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  1. Elmsdown Forestry

    Roadside ash

    Roadside ash available on various sites Hampshire/West Sussex. 2.5m length 4-16 inch and 16inch upwards. Can arrange haulage on flats or crane. Sold by the m3/load. Nick 07595290954
  2. Elmsdown Forestry

    Low impact forestry services in Devon and the South West

    Evening J Have a 840tx myself, very capable machine and with the right operator very good over the ground. Just watch out for the pins/bolsters in the racks not Komatsu’s finest quality metal and bend really easily. Check the welds on the bunk extension and if it’s been extended to fit more than 2 bays of 2.7-2.8 stay away as will cause centre joint issues. Beware in stuff like Corsican 2 bays of 2.7 chip can easily be upto 15 ton. Good luck with it.
  3. Elmsdown Forestry

    FMG/Brunett 678

    Evening all. I am looking for transmission pump for fmg 678 anyone know of one out there or donor machine for sale Cheers
  4. Elmsdown Forestry

    Work boots

    Looking for recommendations for a descent work boot. Been wearing airstreams for past 5 years lastest pair worn out now so need to replace with non chainsaw protection boot as hardly ever pick up a saw now. Must be comfortable with toe cap protection and waterproof as will be worn for nearly 10 hours a day.
  5. Elmsdown Forestry

    Hydraulic Ram repair

    It only needs a re seal so it’s a easy fix but most want it for 2-3 days.
  6. Elmsdown Forestry

    Hydraulic Ram repair

    Evening all, Need a relatively large crane ram repaired in the north Kent area on real quick turnaround anyone recommend hydro places/ag mech that are good. Thanks
  7. Elmsdown Forestry

    Best theft insurance processors

    Try Cameron at trust insurance cant fault them on both claims I’ve made. One was theft of timber grab link and rotator from forwarder and the most recent a debogging claim. BOTH sorted rapidly and easy. https://www.trustinsurance.co.uk/
  8. Elmsdown Forestry

    Planting Gang Suffolk

    Afternoon, I am looking for planting gang for a project in the Bury St Edmunds area planned for this season. 7500 bare root in 0.6m shelters with 0.9 stakes. Ideally would like someone with spraying tickets to carry out maintenance for 3 years and carry out 1st and 2nd year beat-up Please call 07595290954 rather than PM. Cheers Nick
  9. Elmsdown Forestry

    13ton excavator with mulcher

    The site is a slight slope then ride then steep drop off to a small stream below. The rhody isn’t big max 8-10inch but a lot off smaller material you just won’t get a tractor too or drive between medium to large maidens.
  10. Elmsdown Forestry

    13ton excavator with mulcher

    Evening all, Rhodi bashing with 13ton 360 with mulcher what sort of area should it tackle on an average day. Some dence areas amongst birch regen and some bank work with minimal coverage hence the average. Thanks Nick
  11. Elmsdown Forestry

    Huski 572xp

    It might do it might not couldn’t be arsed to have that argument as they’ve advised it shouldnt be done.
  12. Elmsdown Forestry

    Huski 572xp

    More than likely always is but in a new saw don’t want to cause warranty issues.
  13. Elmsdown Forestry

    Huski 572xp

    That was my plan as getting pissed at waiting on the 2 stroke but the dealer checked with husky technical and they strongly advise not doing this. Apparently there fuel is completely different to aspen and adding 2t oil to it won’t work. How true this is I don’t know.
  14. Elmsdown Forestry

    Huski 572xp

    Should get mine in day or two had it on hold at dealer for few weeks. Want to run it only on the new husky 2 stroke fuel which should be in by Wednesday this week. Was told next batch will be around mid March to all dealers.
  15. Elmsdown Forestry

    Harvester/forwarder operator required

    As per title: Position available for a harvester/forwarder operator based in south east but do travel/stay away. Ideally looking for someone with good experience and looks after the machines. Rates depending on experience. Call Nick 07595290954


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