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  1. Timberwolf Official

    timberwolf 230 fan not working

    Hi Jose - Thanks for posting your question. Our technical team will contact you directly.
  2. Timberwolf Official

    Stress management ch25 1997

    Hi Phil - Thank you for posting this question. We have messaged you directly.
  3. Timberwolf Official

    Interested in a TW160 PH.

    Hi Gaz, Your local Timberwolf dealer, Winchester Garden Machinery, can offer you a demonstration of the TW 160PH. You can find their contact details here: https://www.timberwolf-uk.com/dealers/winchester-garden-machinery-ltd-head-office/
  4. Timberwolf Official

    Timberwolf 280 radiator clean

    Hi @Treeman123 Cleaning the area around the radiator should be done daily, as outlined in the manual. If the environment is extremely dusty it will clog quicker, and so cleaning may be required more than once a day. You are correct in the direction you are blowing the debris out and there is no need to remove the radiator
  5. Timberwolf Official

    Timberwolf vtr230 feed rollers

    Hi Based on your comments the most likely cause will be with the green bush or shear bolts in the non drive side of the rollers. If badly worn, they will allow the rollers to run out of parallel, probably jamming to a point where the pressure relief valve blows. To be absolutely certain of the cause of the issue we recommend you contact your nearest Authorised Timberwolf Dealer so they can inspect your machine.
  6. Timberwolf Official

    Need Hellp

    Hi David, we have a distributor in Portugal who might be able to help. Here's a link to their contact details : https://www.timberwolf-uk.com/dealers/florestral-maquinas-e-equipamentos/
  7. Timberwolf Official

    Timberwolf 125 issue

    Hi Jack, our Technical Support team are here to help! Please contact them at @technicalsupport@timberwolf-uk.com or by calling 01449 765800 and they will be able to help with the issue you're experiencing.
  8. Timberwolf Official

    Timberwolf tw150 feed roller problem

    Hi cgs, if you still need assistance please get in touch with our technical team at technicalsupport@timberwolf-uk.com or give us a call on 01449 765800
  9. Timberwolf Official

    Timberwolf 150 reconditioning

    Hi Steve, Your local Authorised Timberwolf Dealer will be able to help - They are called Davies Implements https://www.daviesimplementsltd.co.uk/ Don't forget to register your machine with us too (and join our Owners Club for extra treats!) https://www.timberwolf-uk.com/about/owners-club/
  10. Timberwolf Official

    Entec Ch25 Roller Box blades and grease

    Thanks Steve - have done that now so hopefully will get notified in future
  11. Timberwolf Official

    Entec Ch25 Roller Box blades and grease

    Hi TuscanPhil, sorry but it still seems we have an issues receiving notifications from the forum outside of the Timberwolf Technical Help section that was recently created. Our Technical Support Engineer has the following advice for you: "Any grinding of roller blades will shorten their usable length and affect the relationship between upper and lower roller, thus smaller material feed may be a problem. Patched countersunk roller screws may need a nut welding on the head to facilitate removal. Torque settings are in the manual The machine is the early version of TW 125 so the manual online can be referred to if you doesn’t have the original" https://www.timberwolf-uk.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/TW125PH_April2017.pdf If you have a technical enquiry please do contact us directly as we don't constantly monitor the forums - https://www.timberwolf-uk.com/contact-us/
  12. Timberwolf Official

    Safety Recall Notice for some TW 230DHB wood chipper

    Hi everyone, With regards to your questions: Warren: The only machine affected by the recall is the TW 230DHB Skyhuck: You do not have to buy from an Authorised Timberwolf dealer to have your machine registered with us, it is something you can do yourself through our website. If you visit the recall web page you can download a copy of the Recall letter and if you fill in the form we can register the machine to you too. https://www.timberwolf-uk.com/230dhb-recall/ Swinny: The chassis will be changed by your Dealer so please contact them. They have been briefed by us and given everything they require to make chassis changes.
  13. Timberwolf Official

    Safety Recall Notice for some TW 230DHB wood chipper

    Hi Swinny, all registered Timberwolf TW 230DHB owners will receive a letter in the post describing next steps required. Our dealers will inspect all affected machines and the replacement chassis beams will have an extended 3 year warranty, regardless of how old the machine is. For more information and to submit an enquiry please visit https://www.timberwolf-uk.com/230dhb-recall/ or contact your local Authorised Timberwolf dealer.
  14. Safety Recall Notice for Timberwolf Chipper model TW 230DHB. If you own a TW 230DHB chipper & it requires a recall, you will shortly receive a letter detailing required next steps. If you need further information please contact your local dealer or visit https://www.timberwolf-uk.com/230dhb-recall/
  15. Timberwolf Official

    TW 190 parts

    Hi Timb All the part numbers you require will be within your machine manual and can be purchased through any authorised Timberwolf dealer. If you do not have the manual you can download one from the Timberwolf website. Hope this helps


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