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  1. Truck trailer and chipper rig?

    Saw this on Instagram, looks like a good idea!
  2. FR Jones Chainsaw Sale: Stihl MS 261 vs Husq 550XP

    My Husky 550 (15" bar) is my favourite saw and the only trouble I've had after 2 years is a rattle in the exhaust. After removing the loose metal causing the rattle it now seems to have 50% more power!!!! If you can get the heated handle for a small extra fee I would recommend. So 550 all the way
  3. Shouldn't Firemen have basic felling training?

    I'm not suggesting firefighters should have tree qualifications to deal with any old windblown trees on roadways,.. I'm suggesting they have knowledge to be able to break down a broadleaf crown should for example a beech collapse on a car with passengers inside. Where time is of the essence and unfortunately arb trucks don't have blue lights and sirens
  4. Shouldn't Firemen have basic felling training?

    I agree, we (I say we as I am a firefighter) should have some basic tree felling/chainsaw qualifications and knowledge. I do believe that some fire brigades and fire and rescue services in this country do have some training, however I can only speak of knowledge of my own brigade. Only the USAR (urban search and rescue) appliances (of which there are very very few compared to standard fire engines) carry a chainsaw, that being the rescue version of the stihl 460 with those super expensive carbide chains (not sure if they have any felling training, probably not). No other appliances in our brigade carry chainsaws. Policy is that, should you attend a windblown tree for example you would make sure there was no life risk cordon off the area and request attendance of, a tree surgeon to deal with the tree. Should there be a life risk, maybe a tree on a car with person inside, it would be more likely that hydraulic and pneumatic rescue equipment (e.g. "Jaws of life, rams and air lifting bags) would be used to release the casualty. I do think chainsaws, breaking down of broadleaf crown and windblown knowledge would be advantageous though
  5. Freelance Climber Avaliable (London and Home Counties)

    All dates are now taken. Many thanks ArbTalk'ers.
  6. Freelance Climber Avaliable (London and Home Counties)

    Wednesday 29th,Thursday 30th and Friday 31st are also now taken.
  7. Freelance Climber Avaliable (London and Home Counties)

    Thursday 9th is now no longer available.
  8. Hi ladies and gents, I have six available days left in march, if anyone is in need of a Climber or Handcutter. I'm based in Sw London but happy to travel, as I usually work in counties surrounding London. Can also work in Norfolk or Cambs as parents live that way. If you want to see some of my work there is a fair amount on my Instagram @fire_and_arb Qualifications are listed below and can provide proof of all including insurance and Loler, should you require it. Cs30,31,32,34/35,38,39,41, Immediate emergency care 1st aid. £5m PL insurance, Saws upto 36" Climbing kit, B+E and HGV (cat C) driving licence Days available are as follows, Thursday 9th Friday 10th Monday 13th Wednesday 29th Thursday 30th Friday 31st If you're interested you can DM me here Or email me on olliebradbury@googlemail.com Or call/text me on 07939288325
  9. Whats fallen out of my 550's exhaust?

    My 372 is still a beast of a saw!
  10. Whats fallen out of my 550's exhaust?

    It does sound like a motor cross bike now and seems to run better for it too! Maybe a bit of your expertise and magic is needed to port it up and make the hole I made look a little better and turn this saw into another one if you monsters spud??
  11. Whats fallen out of my 550's exhaust?

    Picked up my 550 to find a rattle in the exhaust. Fearing that whatever it was might find its way back into the cylinder I pulled this through the exit.... Obviously by pulling this through the exhaust, I've made the exit hole quite a lot bigger. Saw sounds awesome now but do you think it will be detrimental 1 not having this part in the exhaust and 2 that I've made the exit rather large ?
  12. Reductions

    , Today's sycamore in school playground, upto 2m on top and sides, upto 4m over neighbours gardens and crown lift to 5m, not my best work but hey. Will probably be there tomorrow to do the sycamore to the left too
  13. Reductions

    Yesterday's ash reduction, it was broader than it looks, had the joy of another climber up there with me
  14. Reductions

    Nice work
  15. Reductions

    Beech reduction from last Friday


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