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  1. Would it not make more sense to put a grapple saw on the TX, more flow and bigger bunk.
  2. Pretty sure it won’t work. Head computer also operates the knives and saw functions. Be less agro to find a decent used grapple saw set up, shear head or even a smaller feller buncher head.
  3. Ive only ever treated pine stumps on fc ground and never been asked to treat spruce on any estates I’ve worked. A lot of people say it’s a waste of time. I hate the stuff and when fc bring it out in 25ltr drums you end up covered in the shite and stink like pig piss for the rest of the day.
  4. Sounds a fair price to me delivered in I know of roadside prices being 60 so not a bad price at all. Does anything go down in price and why should it. Contractors cost go up so products do the same.
  5. On that note the hilux will be up for sale once the ranger turns up. If there’s any interest parties 2015 black invincible truckman s series canopy rear liner and rubber anti slip mat should be approx 105k miles serviced regularly long mot cam belt done 11.5k +vat
  6. Drove the 3.2 ranger wildtrak today. Very impressed. Much better than the hilux and for me felt better than the navara tekna so order one. High spec engine seems good less vibration than the navara and a nice driver position. But as with them all there’s good and bad.
  7. 45k for the Amarok is mental money for a work vehicle. If was looking to spend that much would go ranger raptor with the new 10 speed box, but at 49k still a joke to be trashed in the wood. Apparently the x class with the 250bhp engine is brilliant and Merc have ironed out the faults from Nissan.
  8. Navara n-guard definable on my radar along with a 3.2 wildtrak. The 3ltr hilux is a good truck but I do a lot of miles and need the 6 speed box for motorway.
  9. Just took the mk8 invincible X out uncomfortable for me right knee constantly pressing against hard door trim no such Previous model. Each to there own. I was definitely not going to do long journey in that.
  10. Mine is the last of the old shape 3ltr so has been pretty good all round. Reckon the new one isn’t actually as comfortable to drive as the mk7 or the navara.
  11. The only trouble I had was the starter went 3 months ago apart from that never skilled a beat.
  12. Evening, Time to change the 15 plate hilux invincible now for sale. Interested to hear others problems with new hilux and new Navara. Rough mpg Cheers
  13. Roadside ash available on various sites Hampshire/West Sussex. 2.5m length 4-16 inch and 16inch upwards. Can arrange haulage on flats or crane. Sold by the m3/load. Nick 07595290954
  14. Evening J Have a 840tx myself, very capable machine and with the right operator very good over the ground. Just watch out for the pins/bolsters in the racks not Komatsu’s finest quality metal and bend really easily. Check the welds on the bunk extension and if it’s been extended to fit more than 2 bays of 2.7-2.8 stay away as will cause centre joint issues. Beware in stuff like Corsican 2 bays of 2.7 chip can easily be upto 15 ton. Good luck with it.
  15. Evening all. I am looking for transmission pump for fmg 678 anyone know of one out there or donor machine for sale Cheers


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