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  1. Hello Lux, sorry to hear you're experiencing a problem with your TW 150. Could you please call us on 01449 765800 and ask for Technical Support and we will help diagnose the issue and offer a solution. Alternatively you can email us at technicalsupport@timberwolf-uk.com
  2. Hi Sam, our Technical Support Team can't seem to get through on your email address. Could you please email us at technicalsupport@timberwolf-uk.com or call 01449 765800.
  3. Hi Sam – Thank you for your message and we’re sorry to hear that your having issues with your machine. We have passed your comments on to our technical department who will be in touch directly. Kind regards, Timberwolf.
  4. Hi, Firstly to refit, you will need to remove the cooling fan guard, then feed the belt through and over the cooling fan fins. It's a bit fiddly, but possible. Secondly, you need to check the other pulleys to make sure one has not seized and the belt has been burned off through excessive friction build up. One consideration is, what caused it to stop running? We would expect the battery voltage would get so low that the stop solenoid would closed. However, we would recommend you check the coolant levels and coolant system, oil levels, just to make sure something more significant has happened to the engine. If you need further assistance we recommend contacting your local Timberwolf dealer so they can inspect your machine. Click here for a list of dealers : Dealers - UK & Ireland Authorised Dealer Network | Timberwolf TIMBERWOLF-UK.COM Timberwolf network of 17 dealers, 38 depots and over 250 Timberwolf-trained technicians ready to give expert support, help and advice.
  5. Hi Ty The TW PTO 150H is £9605 retail but please speak to your local Timberwolf dealer and get a quote and a demonstration. Your profile says you're based in France so our distributor MG Enterprises would be able to help. MG Enterprises SARL - Authorised Distributor - France | Timberwolf TIMBERWOLF-UK.COM MG Enterprises SARL is the Authorised Timberwolf Wood Chipper Distributor for France. Located near Coulaines, Le Mans.
  6. Hi @s o c. As @PeteB said, please get in touch with your Timberwolf dealer, Leinster Turf Equipment, and they will be able to offer advice. You can find their contact details at: https://timberwolf-uk.com/dealers/leinster-turf-equipment-ltd-ireland/
  7. Yes, The TW 230DHB is still sub-750kg with oil and a full tank of diesel
  8. Hi @Leicester Tree Care, have you considered a Timberwolf TW 230 DHB as an alternative to the Forst ST6D? They are both 6 inch diesel wood chippers but the TW 230DHB is sub 750kg which means anyone on your team can tow it without the need for an additional trailer licence. It also has a 35hp Kubota engine compared to the 24hp engine in the Forst. Here’s more information about the TW 230DHB : TW 230DHB Sub 750kg 6" Road Towable Wood Chipper | Timberwolf TIMBERWOLF-UK.COM Timberwolf TW 230DHB Sub 750kg wood chipper. Spec for spec, no other make of wood chipper can offer you so much performance, serviceability and longevity We would be happy to arrange a demo for you with your local Timberwolf dealer K Irvine Plant. If you have any questions about stage V engine legislation take a look at 'All the Facts' here: Stage V Legislation Explained - All The Facts #NoOmissions | Timberwolf TIMBERWOLF-UK.COM Stage V engine emission legislation will be introduced in January 2019 and we want to set out the facts about what it means for the users of wood chippers.
  9. Hi Ian, we would be happy to arrange a demo for you with our Dorset Dealer Landpower machinery : https://timberwolf-uk.com/dealers/landpower-machinery/ Alternatively you can fill out this form to request a demo : https://timberwolf-uk.com/book-demo/
  10. Hi Craig, Are you looking to purchase a diesel or petrol wood chipper? We'd be happy to arrange a demo for you with your nearest Timberwolf Dealer - complete this form here to request a demo: Book a Demo - Timberwolf Wood Chippers and Shredders | Timberwolf TIMBERWOLF-UK.COM Discover the power and performance of Timberwolf Wood Chippers and Shredders with a Free Demonstration. Book a Demo today! Or give us a call on 01449 765800
  11. Not sure this is the right place but had trouble today with my 230, started squeaky badly on idle.

    Turns out the drive belt pulley had moved out of alignment, which twisted the belts.

    Gave My local dealer ( lister Wilder Reading) a call, they got me in straight away ( as soon as i could get up there) and had me back to work within the hour.

    Couldnt ask for a better service and willingness to help me out! 

    Many thanks

    Woodchips tree surgery

  12. Hi Jose - Thanks for posting your question. Our technical team will contact you directly.
  13. Hi Phil - Thank you for posting this question. We have messaged you directly.
  14. Hi Gaz, Your local Timberwolf dealer, Winchester Garden Machinery, can offer you a demonstration of the TW 160PH. You can find their contact details here: https://www.timberwolf-uk.com/dealers/winchester-garden-machinery-ltd-head-office/
  15. Hi @Treeman123 Cleaning the area around the radiator should be done daily, as outlined in the manual. If the environment is extremely dusty it will clog quicker, and so cleaning may be required more than once a day. You are correct in the direction you are blowing the debris out and there is no need to remove the radiator


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