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    the 15 min watching after vax is for severe life threatening reactions to its contents, ie things leading to anaphlaxis which is obviously bad! so have had the pfizer about 4 weeks ago and had mega small reactions as expected, arm wasnt too impressed the next day - normal every vax i have had felt tired for 24hrs - million miles better than the typhiod jab i had yrs ago which put me in bed for a day site had a wee lump which was tender to touch for few days but hey ho thats sod all.
  2. so having done some patient work on covid wards they are wearing mostly the ordinary fluid resistant masks except when aerosol generating procedures are happening or patient has a bad cough. certinaly we have moved cov pos patients and worn just the fluid resistant masks and a visor on advice of nurses.
  3. we have used a 350 for lot of years and never felt it would cope with anything more than 15 inch bar. unless always doing stuff thats way over 15 inches i would drop down from 18.
  4. if theres no off shelf security available that isnt terrible and you have a concrete floor in unit where its stored options are good. take to a local blacksmith and ask him to make you something to slide over head and a anchor point for floor, or a wheel cover that bolts to floor also. certinaly country ones around here could knock something up easy that would take a decent effort to cut to bits - which at least means insurers have no easy get out clause. if not a solid floor do what i did for part of trailer security and dug a huge pit, put a chain with rebar through links into soil into it and then packed with over a cube of concrete. loop around part of trailer and a very nice padlock - needs a good grinder or gas torch to cut. layers are your friend
  5. Sorry for your loss Stubby.
  6. so honestly i am no financial genious - really really really far from it, like just beyond counting on fingers level thanks to smart phones... anyone care to hazard a guess at what a basically uk wide massive furlough scheme is costing daily - and how in the name of god are we paying for it?
  7. honestly think eggs comment is bravest yet on this site - nearly spat out my beer reading it...... dont disagree but sooo brave
  8. oh lord who ever wrote that list must have been part of a course i did recently..... carbon footprint reduction, data protection, fire safety, and soooooooooooooooo many others for patient transport work in ambulance. its like throw every possible module and some more at it and see what works
  9. well been offered vacine from two sources, both of who i do voluntary work for involving being with covid positive patients. Theres no way i am not taking it and i am shockingly bad with needles but fear i would be whole lot worse with covid so count me into taking it. close contact work with cov pos patients its plain daft not to take it.
  10. not trying to provoke a whos right or wrong one, genuinely i heard from staff icu is busy and folks in hdu waiting to move up with covid - i know from a couple of weeks ago being in the hospital there was definetly covid in most zones and its only growing sadly. what interest me is if one staff says quiet, one says busy wheres the true pic after all some of thats down to how each person interperets workload. personally i would be real happy if true number was really low so when i go in to wards its less risk
  11. wonder if that was ARI she was talking about because i am hearing a quite different version from some staff about covid numbers there, be in there in about a week so will see then.
  12. big milwaukee battery drill should do no bother, couple batterys
  13. oh to have that luxury, cant comment on whos best but theres an awful lot to be said for list everything you want, include anything thats luxury items and see what it costs, bet answer is scary we have a junkari trailer and crane, fairly base model and i know what i wish i had been able to afford wider and taller tyres to aid with soft or rocky ground more than 1 pair bolster pins - super restrictive in terms of lenght of timber so we have to max out crane to get 3m bits on steering drawbar is good lightboard we need to fit every time go on road and store when in woods to avoid smashing it (very easy to smash) is a massive pain in rear, get built in lights and make sure they are in bombproof mounts to save having to fix all the time get more worklights on rear of tractor, and sides of it too to avoid any areas of shadow, also lights on crane, again armour the mounts and cable runs get tie down points on chassis for road work, more the merrier dont get a valve block that has to be lifted onto 3 point linkage of tractor every time you want to use - gets old fast, spend more money on electrohydraulic type so levers permenant in cab and just needs plugged into trailer make sure seat revolves in tractor for comfort forest gaurding on tractor is very very good plan
  14. Its a nasty lil bugger for sure and mark makes a good point, lets see if my brain can type after a beer or two! so i know 6 folks who had it, i would say easy another 4 who werent tested as too early on in year but tick every single box on covid list. out of 5 confirmed we have, 1 student who was in halls and unlucky - couple weeks mild symptoms and bored isolating but all ok 3 nurses all who had and went back to work, one in early 20s who still feels out of puff after a rushed walk upstairs but is improving 1 care home worker who got it at work, asthmatic and diabetic and has recovered all be it very slowly 1 a patient i went to as a community first responder just before lockdown/cfr stood down, they didnt recover and passed quite quickly - to be fair i was amazed they lived long enough for covid to strike but a shame all the same. care home workers boyfriend wasnt that unwell but never tested - showed a couple symptoms but recovered within 72 hrs some of our staff who travelled abroad pre lockdown and no test but i would put money on had it, no ill effects so far but were sick for weeks a mate who either had worlds best going chest infection or covid - not sure but cough and totally knackered for weeks was his add more a fellow responders family all went on hols pre lockdown, i think it was 3 out of six got it, all recovered but i have no idea on long term there i cant count worth anything this late at night but thats a few cases and a lot of very random results i would say, been to quite a few covid positive patients myself and so far all is good to best of my knowledge. i have kinda lost track here but i think my point is its totally and utterly random, follows no real pattern at all to best of my limited knowledge. Would i take vacine this year or next - nope too much of a coward i am afraid until we know longer term data on it, equally i think we have an awful lot of learning to do about covid as yet so an awful lot to be said for some sensible precautions every one of us should take. do i wear a mask into shops, yep - on the once say every two weeks i shop, not because i am afraid of it but i genuinely am antisocial as far as shops/crowds go and been so for many many year. sensible part of me says hand gel pre fit mask and hand gel once mask removed properly and in a bin, adds oooh say 10 seconds to my time so isnt really an issue at all. have i social distanced, this i am less good at to be really honest but i have totally respected folks i know who are worried and kept back, folks who are less so we have worked within metre of each others but due to work its 90% of time plus outdoors so i see as less but not no risk. have i gone round mates for a coffee - actually not so much but this is genuinely as he has worked an awful lot of overtime and i am stupid busy with voluntary work but when passing i have gone in yes and normal has felt great i cant deny. ok so this has turned into an awful lot of slighly tipsy babbling on eh, didnt quite mean for that. i guess to sum up it shows covid has no pattern, no guarantees on recover/not and we all need to do what we think is sensible, treat others well with dignity and respect to get through this. right off to bed as its first day off in two weeks tommorow, on again for 21 days before i get another off between work and volunteering so enjoyed a cracking roast beef and few beers tonight.


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