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  1. I used a Silverbull for 10yrs before it was finally retired, need another one. Wouldnt go back to a dangler now!
  2. They do yes. Forst in the last year or so, Timberwolf machines arriving in early 2022.
  3. Yep new. Yeh in theory, but Timberwolf isnt in the country yet. Forst is a fair drive and a ferry to the dealers. I think both probably well matched in performance, its more the reliability, fuel usage, life expectancy Im concerned with.
  4. For sure. Ive ran Forst alot, but not a recent model and they have had their reliability issues. Havent ran a Timberwolf in over a decade, and really just hoping someone has ran the newer machine with the Petrol.
  5. Thanks Josh. If I had the choice I would go Jensen no question, always found them the best of the bunch, but I want dealer support so its TW or Forst. Im not too worried about physical size, and there is only an inch between the 280 and Tr8 anyway. A winch would be great, not sure itll be an option here. Whats the issue with electric winches? Do you use yours to drag material to the machine, or just for recovery? Thanks for the input.
  6. Thanks Mick. Im leaning towards the Timberwolf, only really put off by the petrol motor and its fuel consumption. Its a $13k cheaper machine though, thats alot of fuel!
  7. Greenmech not an option. I want dealer support locally.
  8. First off, Im in Canada, so keep that in mind. Currently run an older Bandit 65xl tow behind. Tracked chippers havent really been available locally, ignoring massive Bandits. 2 dealers have started importing British machines, and I think they offer a great niche machine. So, 2 maybe 3 options. 1. Timberwolf 280ftr. Petrol engine. 2. Forst Tr8. 55hp Diesel. 3. Maybe Timberwolf 230tfr, but I dont think its big enough. Real world experiences and opinions please. Fuel consumption petrol vs diesel? Life expectancy, years or hours? Performance? Especially as most machines locally are minimum 10inch. Size/ weight arent huge issues, I think the Forst is slightly narrower, but maybe width on the Timberwolf makes it more stable on slopes? Known issues? Maintainance costs? The Timberwolf is notably cheaper. Thanks Paddy.
  9. Agreed. The hook isnt life support sure, but its been tested and wont itself fail. The whole point of the hooks and grapples is to move horizontally, so obviously pendulum swings are possible. Last thing you want is to pull yourself over to the grapple and it breaks right as the load is at its highest and you are at the worst possible swing point. Buy a hook, keep it for 10yrs, bargain.
  10. Its only a 65, but its pretty hungry. Might be closer to 30mins than 5.
  11. Got the F450 back today. Pleased with the build.
  12. Its coming along. A few bits left to fit and then painted.
  13. I did for a short while in 2013/14. Emigrated in 2014. Mostly for DTS.
  14. Yeh Im in BC, Canada. Its a 7.3 powerstroke. Van is a crappy old petrol, theres a F250 6.0 behind it though.
  15. Its about 4t empty. 8t gvw.
  16. New tree truck in the making. Off to get the body built next week.
  17. Im very intrigued to hear how this goes. Have also looked at the same machine online. Videos of it in action maybe?
  18. Western Red Cedar. Splits easy and straight!
  19. Get it touch when you make it out here, we may have some work for you.
  20. Vancouver has been rated as one of the most expensive citys in the world, but the wages are a little higher. Accomodation is expensive, but I find other living costs reasonable.
  21. There are a few lurkers on here for sure. Im based just north of Vancouver. There is alot of work to be had if you can adjust to the trees and terrain here. I wont be going back to the UK thats for sure.
  22. Does the exhaust vent into the chute like on ours? We find that a bit of green needs to go through before shut down, otherwise wood can get stuck between the drum and housing, sometimes not enough to jam, but will get hot and start smoking.
  23. Yeh its a 540, its good. Im in Canada, so they are standard 1 hand operation, dunno how they are sold elsewhere?
  24. Thats last years pile actually. This years is a fair size bigger already.
  25. Thats the kind of thing I was looking for. Lets hope its closer to the high estimate, but gives me something to work with. Thanks.


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