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  1. Ian C

    Check a trade

    Contacted me today with same offer, not interested as imo there open to abuse and just another legalised scam
  2. Ian C

    How to write content for your tree surgery website

    Some good advice there Steve but there again as you know round me there is one of the shittist sites ever that never get updated but always ranks high in page one !
  3. Ian C

    Need a woodchipper

    For that money with a trailer as well your going to be lucky to even get an owd knackered machine, simply not worth the hassle as it will need constant attention, put that money down as a good deposit on a newer machine.
  4. Ian C

    Quick Favourite Meals

    Slice chorizo and olives pesto and Penne pasta mixed through
  5. Ian C

    6 June 75 years ago

    No your obviously blind !
  6. Ian C

    6 June 75 years ago

    Just a shame it wasn't really worth it, my grandad will be spinning in his grave if he could see the shit hole of a country dictated to by errrrrrr the Germans!
  7. One of the problems is that people plant trees like this on boundary’s, you can’t blame the neighbor, to them it may be a pita , people need to plant trees “in” there garden not on a boundary
  8. Ian C

    Pollard too aggressive?

    There obviously wasn't any in it! They did right, its been Pollarded years ago and no point tickling that as it will be back in the blink of an eye.
  9. Be a mear flesh wound in Yorkshire, put a plaster over it and crack on !
  10. Ian C

    Isa Certification vs level 4 Arboriculture

    Thanks, yeah I guess I could do it just not sure I have the time and commitment at my age, also the cost is pretty big!
  11. Ian C

    Checkatrade Offer

    I have thought about it but after asking others in the industry, one quite large and well known firm they basically all said the same thing, won’t be renewed as it hasn’t really worked! Where’s the poll ?
  12. Ian C

    Chain grinder

    Hand grinders are ok, the plastic ones are pony though and don't last long, get a good quality one and it will last and be accurate.
  13. Ian C

    Tachometer regs

    Most modern travellers know the rules, no issue with Showmen or true gypsies at all, what I was getting at was most of the modern travellers know this and use that ruling.
  14. Ian C

    Tachometer regs

    I got pulled by VOSA about 5 years ago near Oldham for an under inflated tyre on a trailer, they went through every thing, axle weights etc etc but couldn't find any thing then came the distance from base, I was just under the 100k rule so no action was taken but I did mention our travelling friends and the answer was if there in the showman's guild (most of the are as they know all the rules) then distance from base isn't applicable along with some other rules we have to stick to!
  15. Ian C

    Tachometer regs

    If your in the “ showman’s guild” these rules don’t apply! We know who is a member don’t we!


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