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  1. All my dogs have been done. None of them put on weight. None of them calmed down overnight. They all forgave us. None of them had their health effected. After seeing my lab remove the cushions off the sofa to hump them many years ago, and a red setter finishing enthusiastically all over a mate in the park, I don't regret doing it at all. Although, I have just had a chuckle remembering the setter incident. I was laughing too much at the time to do anything about it.
  2. In another thread, blow torches and creme brulee were mentioned. I topped these using a gas powered soldering iron from lidl.
  3. We started to pay some into pensions for our kids a while back. Like you say, it builds up over time. That and the 25% the government gives you, makes it unbeatable as a sensible long term investment. I am in no way qualified to give financial advice, this is only my opinion.
  4. Based on my own winnings, you'd get around 0 - 25 a month. The actual return is 1%, but luck is in the mix. So far this year, I'm way ahead of that so conversely someone else is way down. Dave
  5. Thanks, I don't have the work for them, it's the convenience that appeals to me.
  6. How does this work out cost wise? Say for an 18" bar chain. What other equipment is needed to make the chain? Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks for that, had the wife and I both in stitches. Both dog people with a pair of right loons, can totally relate.
  8. The batteries are a replacement for fuel. Very roughly, I reckon my 10ah batteries give me the equivalent of 75p worth of two-stroke per charge. The manufacturers reckon they're good for 1200 charges (to be proven I know), that works out to £900. So roughly three times their purchase cost. This doesn't take into account the cost of charging, unfortunately I'm too much of a dunderhead to calculate that, but I doubt it comes out at £600. The saw itself is very cheap in comparison to a quality 2 stroke equivalent.
  9. 8" you say? Latest woods session https://imgur.com/a/WiTuqI2
  10. Should add, although less likely, if it is a precharged airgun, i.e. has a cylinder with compressed air in it, these are extremely high pressure, some over 200 bar. Do not put a grinder anywhere near one of these.
  11. More sensible to my previous answer. If you have any knowledge of firearms, you'll be able to recognise an airgun. Many have been discarded in waterways over the years by disgruntled parents. Always check that it isn't loaded or cocked prior to any further handling. If knackered, put a grinder through the middle of the action and dispose of responsibly, be aware that there can be a powerful spring in there under compression even if it isn't cocked. Even though it is "only" an airgun, some can require a firearms certificate. Possession of such an airgun without a fac is a firearms offence and the tariff is extremely punitive. If in any doubt, they can be handed into the police. If it's anything else or you are in doubt call the police. If it's ammunition or ordnance, call the police. If it appears to be an explosive device, call the police using 999 and do not handle any further. Keep yourself and others well away. If it's anything you are unsure about, call the police and they will advise. Remember, it is now your responsibility.
  12. Thanks all for the suggestions, there is no willow anywhere in the woods. The two trees I cut in that stack were 10 metres plus in height and no lower branches, so I'm fairly confident that's Holly out. There is birch in the woods, quite a lot, but I'm familiar with birch and both trees have been down long enough for substantial moss growth to set in, I believe birch would be rotten in that time scale. Ash is a possible, as is alder. Although I haven't seen any alder, but then haven't been looking for it.


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