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  1. one of our local shops was all but cleared of beers by wed - crazy, now local tesco and morrisons are restricting amounts folks can buy to try and slow it down. complete joke as its not a lockdown just some restrictions. going to buy an extra case beer mainly cause got some hols coming up and few extra bits from butcher but its been two months since was last there so freezer needs top up. especially bacon , sausages and black pudding for lazy day breakfasts
  2. i know my work will only say now folks worked there from day x to day y and thats about it - crazy culture where cant say good or bad now without fear of somebody complaining.
  3. ooooh yikes what happened there Ironmike
  4. am sure if you supplied crane, engine/powerpack and trailer a really good ag engineer/blacksmith could put together in a way its never going to be an issue - too far away for one i use to help sadly.
  5. Rip Felix. Condolences to family.
  6. The 110 defender is an amazing car to drive, been using one through covid work and boy i love it. Fully loaded so all the options i reckon. ultra comfy and nice to drive. goes like a rocket ship and stops like somebody tied it to bowels of earth, a big step on brakes is frankly brutal but works. 8 speed auto is incredible, very nice to shuffle around town in or boot on twisty roads.
  7. wish my 357 was heated grips model so thats a cracking deal for one.
  8. Dont know how but i guess maybe lack of earnings currently is playing a large part, either way its getting worse and currently doesnt show signs of easing. Can honestly say if we are all in a position to chuck a couple tins or packets into local food bank as a donation each from this site alone the improvement be great each time we shop. Dont know how many members arbtalk has but for literally a couple more quid each thats a fair old pile food.
  9. Sadly i fear she will do lots, i imagine once winter flu comes in as normal and odd more covid pops up amongst it she will be going for lockdown again. she always seems to want to do it in every talk...can always go backwards again! soon there wont be anything worth saving in scotland because we will all be broke, unemployed and depending on meagre benifits from a broke goverment. We need to get moving more than ever in terms of economy. food bank use is climbing more than ever with some food banks simply running dry which means families left to wonder where next meal comes from.
  10. I really think we need to get off lock down like tommorow if not sooner, how many people loosing jobs, homes etc definetly a lot to be said for personal choice, if you dont want to get on a crowded train.....dont we need to work on social distance, because this is here to stay for sure so lets learn to live with it and not go bankrupt on the way. had a beer so this isnt my best reply for sure..... done some volunteer work during this, definetly been exposed to covid in process all be it through recommended ppe and so far touch wood ok! equally with no ppe and didnt know at time stood and chatted with somebody confirmed a week later with covid and all ok - nice 3 metres between us outdoors and didnt touch anything in area. now move to my work where some folks didnt social distance and moved among 4 households freely where one had a cold - week later all of them suffering with it.... i didnt get it! now imagine the cold was covid and results not so great but wee bit social distance on my part and all safe. obviously not failsafe but just as examples of why we need to open up country, be much smarter and learn to deal with it.
  11. not sure how it will do with split logs, we were tipping large sections of a stem, 3 and half foot long and easily 2 - 3 foot accross at butt so when stacked up high sides it was really frustrating.
  12. i borrowed one of these to move some timber and it had lot of good points and one bad. good was it sits low, tri axle so towed well, sides good to take on and off, tip mechanism seemed good with very tall twin rams. most hated but easy to overcome point was logs kept sticking in at taildoor, there are a lip either side when door off of about 3/4 an inch and big lumps were attracted to it like a magnet and then a bugger to move. bit of plate popped in to make it sledge past would solve. overall a fantastic trailer i thought.
  13. we use a valtra A93 hitech in woods for some work with trailer and crane. would be super manouverable if i bothered to take front loader off but always keep either pallet forks or bucket on, can get out of a wet spot or deal with odd boulder in way then. does slow a bit on hills loaded but if no hurry it definetly has serious grunt for size. ground clearance is good and we dont have it armoured at all so makes us think of route rather than bash in. got pics somewhere of it towing 14 ton dump trailer....digger driver was keen as off road only so he loaded to neck, boy that cleared cob webs out but it didnt fail.
  14. so looking at this from a different point maybe, is this to try and give protection from covid? if so i would most definetly not be betting on it as its aerosol droplets spread and contact patches, as that doesnt look air tight it wont guarantee protection. cant hurt to reduce a little but any symptoms at all from either party and its the whole 7 - 14 days isolation thing. serious wiping down of kit and vehicle daily be needed to keep on top of it too - google clinell wipes, in green packs. still not guaranteed but definitely reduces risk if its every single point touched every single day, so many many wipes. all this may be irrelevant if solo occupant of each vehicle of course. but good practice is to clean and clean again.


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