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  1. I am told from the Aussies complete combustion with no "brands". Fines can be used as well as large charcoal pieces as cooking charcoal. No dust!
  2. (No bread rolls here). We have Shire and Clydesdale horses/foals.
  3. I am looking at the Kon - Tiki kiln. Interesting design!!
  4. Foals doing well. Now starting to have adult coat's so be interesting to see final colour's. (Pictures to follow) Brushing, Lifting feet and starting with head collars.
  5. I think this idea developed in the Swiss Alps is fantastic and I am going to source one. Looks like it will allow a use for brash/pallets/saw mill waste and making charcoal at the same time. So simple and cook lunch on it. Folks on here have them and experience? There are some videos on You Tube.
  6. Is it possible to source spares for the Nuffield?
  7. So here are the pictures of the mares and foals. Colts are called Hurricane and Tornado as both born in bad weather conditions and move so fast!! Mares were confused as look like twins.
  8. How does Elmia show compare to the APF in stands and content?
  9. 38C in the sunshine with brush fire warnings and forecast said snow due next 48hrs.
  10. I am looking for a reliable mail order source of robust Bowsaws/Loppers (with spare blades for Green/Seasoned wood) to use with WWOOF'S on Conservation Work. We have used Bahco and Sandvik blades but need current advice on loppers as a load of rubbish around. Suggestions/pictures welcome as cannot seem to find good hand tools in Norge. Thanks.
  11. Us humans take hours to be born and months to walk but these horses are up and about even a little outside fun into the snow. Last night fine. Mare now snoozing beside the foal. I take some pictures when up later on. These colts are waist high to a large human (head much taller) so will be big. 3YRS mare weighs 800KG and will be 1200KG when finished growing several years time. Thanks on the interest.
  12. Something portable so can be moved between woodlands? I would like to also collect and use pitch.
  13. Springtime and the rules mean no more studded tyres and it's been snowing the last 48hrs and to continue until Saturday. -0C
  14. The most vital area in the groin is often with no protection!!!
  15. In the last week the pedigree Shire Mares and the Clydesdale Stallion have now produced 2 colt foals. I have worked Clydesdales in the woods more than 20 years to earn an income and fund a mortgage and it has been a life long ambition to breed solid working horses. It's still snowing here in the mountains but these animals have been drinking milk within 60 mins and now running around in the shed!! I will post some pictures when work out how to send from mobile to PC. The last time I was this tired was when the children were born. We drove 3000KLMS from Derbyshire via Europe to arrive here in summertime. It was worth standing in the middle of the M25 (close to Stanstead Airport Junction) at 3pm on a Friday afternoon to protect the horsebox when a front tyre blew out at 50mph and almost crashed the truck. Off for some sleep whilst Andrea checks the current foal and I have the night shift.
  16. A portable version on a 750KG single axle trailer would be ideal. I would like to collect wood tars to use for various products.
  17. The trees on that site Birch/Sycamore were in a bad condition and some dangerous the previous people that owned the site there were VERY difficult and made work access into Shining Cliff Woods (National Trust/FC) a real hassle. It would be nice to see an improvement with wooden lodges instead of the horrible plastic caravans.
  18. Europe wide "Petrol" is going to be E10 content which might cause running problems. Diesel now often contains 8% bio diesel. Husqvarna make a new heated handle clearing saw which is designed to run all the time. I had a 240R which did thousands of hours with maintenance of new plugs and air filters without problems.
  19. I borrowed an associates Opel (Vauxhall) van to drive 80 miles to collect various from the Agricultural/Forestry store and when the wife and I started off heard a noise like a UJ's bearing lack of grease. (Stopped and checked but no visible issues) Almost there and sudden severe shaking of steering and so braked when the drivers side wheel came off!! I was doing 60 KLMS at time so managed to stop and the wheel arch caught the tyre so light damage and a few studs ripped out the tread. Turns out NO WHEEL NUTS on and had come loose because he had changed all tyres to winter tread the night before. The local town had an Opel garage with 4 screw bolts to fix the vehicle. Moral is CHECK YOUR NUTS TWICE and after driving 30 miles from changing wheels. (Some of the other nuts were also loose)
  20. There is a new SJ version due out soon. Unsure on same petrol engine. I was thinking about using LPG as that fuel is CHEAP here. In some EU countries a tipping version with canvas tilt now available. The 1.3 diesel 4x4 Panda does 88MPG but no "van" version.
  21. Snowing 2cm an hour at moment. Impossible to see chainsaw/trees through visors so now back to base. Sunshine due all week. Last night -24.9C outside. 30 Norsk Melk Geit Kje arriving next week. Shire mares due to foal soon.
  22. This time looks worse for all us hard working SELF-EMPLOYED whilst the big business as usual have the tax havens. This is because we are leaving the EU soon.


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