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  1. That the one of flebay i take it? i was considering buying it but the seller didn't answer this phone or email on numerous occasions, never use either so cant really help but i would guess there there will be a difference in throughput due to the extra power. My only concern with that machine was if it had been "blown over" for sale .
  2. Deano you babe, how ya doing?
  3. Nptc and or collage quals, without at least tickets your a labourer.
  4. Depends how you want to do it, proper job, strip down, bead blast re spray and re build or just blow it over and roll it in glitter. I would say anywhere from 500 quid to 5k
  5. Cracking little saws Josh, I sold our 150s about 3 yrs ago and got a brace of 2511’s fantastic little things, I know what you mean about the on off switch, I wish they would make them spring loaded so always live like the 540t .
  6. It depends of what your doing i guess, as say a one man band plumber, sparks etc then i guess no its not as you buy limited tools etc but in the tree game everything i buy Tools, Fuel, vans, chippers etc etc all have vat on so i may as well get it back, theres lads round me who trade on not being VAT reg but what they don't realise is there running costs are much higher than mine, basically IMO if your in business and having to deal with other businesses for what ever reason its better to be VAT reg.
  7. Unpaid yes but your reward is being able to claim back all the vat others have charged you that you wouldn’t be able to if you weren’t vat reg!
  8. That's harsh Eggs! remember the 660 of Johns? who told porkies then! I think Mike has it nailed! Ok i confess i was doing 55mph, she got a wiggle on so i slowed down and all was good, that shounds shit though so i went for the 120 story.
  9. Ok ok, fair cop it was actually 110mph not 120!
  10. I got a snake on with our loader on the back of the Landy on the motorway, I just floored it to 120 and all was good, I have big balls though !
  11. The great man! one of my lifelong hero's.
  12. I'm on my third engine from new, the Honda one was crap from the off and never ran right, let go after a year so i just 13hp chinky engines on it, there new for about 200 quid and to be honest i have had v little if any trouble from them. 20 mins to swap over, its a 1" shaft, these engines on small grinders have a hard life but at a couple hundred a year it earns far more in that time.
  13. That looks costly Mike!
  14. I agree, Emma is v nice, that Humphries bloke looked a bit of a nonce!


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