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  1. thanks, it looks like the new sherpa models have a different headstock to the older ones, the skidsters have the same as the normal sherpa headstocks so they should fit straight on.
  2. Thanks mate, yeah I have had a look at the Sherpa grab and that possibly the best way to go, I take it Sherpa attachments fit straight on a skidster
  3. Is that the standard log grab that sherpa sell? does it swivel at all and I take it that will fit a skidster?
  4. Hi Alex, what grab is it you have on the skidster please?
  5. Any machine under 50hp will be very poor on hydraulic drive, that FSI will be pony at 25hp and the bandit is 5k cheaper! theses will be a good hire machine for landscapers etc as they can’t easily fuck em up.
  6. Ian C

    Bit rough

    That is shit.
  7. Labradors are so last year mick, it’s golden retrievers!
  8. Engine parts are easy enough, machine parts are same as predator 450 or the equivalent machine so yes would be easy enough, what you needing ?
  9. Don’t waste your money, biggest load of crap ever, best thing to do is develop your own website with a good web development company like Arbtalk media and Steve Bullman, you will get more success and don’t believe the shit that they will have your phone ringing in days!
  10. They lost me when bugger all happened over the Bartletts pop felling fuck up!
  11. Anyone have husky technical boots ?
  12. I tend to move on if an item is out of stock, pisses me off when some suppliers say in stock but when you order it’s actually out, no name mentioned, wouldn’t bother with scouse dealers as it’s probably nicked anyway! Joking aside skyland have always been spot on with delivery and honesty.
  13. Am sure there is, I just never see any!
  14. Personally I wouldn’t touch used trailers again, well not ya run of the mill stuff, more specific stuff like big tippers trailers then yes but your average plant trailers I would always go new simply because there is so much nicked stuff and if there not nicked there fuct, see it in every advert, “Brakes need adjustment “ “lights need looking at” “ could do with wheel bearing adjustment “ etc etc the down side to new is they easily become new nicked trailers!
  15. What’s a small vehicle? To the traffic commissioner anything over 3.5t is HGV , no such class as a small HGV, you will be lucky to get permission to park at a domestic property if your being honest on your o license application as one part of it is you have to show you can enter, turn round and leave easily. That said you could use a local yard, get it and then park at your place, Joe Public can’t tell the difference between a 3.5, 4.5 or 7.5 ton most of the time, just don’t piss locals off.


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