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  1. Ian C


    Generally the yanks don’t do good small stuff, I run Bandit and love it but many don’t, if I was after sub 750 on a turn table it would be a QC if not on a turn table I would go tw 230 or forst st6p ,over 750k I wouldn’t have a 6” machine , I like the bandit 75 but many don’t so main stream it would be tw 280 GM Arb 200 or Forst st8 ‘ there just so much more productive , just my opinion .
  2. Ian C

    LED worklight supplier

    Gray Git is ya man, I forgot the firm he used but there v good.
  3. Ian C

    Husqvarna 365

    365 is a belting old skool saw for not a lot of money, they will out last any of the Auto tune crap. 28" will be pushing it on a 365 though, 20" and there nice.
  4. Ian C

    Shame on you

    Stevie wonder tree services !
  5. Ian C

    Draw on tree Picture / illustrate Work

    I have been on it for about 16 months, took some getting used to but it has changed how we quote, it looks great when the customer gets the quote and it transfers into a job sheet for guys to work from with specs, tools needed, risk assessment etc but everybody will have there own way but for me it’s the best 50 quid I spend every month!
  6. Ian C

    Draw on tree Picture / illustrate Work

    Google street view can be years out of date, arb pro pics are always up to date .
  7. Ian C

    New Truck Advice

    All 3.5t vans/ trucks are limited to payload a transit will have at best 800k probably less depending on your truck body, grafters don’t rust like ford do but all commercial vans have a hard life it depends on how there looked after.
  8. I don't think you will get many contractors to touch that job and if they will I would check there PL insurance v closely as any cock ups will come back to you and them and the consequences will be serious! BR can trim back there side with out asking you just the same as you can on a neighbours tree but that doesn't mean there under any obligation in regards to maintenance, your the owner and there your property so you are responsible for them. Not sure what you can do to be honest, whatever the out come its going to cost you plenty, they shouldn't of been allowed to get so big in the first place and now they have you stuck between a rock and a hard place.
  9. Ian C

    How to quote/find potential contracts

    Also be v careful with cash flow, it’s easy to get all excited at that 3 or 4K job but they can kill your cash flow!
  10. Ian C

    Company House Registration

    Just get an accountant to sort it, you will need one anyway
  11. Ian C

    How to quote/find potential contracts

    Depends on what size commercial firms your wanting to work for? Small local house builders yeah send a letter to the boss, bigger firms you are going to need a raft of paperwork inc Cscs chas, or another SSIP and get to know the qs as it’s these guys that sorce contractors and do the deals, it’s not easy and not the gold mine many think it is, sure you can earn good money but be prepared for 45 day terms, and don’t say “well mine are 30” as they make the rules mostly, it’s not as easy as it sounds.
  12. Ian C

    Weight in motion

    There is a weight in motion site not far off Boston spa , wetherby, the guy wouldn’t tell me exactly where but basically said it’s not a million miles from out current weight bridge! I guess in many ways it’s a good thing as it will stop vastly over loaded 3.5t vans , a pic he showed us in the course was a transit panel van pulled at wetherby and grossed off at 6.5t !!!! Full of soil and rubble when they opened the doors.
  13. Ian C

    Weight in motion

    I agree stubby but this isn’t about speed, they have that well covered ,this is about vehicle weights, your basically being weighed without knowing it, soon m ways and duel carriage ways will be a no go for most guys running small vans in this job!
  14. Ian C

    Weight in motion

    It’s pretty amazing technology, I was shown a print out of what the system shows and it’s hard to argues agains it if caught, it’s cross referenced with anpr so tells what the vehicle is, who it belongs to , plated weight , colour etc but then tell the actual weight at that time and which axels are over weight!
  15. Ian C

    Weight in motion

    Any one come across this yet? It’s still fairly new but will be getting fitted to all major roads over the next few years, this will have a big impact on guys running 3.5t trucks or vans as you won’t ever know you have been nicked until it’s too late, I hit some info at a new operator seminar I had to go on as part of the o licence being granted, there will be no where to hide soon !


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