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  1. Good shout arrived yesterday and are very comfy
  2. That’s probably what I do wrong I don’t reproof them I get about 6 months before they start falling to pieces. I find the cheaper pair than the Yukon’s seem to last longer and are of better material. What do you you use to reproof them?
  3. Okay chap I’ll give them an order and let you know how I get on thanks for the advice
  4. Do you have the same size as normal footwear as I find they are always either too small or to big depending on the brand
  5. Hello need help buying chainsaw boots ordered 3 different pairs and they were just so uncomfortable and tight around my feet like they wasn’t wide enough always found the Oregon’s boots so comfortable but last me a max of 6 months before they fall apart! Need a good quality hard wearing comfortable boot. I’ve tried stihl, arbortec lite, pfanner. Any recommendations
  6. Hello I tend to use the arbortec chainsaw trousers recently started using the brighter coloured ones green/purple. What’s the best way to wash them and keep them looking bright my old pair look like they are about 10 years old the green is more brown than anything. thanks
  7. Nope defiantly not. It would be once or twice a week max I think if we pushed more stumps and then just mainly did stumps I think I would consider keeping the fsi and maybe going a tad bigger. But has anyone on here got a fsi b22? All I’ve heard of good things about it build quality etc.
  8. Not really in my opinion compared to my arborist 130 it’s perfect. We do so much removal of conniver hedges which are hideous to put through a small gravity fed chipper as you spend half the time fighting with it. Where as a roller feed takes it out of your hand and by the time you go to get the next bit it’s always chipped it. Cs100 was ideal for small pruning straight branches.
  9. Well I have a transit custom which I wouldn’t be with out and a 10x5 ifor Williams tipping trailer with chip sides which I hope would be able to transport the sg40 I haven’t checked the measurements of it as of yet. Got a tipper on order which isn’t available until September which could also be used to transport big machinery etc . We mainly only use them on 18 inch stumps hardly ever any bigger we’re always removing leylandi hedges. So wether it’s worth going big of go for a fsi instead or hb20.
  10. I managed to get hold of an arborist 130 a few weeks back which was an upgrade from my cs100 best change ive ever made the 130 for us is perfect not to big not to small going to save me probably £3-5k a year in waste as I’ve got people begging for all the bark chippings, so instead of just chucking it onto the trailer and taking it down the dump at £30 a time. I’m on a winner. But I get your point there ain’t many good machines 2nd hand but really am debating on just going all out and purchasing the sg40 they also do a green that matches the greenmech aha
  11. It’s a tough choice to be honest been offered a brand new fsi b22 for 8 k inc vat but wonder wether it’s worth spending double and getting a bigger machine that I’ll be more than happy with. Was just gonna buy a good 2nd hand tracked chipper but they seem hard to come by.
  12. Stump grinders are so expensive but to be fair there must be really good money in it as most people just specialise in removal of stumps and that’s it.
  13. There’s one or two kicking around online thing is looks like they’ve done a serious amount of work or they are over 10 years old. If your saying the sg40 would only fit into 50% of gardens are you in the big city? Thinking back about the jobs I do because we’re always removing boundaries etc to erect fences after we have removed the stumps etc it would fit in most but I’m in a small town/village
  14. Apparently the hb20 have been discontinued and the last one dean sold at global was £12.5k + vat. For the extra 3.5k I’m wondering wether to just go big or on the other hand the fsi b22 but it’s got a small HP compared to its competitors also looked at the predators which apparently have loads of problems!
  15. To be honest we hire a camon which is never looked after is abused and they never change the teeth after each use so it took us 2 hours today to grind 8 conniver stumps all between 6inch and 24 inch. We mainly remove hedges and then put up a fence in its place so stumps need to be grinder but need something I can own myself which will do no more than 40-50 hours a year as we will only generally use during winter months.


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