    i have two winches from goodwinch and never had any issues, definitely use large cable to anderson sockets. i use 50mm2 stuff. david at goodwinch did anderson socket on winch for me as part of deal.
  9. david wood

    Best winches for a Toyota Hilux ?

    speak to david bowyer at goodwinch, he is expert and great to deal with.
  10. david wood

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    yeah sadly cant do that either - insurance doesnt like petrol and saws in cab with driver since its a 90. mind you its in disgrace tonight - wet its self properly. hope didnt get too warm as in town traffic but lost most of my coolant. nice steady drip found eventually on passenger side. see what garage says on phone tommorow. 158k miles original rad and hoses so may be simple. long as head aint toasted.
  11. david wood

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    off to do large trees. seems to be a variant of old cs32 and 33 . medium trees and such. just to sort a vehicle for it as our work pickup doesnt have its rear canopy on or secure after a slight incident with a tree - not by me!
  12. david wood

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    ah top end of A96, supposed to be heading up that way in april to invershin for a course.
  13. david wood

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    down near awpr then stephen?
  14. david wood

    Chainsaw boots n trousers needed

    no gaurding so i feel a read of manual in order to get to tank drain. see if i can persuade boss to order new filters. after draining at primary filter its like a new machine so must have a fair old dose in there. cheers guys
  15. david wood

    Chainsaw boots n trousers needed

    ooh somebody who knows diesel engines maybe..... how do i tell if i have water in diesel for tractor - valtra running great yesterday, fuel last night and a bag of bolts today until i gave up. open tap on fuel filter and brown rusty goop comes out into clean tray and lots of droplets i guess are water. took a sample out of fuel station tonight into a jar - what could i look for tommorow? tractor went from near dead to pulls great after i drained filter by the tap on bottom. sorry total hijack


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