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  1. Ian C

    large trees

    You did yours on a bow saw! 🤣
  2. Ian C

    And they wonder why the get ripped off

    You would be surprised how many old folk still think like this, in days gone by there was more trust !
  3. Ian C

    Two 550's, neither firing

    In my opinion the auto tune stuff just runs too lean to last any length of time.
  4. Ian C

    Two 550's, neither firing

    I had a 550 go pop as it was ticking over! Echo are v good, basic old skool but reliable.
  5. Ian C

    Isa Certification vs level 4 Arboriculture

    The ISA cert Arb is a great qualification to have, you can’t compare it to a L4, that’s like comparing an apple to a pear, the ISA route is a great qual for a small business owner or working arborist or anybody “on the tools” it’s also v cost affective and easy studying as there are no time constraints. Will it get you a consultant or TO job ? No but it’s not designed to, it’s a basic working mans qual to help in everyday working arborists life and it’s far better than having nothing! I just wish I had the brains to do a L4 or 6 !
  6. Ian C

    Spying on subcontractors

    You have just answered you own question, don't work for them! simples. We work for many big firms and don't really do "day rates" price per job only and never had any problems however if there paying you by time then yes they have every right to moan.
  7. Ian C

    TW125 stolen in Kent

    Matty I get where your coming from and yes I agree, trackers arnt the be all and end all and every situation is different.
  8. Ian C

    Tight spot Take down

    How you liking the battery top handle Reg ?
  9. Ian C

    Small winch on 6" Timberwolf

    We have a biggish warn winch fitted to a 8” tracked jensen, it’s good and Jensen’s are better built that a tinny wolf but electric winches are really for rescue, yes you can pull trees etc with them but there hard on batteries and the winch motor as it will get maxed out all the time, our big Bandit has a hydraulic winch and designed fir pulling all day, if it gets maxed out it simply won’t pull but it won’t burn out!
  10. Ian C

    TW125 stolen in Kent

    To be honest it probably better to spend the extra money on security and trackers for plant and not insure them as in reality we rely on insurance co but there usually as bad as the thieves, my plant ins was 2k last year, I'm going to cancel it next year and pay out for trackers I think
  11. Ian C

    TW125 stolen in Kent

    Sorry to hear mark, I know the feeling well! Hope you get sorted soon. Insurance co are twats, they can actually refuse to pay out for being under insured! If you need a loan machine I have an Arb 150 you can borrow, have to collect though .
  12. Ian C

    Predator p38 vs bandit zt

    Weight won’t be much of an issue being tracked , they spread the weight better than wheeled . Not used either so can’t comment .
  13. Ian C

    New Business Minimum Requirements

    Think it depends where in the uk your starting but I would think of something else, the uk is swamped with small tree business all fighting over work and under cutting in price, What do you need? In the domestic market, nothing.... and many don’t !
  14. Ian C

    what's up with swearing?

    No I quite happy here thanks and yes you are way off base!
  15. Ian C

    what's up with swearing?

    Pretty much It’s just a big roundabout!


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