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  1. Probs dont need air brakes, if it has electric brake controller installed, and appropriate brakes on the trailer?
  2. Be weird if Ford put a general motors engine into their trucks no?
  3. Helical hitch is the bomb if you want to stick to old school climbing style.
  4. Bet its a dirty carb. We have 3, all periodically have the same issue.
  5. It'd be no good in the UK, but its a strong truck. 6lt turbo diesel. I regularly tow 5t plus.
  6. Hope confidently felled that with your truck parked there? Thatd be a good stunt fell! We did 6 of them today, 8 yesterday. All around 40inch dbh.
  7. Close call Mick! Few big Cottonwoods the last 2 days.
  8. 2 days worth of work. Stump measured 108 inches at its widest. The last pic came in at 5000lbs.
  9. Portable winch, Captain Hook, SRT!
  10. Open to anyone that can get a visa to work in Canada. The work is good, mostly conifer removals. Need to be comfortable working in all weather conditions. Good rates of pay, good equipment, good lads.
  11. Bump. Ideally looking for an experienced climber now, but open to anything.
  12. Thanks guys, problem solved.
  13. Anyone able to give me the stihl part number for item 6 in this photo please? Small cover on the front of a 201tcm. Thanls Paddy
  14. Agreed, we are similar in that most wood stays onsite, some of the customers are very perticular about their log sizes, can be a pain at times.


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