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  1. Careful how you fit them. I lined a pick up with them and they expand in the sun and end up rippled. Once it cools off they shrink back to where they started.
  2. Anyone any recommendations? My usual haulier has packed in and is now driving a big chip wagon for Jenkinson.
  3. I've got a load of winter felled birch in 3m lengths looking for a home. All but a handful of lengths easily processor size, bigger ones are those fluted butts that birch run to in old age. No rot / hollow logs. At roadside near Coniston. Selling for the landowner so he can pay my bill, offers per ton at roadside (No Vat). I can arrange transport, but you must have arctic access to drop site. Offers by PM please.


    <p>The oak at windermere is out and waiting to go. Do you want it or should i move it on? </p>

    <p>The oak at rusland is acoming outin the first week of August, do you still want that or shall I move that on as well?</p>





  5. You got a number, can't make it out on the pic! Try all the guys listed, but they're super busy at the moment! It took me two weeks to catch Andy @ Gilbert browns to be told a 4 week wait for a load 5 miles from base to go to Kendal ! If you're not in a big hurry try either of the stu's or get a wagon from where the loads are going to, one of mine going Pickering> Keithley>south lakes>Keithley>Pickering for two loads. Sent from my iPad using Arbtalk
  6. Mmmm Jim you're getting me in a spending mood! What can you do along the following lines? Separate remote control as below, With an appropriate block that can be mounted on the A-frame of my crane (presently a 7 slice antique). I'm assuming that there would need to be a 12v and hydraulic supply direct to block and that moving the block on to a new crane in a couple of years would be viable? Go on tempt me!
  7. Thanks for the interest, sorting out haulage quotes for those that need it. Will be offering it in the order that I received the interest. There are another 2 loads to come out after the ones shown below. These will be offered to those that have already expressed interest / sorted haulage / agreed price with. If you want on to the list there is still a reasonable chance that there will be some to go round. Present stack, all cut to 3.8 m, stack is about 2.5m at highest. For scale, large pale birch butt (to the left of the red/white hazard tape) measures 12" across.
  8. I've a possible job coming up, a massive silver fir. Roughly 185 dbh and a slow taper to 20m, then another 10+m of storm damaged tat. Plan is to crane it down straight on to a wagon. Its oversize and soft wood, any interest?
  9. I have a couple of loads (about 60 ton) of straight hardwood waiting at roadside 20 miles from M6. Mixed Birch,Oak, Beech and occasional Sycamore. All tight woodland grown timber, felled in December and been waiting for dry weather for extraction. I can give you a roadside price or a delivered price. Arctic access for haulage, but no Sunday pick ups as it's next to the local church! Photos to follow. Pm me with a delivery postcode if you're interested in a price. Sent from my iPad using Arbtalk
  10. If you get more interested than you've got wood for, let me know as I need to shift some timber from Stoney Hazel -it's still turning out timber. Got 70 ton at roadside and not cleared half the site yet!! Sent from my iPad using Arbtalk
  11. Hey up Dave, Who did you get to do your forwarding? Nice piles by the way! Sent using my finger.
  12. Yep they're pricey and not perfect. Weak points - track stretch / maintenance,thin winch cable for power of machineleand easy to pull a track of when screwing round on the spot. Strong points - can operate in places that similar size/power tractors would die in, go to/from site behind pick up, very low ground pressure (sub 7 psi ) hydraulic outlets running at 50 L per min / 180 bar, runs on less than 30L fuel for 8hrs on the clock, Sent using my finger.
  13. Try Stan http://www.theoverlander.org But make sure you're sitting down. Sent using my finger.
  14. Afraid not. This load is now sold, but I've more coming to roadside in the next month. Mainly birch and oak with occasional other species. Again 4" up, occasional pieces at 12 15" ( most of the larger pieces have gone to local millers). All woodland thinnings with very few that aren't very straight. Pm or email your questions. Thanks. Sent using my finger.
  15. Call it what you like, but there's 40 ton available at roadside near Coniston, south lakes. Mixed hardwood cut to 3 m, 4" up to occasional oversize butt and vast majority is straight woodland trees. Pm or email me if you're interested. Cheers. Sent using my finger.
  16. I'm trying to source these on this side of the Atlantic, no luck yet😒 http://www.hoffmanboots.com/ProductInfo.aspx?productid=MEINC Sent using my finger.
  17. I went for a bradley auto jaw on the new pick up, sick of wrestling with tight pins when dropping of at the end of the day, usually in the dark / wet. I also hitch up mainly on my own in a less then flat yard and once my reversing was up to snuff, I've found it really good. Only downside is that the rocker needs a little grease every 6 months or so to keep it slick, depends how much time you spend with the hitch covered in muck. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFDw8KqsgAk]AutoJaw Demonstration (concise version) - YouTube[/ame]
  18. treedave

    honda crv

    Speak to Dalesway about budget off road tyres. Then find the tallest tyre that works on your new beast, think narrow and tall sidewalls. Real cheap are insa turbo remoulds, but have heard some horror stories about them falling apart and not being able to be balanced. Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App
  19. +1 - you'll always run out of torque before lift.
  20. Are they the hardheads with the metal cap? If so, where did you get them, only seen them in the US? Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App
  21. Selling @ £45 per ton (roadside) no vat in south cumbria. So 40 ton comes to £1800 plus haulage. Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App
  22. Try and get hold of chains with "needles" on http://www.uniforest.com/gozdna_oprema.php It makes a massive difference to setting chains on logs on the ground. Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App
  23. treedave

    Husky 560 xp

    Try Jonsie and get some spares whilst your on, there almost a consumable on a forestry saw! Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App
  24. Ha! They both lag behind Cumbria, which is dragging its knuckles behind Northumberland! They've not stopped fighting the scots and are getting ready to pop the wall back up. Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App


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