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  1. Was in a hydraulic supplier last week and he asked if I run it, nope, his reply good is no good for pumps. If you want to change it’s a major operation, tanks pumps blocks pipes hoses all need to be Flushed as they won’t mix. Once that’s done apparently oil seals may need changing also. Avoid like the corona
  2. Mainly East Sussex but haven’t any sites ready at present due to lack of experienced cutters. Currently there is a site Sevenoaks area of big overstood chestnut which would be ready to go soon if there’s cutters available.
  3. Afternoon all, Im getting a lot of production handcutting work in and around Sussex and Kent if anyone is interested and has correct tickets, min cs31 ideally 32 or equivalent and efaw+f. Mainly be overstood coppice. Get in touch if interested ideally 2 cutters. Cheers Nick 07595290954
  4. Have you suggested a tonnage rate? Crap rates don’t make him a cowboy conman, paying someone 10ton per forwarder that clearly holds more fills that comment more.
  5. As a ex handcutter cant believe the piece rate for chestnut product is so low when the end product is going up in price. Should be a minimum of £15 ton cut stack and run the saw through the top in descent firewood chestnut fencing a good chunk more. A lot of mention of chip being low value but it isn’t, £32 roadside, ok ain’t great but 18-20 ton to cut 6-8 to extract and a token gesture to the land owner. As previously mentioned piece/tonnage rate is the only fair way to work. Over the years I’ve done day works and tonnage and always made more on tonnage with a decent rate and getting on with it. I’ve also employed guys on day works and doesn’t really work out unless it’s the big narly stuff I can’t do with the harvester. Unless the cutters are too notch and get there arse into it it will never pay for anyone no matter how it’s paid out. Margins are just too tight in forestry with the middle man being the top earner for doing the least amount of work. Decent hand cutters are a rare find and undervalued heavily with the skill and knowledge required to go home safe with a sensible income.
  6. think you will find that is Kent!!
  7. If what I was told is true they are nothing but agro, major problem with injectors so engines are now on back order. The hire company who brought my hire truck to me last week after a 2 month old ranger fried it’s battery said they got loads of new transits parked up that don’t run. Enjoying the move to ford!!
  8. Anyone have any experience of using this alternative to diesel? Already seeing the crud build up from the new improved environmental diesel and the GTL is supposed to be the answer.
  9. Stand corrected! After looking through the scale history (tragic I know) tank weight full was 2350kg, dry weight 765kg 1000kg diesel and all the crap in the storage box adds up! But still as said struggles to lift. Pine log 4.9m max lift was 1860kg.
  10. Yeah they are fine cranes not faulting that but 2 4.9m Corsican pine logs where weighing 1350kg on the forwarder scale and x loading was on its limit.
  11. Evening J The cranab on the Komatsu isn’t actually a very powerful crane compared to others on the market. The 1110D/E crane has better lift but is slower through the motions and the Ponsse cranes even more power/lift. Unless you’ve got a power boost on that crane can’t see it lifting any more than my grab tank which when full is 1800kg and the tx really struggles to lift it high enough to slide it between the pins onto the bunk.
  12. Would it not make more sense to put a grapple saw on the TX, more flow and bigger bunk.
  13. Pretty sure it won’t work. Head computer also operates the knives and saw functions. Be less agro to find a decent used grapple saw set up, shear head or even a smaller feller buncher head.
  14. Ive only ever treated pine stumps on fc ground and never been asked to treat spruce on any estates I’ve worked. A lot of people say it’s a waste of time. I hate the stuff and when fc bring it out in 25ltr drums you end up covered in the shite and stink like pig piss for the rest of the day.


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