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  1. Domestic log splitter.

    I would take a nice old lump of elm or oak to test - gets through those and its nice.
  2. Husqvarna 555

    i have one at work and to be honest i hate it, never seems settled into a cut, fussy to start, hates being used as a chipper saw, Wouldnt have one if you paid me. this is in comparison to 351, 357, 372, 135
  3. which wood stove - again sorry

    ah sorry meant room doors.
  4. which wood stove - again sorry

    thats a good point, Have a stovax where i live currently and it has 2 settings really - slumber and wide open so when sweep comes its nice and clean. kind of got in my head a big stove on tickover all day be fine, but actually may result in a tarred up flue.... hmm
  5. which wood stove - again sorry

    Wow tons of info here to look at, thanks. kw i guess 6 plus at miniumum as want to leave doors open and let heat flow, perhaps an ecofan? bigger logs good along with stove efficiency i guess is hugely important as longer it will stay lit. some reading ahead i reckon.
  6. which wood stove - again sorry

    So i am on the look for some opinions on stoves please. Long story short need a new stove, liner etc at a house and generally have no idea on stoves, What i do know, wood only - all well seasoned and no longer a log than 16 inches (splitter max length) Nice glass door or doors as visual is good. i need efficient as want a fill up 8am and burn for 8 hrs on hardwood, at least i guess 5+ kw Stovax are used by a local supplier, but open to ideas. cost is a consideration as given i need new liner, proper fireplace, chimney can etc and its a 2 floor house.
  7. Riko UK Highland show 22nd - 25th June 2017

    just emailed my boss who is going to show on behalf of national trust for scotland to take a look at yours Calum - tractor hydraulic powered log splitter Or if you are passing nts stand its a Chris Wardle
  8. John Deere x 950R

    ours is year old one, a 2016 model - great bit of kit
  9. Block Paving? Weeds and grass removal?

    paradise or shikara - residual stuff you can mix with something to kill any weeds exising then this stuff keeps regen down. its not too cheap though does go a very long way
  10. Superwinch repair

    yep he does servicing and is very knowledgeable
  11. Superwinch repair

    google david bowyer, he will do it no bother and wont rob you
  12. Free Firewood (Scotland)

    cheers brett sadly too far away for me.
  13. Free Firewood (Scotland)

    usually true but just too far for me to haul it sadly.
  14. Free Firewood (Scotland)

    where are you based? thanks
  15. Ride on lawn mower for steep uneven slopes

    i doubt even our john deere zero turn copes with 45 degree slopes with tyres let right down to couple psi, just slides off sideways scaring me


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