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  1. Hello Arbtalkers, Could I please ask your advice? The neighbouring properties are threatening court action unless works are undertaken to crown lift these pines that are situated to the rear of our property. Their basis is due to a lack of light as well as heavy needle shed into their gardens from the low hanging branches that hang over their boundary. My question is, will removal of the low hanging branches cause disease or kill the trees if the works are completed at this time of year? I would’ve preferred to hold off until Spring, but I know this is not going to be possible due to heavily increasing demands of the neighbouring homeowners. Would be delighted to hear your thoughts as receiving mixed signals from contractors and ultimately the survival of the trees is most important. Thanks
  2. Good morning all. I recently enquired about having this leylandii removed. Because of its close proximity to the building and fear of falling during the high winds. I received a quote so far for £1,000. To fell to stump and remove all debris. Seems a little expensive to me. I am based in the East Midlands, could you help me to identify the going rate for such a job so that I can determine whether the quote is high end or low. What would you quote me to remove? TIA
  3. Thanks K for your advice. Can you explain the black and white discolourations in the sapwood that is pictured? I’m trying to identify the cause of the decay and what it is exactly.. thanks Jess
  4. Here are some additional photographs to help diagnosis.
  5. Hi, I was hoping somebody could help me determine the longevity of this Norway Maple. I believe it may be suffering from verticillium wilt. There’s evidence of bark cracking on the trunk of the main leader. Some quite significant cankers too. Roots are surfacing. Have cut some branches to take samples and identify internal issues. Based on the following photographs could somebody help identify the problem here? Would like to preserve the tree if possible but it is situated next to public foot path, if considered dangerous to public will seek felling. Would be a shame! Is there any corrective actions that can be taken to preserve the longevity; ie cutting back all infected branches? The roots are also a concern, evidence of cracks in surface roots possible from the lawn mower guy? Will upload more images if needed. Thank you.


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