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  1. You can only pay staff what your business can afford and, you can only win work by being competitive it’s as simple as that, 40k for a groundy or even a climber is dream money, there are simply too many people at it and too many people who are basically glorified gardeners that end up de valuing the industry. My wife is a senior sister (nhs) with 30 yrs in with a degree in her specialty who isn’t on 40k, one of the guys who works for me is ex paramedic who did 12 hour shifts inc nights who was in 35k so a tree man in this day and age when everyone who can cut a tree is a tree surgeon ain’t going to get 40k in the books!
  2. Can these be used as a “ helper” set up? As in you keep the springs but have theses as well? Also I can’t find a price on the site .
  3. That’s it in a nutshell, just ordered another mate for a 461.
  4. I think your right but Khriss will know, he knows most things! I
  5. GB bars are lovely bars, I'm slowly going over to them on all our saws as they ware out.
  6. It has been known for me to be wrong, not very often mind!
  7. Fair enough, some will but i don't know and small builders round me with on the books staff, i would say most are SE and payed cash.
  8. Most small builders work out of a van or garage and can get customers to buy materials so dont need to show them on there turnover
  9. The pred/ laski 360 is a good little machine, basic yes but ours has earned its cost many times over.
  10. Builders generally don’t have “on the books” staff, pensions paye etc and little over heads.
  11. I’m really not sure you have been fed good information, Greenmech are as well built as anything else out there mainstream and better that a lot of others, I have run a good few GM machines and had little issues, as for Forst, I had 2 and both were terrible on reliability! If I buying another small machine it would be GM TW Jensen or shitslinger!
  12. We had one for a while, good little machine, very capable and well built but I was never a fan of the roller set up, the new Evo is a different level .
  13. Yes most councils want it in meters now simply because it’s much clearer and less open to interpretation.
  14. Does it state the salary on offer? I couldn’t see it, not for me but I’m sure most will want to know.
  15. Ian C


    Why you having a pop at me again!


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