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  1. 1 of 2 Spruce Removals today.
  2. Im sure it can work and yield good results. But not 35hp up to 100hp.
  3. It sure is on the small end. Its a niche machine over here.
  4. But you cant just throw a ton more hp into a machine. Its been manufactured to a spec, stick more power in it and itll quickly damage itself. No different to a car, more hp, stronger drivetrain needed, so either heavier, or more expensive. 35hp is plenty for a 6inch machine, but in my opinion 25 is not enough. Timberwolf are not offering the 35horse diesel in the 230 anymore, I believe due to emmisions, so you take your choice based on whats available. I ended up going 230, because I think the 280 is too wide for the type of work I anticipate. Otherwise I would have gone with an 8inch.
  5. Yeh, Id imagine if the 35hp Diesel was still avaiable then it would be a no brainer, but the current 25hp diesel just isnt enough power in a 6inch machine in my opinion.
  6. Yep, Im keen to find that out also. I will be keeping a close eye on it. Extra 12hp with the petrol which is why I chose it over the diesel.
  7. Placed an order in October, and it arrived wednesday. Actually ended up going with a TW230 petrol, spec'd a winch. First day out with it today, and Im well pleased.
  8. Intrigued to know how you are getting on with repairs? I have a Hatz 2m41z, also abit of blue smoke on start up, but clears within a few mins.
  9. I used a Silverbull for 10yrs before it was finally retired, need another one. Wouldnt go back to a dangler now!
  10. They do yes. Forst in the last year or so, Timberwolf machines arriving in early 2022.
  11. Yep new. Yeh in theory, but Timberwolf isnt in the country yet. Forst is a fair drive and a ferry to the dealers. I think both probably well matched in performance, its more the reliability, fuel usage, life expectancy Im concerned with.
  12. For sure. Ive ran Forst alot, but not a recent model and they have had their reliability issues. Havent ran a Timberwolf in over a decade, and really just hoping someone has ran the newer machine with the Petrol.
  13. Thanks Josh. If I had the choice I would go Jensen no question, always found them the best of the bunch, but I want dealer support so its TW or Forst. Im not too worried about physical size, and there is only an inch between the 280 and Tr8 anyway. A winch would be great, not sure itll be an option here. Whats the issue with electric winches? Do you use yours to drag material to the machine, or just for recovery? Thanks for the input.


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