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  1. Etesia Atilla 98x, I have one and its a good machine. None of them are cheap! Video of it working on the "Toller Tree Care" facebook page. Working along side what I think is a Grillo climber all next week so we will see how they compare.
  2. Yep, that was my initial impresion with the 280. And yes, they are holding money very well, i think this may also be down to the fact that TW are changing engines in 2020 as well. A fair chunk of it will be finance, i will put down what I can. Cheers Josh. Any one with experience on the Schliesings out there got any coments on that?
  3. Thank you, I popped into landpower a few weeks ago and had a good chat with Amanda.
  4. That actually looks pretty good. Cheers.
  5. Yes, the 230s are awesome bits of kit, the 150 feels inadequate when I go back to it. I really think it is the safe bet that will do pretty much everything I need. You would think if it fits its meant to chip it but I have only once seen a tow behind miss a beat and nearly stall on a big bit of dead Ash.
  6. Very keen to get a tracked machine over the next month or so. I have been going round in circles with the options and would like some opinions. I will still have the road tow TW150 and my work is pretty varied. I have a 10'x5' 3500kg plant trailer on its way so can fit all the options on. 2009 Schliesing 300MXRH(independent lifting tracks) with 1850 hours for £17500+VAT. 7.5"x 9.5" infeed and 45hp turbo kubota. I know they are solid machines(1900kg) but I am still nervous about a machine of this age with a fair few hours on it and seems like a lot of money taking that into account. Maybe I am wrong but it's hard to compare it to anything as they don't come up 2nd hand very often. Pictures of the machine below! I may get this on demo and have a go with it. TW 230VTR - new at about £23,400 and 2nd hand with low hours are holding value very well so new may be the best bet on one of these. This is the safest bet, we all know what they can do and can just about stretch to a new one. TW 280TFTR - It would be a 2nd hand one of these, looking at about £21,500+VAT, 2017 model with 420 hours. I do like the idea of having a bigger chipper but need to weight up if access will be an issue. Forst TR8 or XR8 - I had pretty much ruled out Forst as I am unfamiliar with them and seems like popular opinion TW is better. Lots available 2nd hand from about £16,000. They are still an option, I saw a nice XR (variable tracked) on market place today, £20,000, 2017, 500 hours with a winch that did look tempting, 1-year warranty remaining. What are your thoughts? Have I missed something? I do like the Schliesing but it does worry me getting an older machine. I don't need an embankment chipper, I like the idea of it and would come in handy from time to time and may open up options in the future. It also looks the business and may save a drag or two! https://www.facebook.com/Tollertreecare/
  7. What type of cypress? I live next to stratton.
  8. Ian88


    I have done L1 twice now. You dont need to do any prep for the course, just go there ready to learn and they will show you every thing you need to pass test on last day.
  9. Ian88

    560 oil tank leak

    The saw runs fine, yes, its only bar oil. Just smokey as the oil gets on the exhaust when your cutting.
  10. Ian88

    560 oil tank leak

    Cheers for that. This is an old one, probably within the first year they came out. I will give them a crank up and see if it fixes it.
  11. My 560 has been very smokey recently, took the exaust of and cleaned ot to find where i think its coming from. Hopefully there is a picture to go with this that shows the spot and you can see some oil there as well. Is there an easy fix for this?
  12. I think I spotted some of the stumps with the holes drilled in them. Maybe even saw a laminated sheet explaining.
  13. It is indeed, great spot to spend a few weeks . . . if the weather is kind!
  14. In theory yes, there wont be enough room in our accommodation for others. Pop me an email with where your bassed as we cover a fair bit of ground each year.
  15. I can only assume the relevant permision has been granted with the land owner. The whole woodland is a registered seed stand. I am contractor who carrys out the collection and not involved in registering the stands and obtaining permision ect.
  16. Its a bit of both realy. Travel is covered by the mile and the money is fair. Less than a days tree work but not as much expansive kit in use. The work is good to do, each trip will yield enought seeds to make over a million trees. Its always been a good group of friends I bring up as well so thats good crack. Some times get some skiing in as well.
  17. This will be our 4th trip from Dorset to Scotland for climbing seed collection on native Scots Pine. There will be 5 of us traveling up, renting out a small house. We will be working 10 days between 03/12 - 14/12/18. Aviemore - Dulnain Bridge. I am keen to see if there is a local climber to boost our numbers for a bit of time. They will need to be used to experienced with efficient access into 25m trees(throwline and SRT) and have there own kit to do this. If any one is keen or knows some one who may like this type of work then get in touch. Even if its only a few days they can help on its making connections for the future. Possibly another 2 weeks work in the new year as well. Ian Geddes - 07592413917 info@tollertreecare.co.uk Photo of the trees here -
  18. What side of Dorchester are you working on? I am in Toller Porcorum but will know plenty of places in the area you could find a home for it. How much is a large amount? Oversized?
  19. Got told the same thing by a manufacturer at a show as well, I disagreed with him but didnt feel the need to discuss further.
  20. Interested. I have a broken one after it fell out of a tree
  21. I think I have a parcel at home as well but I didnt have the option for 200/201, only a 150 . . . Is that the same thing?
  22. Bramble wont do any thing to them, my tyres have them stuck in all over and they dont seem to cause a problem. I have had one slow puncture after cutting thorns, the one in the pics above. Just put some gunk in there and pumped it back up. Will do the same in the others if i get a problem.
  23. Great on slopes. Will go up some thing very steep and up to 30 degrees accross the slope. Much better than a mini tractor. Depending on what one you go for I expect it would cost 6-10k. I wouldnt say its designed for pulling a trailer.
  24. That one is a 98x, it is a proper fun machine to use, I did a 10h day on it a few weeks ago, that wasnt so comfy. It realy does get throught the material and very nimble.


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