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  1. Arborist, Whistler, BC.

    I should add, we are really looking for someone who already has a work visa in place, or is a Canadian resident or citizen.
  2. We are looking for an experienced groundworker, or less experienced climber to join our small crew, based in Whistler BC. Tickets advantageous, but experience and a good work ethic a must. Wide range of work undertaken, but mostly felling and dismantling conifers. Competitive rates of pay. PM for more info. Thanks Paddy
  3. Help, broken down in France, wheel bearing b2500

    I suppose I could abandon my perfectly serviceable truck, although that seems excessive as its only a wheel bearing, however it's full of bikes and work kit as I've been visiting family in the alps. Anyway, I've figured out the parts needed with the help of milners.
  4. Hi guys, looking for advice. I have a Mazda b2500 4x4, 2004. I've been on holiday in France, and the passenger side wheel bearing has completely failed near Dijon, last friday! The recovery garage still hasn't ordered parts, and are quoting 2 weeks delivery time. So, to anyone who has the Mazda or Ranger variants or has worked on them, is the bearing a large sealed type, or a 2 piece deal? As I get 2 options when trying to order. Also is there anything else likely to have been damaged? I am no longer near the truck as I had to drive to my sisters house in the Alps. I'm supposed to be emmigrating to BC on wednesday! Thanks Paddy.
  5. Dying Fir

    Good stuff Reg. Get it before it's dead. Have you moved to the 201tcm?
  6. 9yrs Experienced freelance climber. Available for single days and longer term projects. Looking for work for the winter, maybe longer. All locations considered. Very interested in work in Europe and Scandinavia. Reliable, conscientious, with a wide range of experience in all aspects of arboriculture. All the necessary CS units. C+E driving licence. ND in Arb and Forestry. Many Thanks Paddy.
  7. Douglas fir pruning

    Nice job Reg. Did you thin it at all?
  8. arbtalkers arbtrucks

    Nice reg. We sneaked my 1500 into the back of a property yesterday to avoid carrying the wood out. Not a chance the 350 would have got in.
  9. Best first pick up (cheap)

    Another vote for the Mazda, and a shameless plug for mine for sale. Mazda B2500 Rab Cab. ArbTrader Arborists Classifieds
  10. Standing Stem Logging

    Cool spot Reg. Were you using a wire core cinched up by the topping cut to mitigate any risk of the stem splitting? Thanks
  11. Heli Ride

    Pretty cool Reg. What work were you undertaking?
  12. Canada-BC/Alberta- forestry work

    Like brushcutter says, you need to be a BC faller to work falling trees. English certs are not recognised. You might get work in the forest but not falling. Your gear will be fine, just wash it first. You may have better luck in Alberta.
  13. pulley setup

    All looks good to me, pinto is designed to be used in that configuration. I like the thicker cords, if it grips reliably then its good to go. As Joe said you could remove the spacer, then put the hitch eyes in between the pulley cheeks.
  14. Another bump. Thanks.


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