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  1. Does the exhaust vent into the chute like on ours? We find that a bit of green needs to go through before shut down, otherwise wood can get stuck between the drum and housing, sometimes not enough to jam, but will get hot and start smoking.
  2. Yeh its a 540, its good. Im in Canada, so they are standard 1 hand operation, dunno how they are sold elsewhere?
  3. Thats last years pile actually. This years is a fair size bigger already.
  4. Thats the kind of thing I was looking for. Lets hope its closer to the high estimate, but gives me something to work with. Thanks.
  5. Anyone have any thoughts on the best way to estimate volume of a large pile of split loose thrown firewood?
  6. Didnt this chap turn a disco 1 into a tipper? @treequip . Someone did if it wasnt him? Looked tidy!
  7. Unlikely that it wont be on overrun brakes, usually fitted with electric brakes. I think the machines are imported into uk without trailer chassis then mounted onto uk spec chassis? Thatll probably eat alot of any savings you make getting it converted.
  8. Depends on the work you generally undertaking? Are you regularly making long traverses within a tree or between trees? Mine has been 1 of the best climbing equipment purchases I have made in recent years, although I dont have the kit. I use mine on the end of my climbing line. Id say regardless of the 2 rope debacle itll still be a usefull tool if your type of work warrants it.
  9. Any users have knowledge on a 1991 U1200, with the 366A engine? Capacity? Power? General opinions as a tree machine?
  10. Very good harness. Similar in feel to the Tree Motion, but more padding. Im skinny, and the TM D rings always bit into my hips, not a problem with the MB. Not CE marked for the UK though?
  11. 5 days of big takedowns, 4 weeks a month, 12 months a year? Dont think there is enough trees? Wont make for the longest career either Id say.
  12. No one has mentioned Morbark? Dont know the model numbers.
  13. Probs dont need air brakes, if it has electric brake controller installed, and appropriate brakes on the trailer?
  14. Be weird if Ford put a general motors engine into their trucks no?
  15. Helical hitch is the bomb if you want to stick to old school climbing style.


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