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  1. bound to be a forestery engineer. all the usual suspects like valtra and john deere have mobile mechanics who do forest machines.
  2. have to admit i dont see logic other than whichever insurance company covers you/employees sets the terms you stick to, and thats it. had discusion with inspector once about winch lift/pull and his point was when winching the butt plate is down so pulling, second you go to drive off, ie skid sticks out you lift winch off deck and its a lifting operation , all be it a foot or so. does it suck - yes without doubt now imagine you run a crane and winch for years, do some greasing and maybe replace bits when well and truly knackered/wet day maintence time filler.... go out and either lift a good and heavy stick or pull to max of winch and something gives under full load...trip home via hospital if lucky! how would you feel arguing definitions with insurers/hse/relatives then or know that a few hundred quid a year on bits however annoying may have prevented, or maybe time was just up.
  3. hadnt seen that before, very useful. yeah breaking winch ropes when really maxed out isnt fun, bloody lazy i should have walked in to see what was stuck on. employers can be really pushed by insurance to get loler anyway, we certinaly do. kind of view it as an expensive mot for kit now.
  4. shouldnt be applied as pulling not lifting, however depends on employers insurance company, we do ours, tractor loader, impliments for front loader, slings etc. shackles. now for a wee while i was kind of yukk such a hassle and cost, then i broke an 11mm steel winch rope under max load and decided yikes not fun and also independent inspection is definetly better. can be a lil frustrating throwing away winch ropes but we keep the old wires and either weigh in or use to close off lay by entrances instead of expensive chain. long as end chopped off and proof of new purchase loler guy is happy. having destroyed a 5 ton sling only lesson learnt was take a pic or two when taking out of use, ie cutting in two or throwing on bonfire - the proof needed by inspector. forwarder trailer i think definetly needs loler as you are lifting. and to be honest its a safe guard to keep some of worst gear out of use. yeah expensive but when lifting at max load its not a good time to find actually should have been fussier with maintence or repairs... could go wrong quick.
  5. not so sure on splitter but forwarder trailer most definetly yes. any doubt at all on winch rope and skip it - will just fail anyway. have a very good look over both bits of kit, every bush, pin, clip etc to be present as some inspectors can be crazy fussy.
  6. at very least there should be a loler ticket on it, proper gaurds on the pto shaft etc. so maybe if theres a loler inspector near you get them round to view and assist with what needs to bring into use. least then its up to a fairly high standard.
  7. different tractor but had all sorts of weird lights flash and low power eventually due to dirty fuel filters. drained the primary one and resolved long enough to get new ones in.
  8. see my other reply but to be honest if physio didnt look and really spend first half hr discussing and doing a top to toe then time to find another.
  9. i was asked if any problems and foolishly admitted yes had the issues - they jumped straight to havs as scares employers. was junk! There is a huge difference between a ok and excellent physio so if yours isnt great try another, mine is private and reasonable in price.
  10. Had two left sided ones, approx 18 months apart. First one was done opened up properly - 3 months before surgeon would release me back to work....talk about bored! 2nd one keyhole to repair first one, surgeon figured had felt tons better and just been a little too keen. Biggest issue now is right side is vunerable as its got no mesh in compared to loads in left.
  11. i had pain in hands, tingling, numbness, pain in elbow and shoulder for ages - work occupational health was scared of havs so wanted me off for a year which i refused as just seemed to not fit. saw my physio and was discs in neck seized up , few very painful sessions later and all great. now see him couple times a year for a tweak and its fine. so can be referred issues from other body parts, a good physio and once over can rule in our out stuff.
  12. would never do a rabbit fence without digging in a full spades depth. just replacing 200m metres at work where a contractor allowed enough for a few inches touching/folded over on ground - rabbits walk through! an awful lot depends on ground conditions, nice soft digging you can put a trench in fairly quick with spade, if theres no fence to dismantle and nice run with no obstacles depepending on length a mini digger with competent driver do an awful lot in a day. for rabbit fence i always use three plain wires, lets you keep good and neat, strainers in a good 3 foot. can you get a tractor and post knocker in, or hand dig them?
  13. now on 2nd day with stove not lit and finally a day without rain - really want some warm ish dry weather as my knee is killing me in this damp - makes sleep a nightmare. love the dry days soooo much!
  14. glyphosate - mix in paradise also. a membrane may also help if covering up
  15. most good hydraulic repair companies would have one. long shot here but google hays hydraulics aberdeen and give them a ring - their guys work all over country and if not bound to know somebody. mike hays or charlie moir are good folks to speak to there. one of their guys based in aberdeen, lives in ballater was in yarmouth last week or so - they bound to know somebody


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