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  1. that is a way round it and sensible option provided they actually do that
  2. If you employ people Joe what’s the options because as sure as shits brown and smells if one had an accident it would come straight back, obviously depending on the job
  3. Think it depends on what your doing, sun cream on, shorts and a hat doing simple hedge cutting first thing will be fine, full on job with saw pants, boots and a helmet and guys are going to suffer, remember it’s not Monday and Tuesday it will be hard if you get dehydrated or sun stroke you can write the rest of the week off!
  4. I don’t think John is being the “big I am” or slagging another firm off, he was making an honest statement in that it doesn’t look too professional with limited Ppe and I’m with him on that, yes it’s hot but whilst working if I saw my guys up there like that I would be telling them as well. Ftr I would be around the 450 mark to trim that but it also depends on area.
  5. Sorry Hammy, couldn’t resist but hope you get something sorted, have you spoken to Jamie about it?
  6. Agree on that Chris, I love a big Nashers!
  7. Here is a cheap option.
  8. The lower powered chippers won’t throw as well as the bigger stuff and struggle with greens, a mate has the Jensen a530 with a 25hp petrol and that won’t throw leaf to the truck but that is a joke!
  9. But there 6” the Jensen in question is classed as 8”
  10. Don’t think forst do a 24hp diesel but I could be wrong and yes it can be tuned up on the injection pump but that would invalidate the warranty, once out they I wound do it.
  11. Thing is Pete , you can dress it up and re gear it all you want it just won’t have the guts of a more powerful engine, no replacement for displacement and all that, 25hp will be just ok for a 6” machine but no where near for anything bigger.
  12. I wouldn’t buy a 25hp chipper simple as that, well not a proper 6” never mind an 8”
  13. Why’s that then? Surly more pages, more content so more time and effort to build it ???? Didn’t know you were so clued up on web design.
  14. Is it that bad hamish ?
  15. You can have the 37 hp yanmar in some of them but yes most are 25hp and not worth a wank .
  16. I’m just getting to the bottom of a 205ltdrum from rye oils, have let it down with about 15lt of diesel to make it usable, you could almost slice it it was that tacky .
  17. Ta, I’m doing a Beech coffee table, think that will be suitable?
  18. The Bandit looks a good machine, trouble is it’s out classed on specs by the pred 38 both in depth and width, not sure which one would get my money.
  19. What you think of the bandit Paul?
  20. I got one in bits like Matty for a Christmas project and thought it was pretty poor however I got a G660 from the guy in Chelmsford built for a mill and it’s been great and does actually seem of better quality than the parts one.
  21. Indian bean tree. Changed my mind, it is a variation of Tulip tree
  22. So can you have them set up so you can say listen to music through your phone and push to talk with other sets or do you have them voice activated and if so do you get every moan and groan from other people?


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