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  1. Is the easy lift harness still on the go ?
  2. We have 5 mil only because most of my commercial clients want it, don’t do council work so 10mil is over kill
  3. Wants another 10k on that !
  4. How do you not know! Mmmmmm thought so! its impossible to be worse that that snake Cameron and treason May.
  5. The Dolmar would be my least favourite, it’s a poor design imo and having had a dolmar for five years it’s gone pop twice and that’s on Aspen fuel ! Stihl then husky then Echo
  6. eBay = knackered or nicked! Ok not everyone but most fall into those categories
  7. And you come across as a complete twat! You wind your neck in !! Bojo is the best we have had for a long time, if the jocks want independence let em have it , let’s face it jimmy crankie is going to make a great leader !
  8. and this is why the industry is slowly going tits up! that really is working for nothing!
  9. you can borrow my Mrs if you want!
  10. I agree, Paul does a great job for the AA but it seems like a one man band in many ways, just wish it was more visible to the wider masses.
  11. Whats he's saying is 1.3 mil is bugger all when you start TV adverts etc etc its a fairly small amount in the grand scheme of things.
  12. Fair points Paul and I’m not having a dig at all
  13. Speak to Gray Git on here and Josharb, there s loads of others as well
  14. You are, and to answer your question no they don't, I have never been asked by either domestic or commercial clients to be AAAc! I agree its nice to have an industry body and to be recognised but apart from your 3rd party look over what is the real benefit? I so want there to be one but I just cant find it. The AA sell the scheme to the industry but in reality should be selling it to clients!


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