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  1. stick with your job atm ... try and get some experience either weekend or days u are off during the week........having tickets is essential if you want to work large utility or woodland based companys......personally i wouldnt go down the forestry route
  2. i bought a brand new tw230vtr(3yrs now).............any breakdowns have been small and ive done them myself...waste of time and money running to dealers unless its major. would only buy new or 1 to 2 year machine now
  3. theres not many steep banks that the modern harvesters and forwarders cant do... even then they just cut a road in and fell to it
  4. Used to own Ford County 924 with big wheels all round...water filled front tyres......igland double drum 3000.............ran it till it dropped .sold it to tractor breakers...cant say i miss it LOL
  5. really depends on size of trees and slope of ground..hard to gauge without pics...2 ton beech in a plantation could easily be 80ft .......within 15ft of the power line i doubt SP would want them direct felled.
  6. on a side note if these trees are within 2 trees lengths from the power lines, they will have to be climbed and dismantled
  7. its just a glorified directory.......tried the free 2 months trial period.......lack of phone calls from them and it took a few phone calls to get then to cancel membership..........people are using Mybuilder and bark etc.........no need to phone several contractors ..place an ad and get contractors to ring u at no cost..........its the way the markets going in the domestic market
  8. its the sheer cost of collecting a single log
  9. slasherscot


    Fell an old large european larch........rings were that tight we had to use a magnifying glass to count them.........turns out 186 years........ideas what to mill it into
  10. take the plug out and squirt some wd40 into cylinder and start it up
  11. i have a venom 22ton road pull............splits everything.....well worth the money
  12. husqvarna 254..........raise the bar in chainsaw performance
  13. seems pretty stupid way of killing off trees and not getting found out
  14. had checkatrade phone me...offering first 2 months for £25 vetting fee..with the option of cancelling at the end of 2 months.. maybe worth a shot??
  15. chain on back to front🤣🤣😂😂😂 j/k
  16. Eurodisney......rather listen to what the FC have to say........the only thing with felling all the ash..is that u may be felling healthy ash that have a resistance to the disease
  17. i think he will be dealing with scottish law🤣🤣🤣
  18. so if u wrote off his old digger..you would buy him a new one😂😟😂....a new 550xp is around £500...if u get £250 off him i would be happy
  19. was a very poor ending...rather stayed in bed 😂
  20. maybe best asking ur client😂😂😂😂
  21. can u not try and use an external pto hydraulic pump ......old tractor hydraulics are usually too slow
  22. GC uses android phones though......they are all the same......green..blue or orange tee shirters......they want to take the credit for the subbies work


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