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  1. Never seen seen this moth before.......Garden Tiger Moth......seems there are not so common anymore..
  2. timberwolf 230vtr............i have a cut on a track...looking to change it.......what is the correct size........i have T3004T.......1517506........eorocomac on the track...........they came fitted on it when i bought the chipper new....spectrum dont recognise the numbers..ty gordon bell

  3. Knocked head of stika straight onto road..no signs no cones 20200513_173637.mp4
  4. i know i would be doing another job or 2 that day if that was the first job😂😂😂😂
  5. slatted is best.....felt is a waste of time...spend a little more on metal or onduline roof sheeting....and the bigger the better......at least 6ft high so u dont hit ur head getting some logs in on a dark wet night😂
  6. £1000 is way over the top for that tree.......easy job plenty of room.....2 guys +chipper in the morning.......£500 tops
  7. the reason to not work is simple to me........u cant stop cross contamination to either one of your staff or yourself.. u could pick it up from a gatepost, side of a tree whatever, the virus can live for up to 72hrs, and u could pass it onto the next job u go to....or onto your workmates or take home with you to your family. We are on call for emergency tree work for a client.......which we will do if necessary.....but it will only if its dangerous to the public at large. Keep safe guys...
  8. free coffee and biscuits???😁😁😁😁
  9. been to Dent many moons ago working railway deveg....stiff old climb from garsdale up to it, beautiful part of the country when the sun is shinning
  10. is the stress kicking in too late?
  11. u can download it from timberwolf website
  12. from what ive heard the Kinetic doesnt have a certified cab...and they arnt in a hurry to make 1 for the UK market, so some of bigger forestry management group wont let on their land, worth bearing in mind and checking if you go down that route.
  13. changed to silentnight mirapocket mattress..........much better on my back
  14. someone is bound to have a pump for it new or second hand...have you a serial number for it and google it
  15. a lot americans are using wood to heat their whole homes , here it mostly a room heater.
  16. just happened today..the guys been arrested..more details later
  17. my mate got a result today.......this stolen stihl stone cutting saws were taking in for a service where he had bought them from 🤣😂🤣
  18. 2 wicker baskets..........dont need much kindlers..fire in much of the time
  19. go the utility way, good steady work and pick up as manyextra tickets as u can.
  20. A small tip..........when the wife has let the fire go down to last few hot embers( happens every night🙄🙄). pull all the embers to the front glass and then put ur logs in....gets the fire going quicker
  21. as side note......I did my first job for Drax the other day, done the full circle
  22. First job on my own was for Shotton Forestry, woodland management side of BSW, the woodland manager was Mathew Rivers who went on MD at UPM tilhill and now chairman at Drax .......was a 1 mile clearance of stika spruce for new forest road at Carsphain......we just had to fell and cut into 2m lengths and stack manually at the side.......when the road was made...timber wagons went along and lifted straight onto wagon...it was the hottest 3 weeks u could imagine........the cleggs were flying at you in battle formation..... after work every day we went to the river/stream for a swim to cool down...the water was nice and warm
  23. i wouldnt worry too much,,,u live not too far from the scottish border..in fact probably was scotland at one time........if u lived south of the watford gap maybe jail time😂😂😂😂


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