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  1. I found out with 2 machines on a good few occasions! Bandits don’t seem to have the same problems strangely enough !
  2. So let me get this straight, you have just paid out say 15k on a machine but don’t want to pay 250 quid for one of the most important bits of the machine! I doubt your warranty would be honoured is damage was caused by blade failure from non gen blades!
  3. So you’ve just bought a brand new chipper and going to get some made? Why not just buy genuine blades from forst? One thing I wouldn’t use is patten knives! Forst back up is fantastic, but you will need it!
  4. Ian C

    New Defender

    in 10 yrs time with 85 ECU's it wont be worth having !
  5. Ian C

    New Defender

    I think there ok but that's about it, too many electronics as per normal LR, 85 ECU's that's 84 to many, prices wont hold like the old ones that's for sure look at a 10 year old D4 compared to new there cheap, my 2012 110 hard top is still worth 12k with 120k on the clock! Long term I think LR has had its day, they had 3 years to get it right and IMO done ok but not great. Reliability will be its downfall, my 110 has been superbly reliable but then again there not a lot to go wrong unlike the modern LR stuff.
  6. Ok so validation is probably the wrong word, what I mean is I want confirmation that the council has got the notification, like attached. I always get on of these and insist on it, councils are a law to them selves and I cover my arse very well!
  7. what bollard is it?
  8. It doesn't but it still needs to be Valid and accepted by the council hence it needs to be validated. All my councils will send a validation letter out and its then 6 weeks from validation date, you cant just chuck an email in and count the days from that day, well you can but its a dangerous game!
  9. It needs to be validated by the council first so I would call them.
  10. All this will achieve is to divide an even more divided industry, what we really need is higher skilled climbers and better time scales in the utility sector not more knee jerk reactions that will have a massive affect on those firms that try and do things properly!
  11. Which sort of spoils the whole idea, a single rope but with two! Mmmmmm not quite right is it !
  12. yes and I use then raguly, but there again I still be me hands dirty!😂
  13. I don't see this an "evolution" its a totally backword step IMO, better skilled workers is the best move, a bad mechanic doesn't get better by having more spanners!
  14. Im with Pete on this one, rather than simply throw more kit at the job and have ropes all over the place making the job even harder better training and education is whats needed. what if 2 points fail do we add 3 and so on? utter crap, its more like another knee jerk reaction from people who make more money doing SFA sat in ivory towers because they know best. Whats the AA doing about it Paul? I know you have demonstrated what we do but are you actively telling them this is crap or just accepting it because it the HSE?


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