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  1. The Bandit looks a good machine, trouble is it’s out classed on specs by the pred 38 both in depth and width, not sure which one would get my money.
  2. What you think of the bandit Paul?
  3. I got one in bits like Matty for a Christmas project and thought it was pretty poor however I got a G660 from the guy in Chelmsford built for a mill and it’s been great and does actually seem of better quality than the parts one.
  4. Indian bean tree. Changed my mind, it is a variation of Tulip tree
  5. So can you have them set up so you can say listen to music through your phone and push to talk with other sets or do you have them voice activated and if so do you get every moan and groan from other people?
  6. Ian C

    Speed Wrecking

    What a cock!
  7. I would add extra on if a customer had started the job as nothing will be cut right and will be a rats nest of shite, also we generally only chip what we have cut for reasons stated above.
  8. Once you start getting that on the floor you will realise why it was 1300 quid! Ask yourself this, if your house needed re wiring would you be asking sparks how to do it? I guess not, why ? well because it’s dangerous if you don’t know what your doing so you would either leave it or pay for it, it’s pretty much the same thing your looking at doing but all the best with whatever you decide.
  9. Looks like it’s weeping from the timing gear cover, make sure all the bolts are nipped up first, failing that pop the timing cover off, clean both surfaces and use a new gasket or a sealant and nip back up.
  10. There nothing special, size will be on the belts and just go to your local agri place.
  11. Hope you had good money on that to be doing it with a small machine it looks painful.
  12. Probably done to BS 1945 standard!
  13. Ian C

    Apprentice schemes

    I agree Paul, there is a lack of young blood, that’s for a reason, you can earn more clicking a mouse or working in other trades where your not busting ya balls day in day out!
  14. Ian C

    Apprentice schemes

    I have been there a few times Hodge, it’s a reasonable commitment in both time and costs but the biggest part is finding the right candidate, no point in investing in a person who is just going to leave and set up on there own when college finishes or who scared of hard work 3 months into the course, not sure I would do it again, if I did I would be putting clause’s into there contact.


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